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7 Home Remedies for Allergies

7 Home Remedies for Allergies
Sailaxmi Chennuru

 Allergies are the primary cause of chronic illnesses in the USA. As many as 100 million people experience various types of allergies yearly, and the change of season can also bring a lot of misery.

Allergies often occur when the immune system overreacts to foreign substances that are harmless to others. Some common causes of allergies include: 

  • Food 
  • Medications  
  • Pollen  
  • Dust mites 
  • Pet dander 
  • Mold spores 
  • Insect bites 
  • Latex  
  • Smoke  

Depending on what causes the allergic reaction and the severity of the response, symptoms can vary from mild cough, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat to more severe symptoms such as trouble breathing and even death.  

When symptoms hit, many resorts to allergy medications. However, many simple home remedies are available for milder cases that effectively relieve allergy symptoms and keep them under control without side effects.  

Keep in mind, for severe allergies, always consult your healthcare provider. 

7 Home Remedies for Allergies 

1. Herbal supplements  

Herbal supplements have a long history of relieving allergy symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, and itching. When used correctly, these natural remedies can reduce and prevent many allergy symptoms. Most herbal supplements come in capsules, tablets, or liquids. The following herbs have been found to work  best: 

  • Stinging Nettle is one of the best herbal antihistamines, and research shows that it may have the ability to relieve symptoms caused by seasonal allergies and hay fever. 
  • Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae which has been proven effective in clinical studies against allergic rhinitis. 
  • Quercetin is an antioxidant flavonoid naturally found in many foods and herbs, including broccoli, cauliflower, green tea, onion, citrus fruits, etc. It stabilizes the release of histamines and helps naturally control allergy symptoms. It is also available in supplement form. 
  • Butterbur, one of the best-known herbs for allergies, is a shrub-like plant that grows in northern Asia, Europe, and parts of North America.
    • Butterbur is commonly used to treat migraines, stomach cramps, coughs, allergic rhinitis, and asthma.
    • However, eating raw, unprocessed butterbur root can be dangerous. So, always consume this herb in supplement form. 
  • Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple and papaya. Some studies have found that it effectively improves breathing by reducing nasal swelling and thinning mucus. 
  • Other herbal remedies that help control allergy symptoms include turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc. 

2. Dietary changes  

It is no secret that a proper diet is vital to optimal health. Eating nutrient-dense foods can improve the body's immune system and give it the ability to repair itself and fight off common allergies in your environment. If you have food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and sugar, try to cut down or eliminate them from your diet. 

Foods and nutrients that combat allergies: 

  • Probiotic-rich foods:
    • 70% of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. 
    • Probiotics are good bacteria that live inside your G.I. tract and help defend against infections, allergies, and more. 
    • You can find probiotics in yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, natto, raw cheese, miso and, kombucha. 
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: 
    • It may help ease nasal swelling and stuffiness.
    • Fatty fish, walnuts, vegetable oil, flax seeds, and leafy vegetables are high in omega-3s.  
  • Local honey: 
    • Contains bee pollen.
    • Consuming it will help build immunity to local pollen and lower your allergic reaction. 
  • Vitamin C-rich foods:
    • Vitamin C can help reduce histamine levels, the chemicals that cause many allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.
    • Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, tomatoes, and bell peppers. 
  • Coconut milk: 
    • It is free of dairy, lactose, and soy and is the best alternative for those with dairy intolerance. 
  • Almond butter and seeds: 
    • A safe and healthy alternative for people allergic to peanuts and peanut butter. 

3. Nasal irrigation  

This home remedy involves using sterile salt water to wash away pollen and other allergens from nasal passages. You can purchase saline spray or prepare saline solution at home using distilled or boiled water. Using a neti pot or special nasal irrigation bottle, flow saline solution into one nostril and let it drain out the other to relieve nasal congestion and irritation. 

4. Essential oils 

Smelling essential oils can be a great way to open nasal passages during allergy season. Some common essential oils for allergies include eucalyptus, frankincense, and peppermint. 

  • Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help combat inflammation in the airways. It also has antimicrobial properties and can be added to each wash load during allergy season.
  • Peppermint oil contains natural menthol that can help with cough and congestion. In addition, it helps reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma.  
  • Frankincense is another powerful essential oil used to manage allergies, and it may help against perennial allergic rhinitis. 

You can inhale essential oils by putting them in a diffuser or diluting them in a carrier oil and dabbing them behind your ears. Essential oils are potent, so consult your doctor before using them as an allergy remedy. 

5. Steam  

Steam is an age-old home remedy for allergies. Inhaling steam can moisten dry nasal passages, flush out mucous, and alleviate symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and facial pain. 

If you suffer from allergies, investing in a steam inhaler may be a good idea. You can also pour hot water into a bowl, drape a towel over your head to help lock in the steam, and inhale deeply through your nose for 5-10 minutes (be careful not to get your face too close to the hot water). 

6. HEPA filters 

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters help trap airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Portable air purifiers with HEPA filters can purify the air in a single room, whereas HEPA filters incorporated into your home HVAC system can filter the air throughout the home. 

7. Exercise  

Regular exercises such as yoga and aerobics may help improve allergy symptoms, including respiratory allergies. It can also enhance your immune system and significantly reduce stress levels. 

Our Top 5 Products for Allergy Relief  

1. Sunmark Saline Nasal Spray 

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Add moisture to nasal passages and breathe easily with Sunmark saline nasal spray. It contains the active ingredient sodium chloride to relieve a dry and stuffy nose and is beneficial for allergies, the common cold, and sinus congestion. You can hold the bottle upright to create a spray, horizontally for a stream, and upside down to  

administer a single drop. This saline spray fits conveniently in a pocket, purse, or backpack for on-the-go use. 

Sunmark Saline Nasal Spray



2. Himalayan Institute Eco Travel Neti Pot 

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

A neti pot is a nasal irrigation device that naturally flushes clogged nasal passages to help you breathe easier. Himalayan Institute Travel Neti Pot, with its patented design and distinctive shape, dispenses the perfect flow rate to optimally cleanse the nasal cavity and sinuses and help keep nasal passages clean, moist, and healthy.  

The neti pot soothes dry nasal passages, gently washes dust, pollen, and irritants, and removes excess mucus.  

Himalayan Institute Eco Travel Neti Pot



3. Sunmark Sinus Relief Nasal Spray 

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

If allergy symptoms mainly affect your nose, a nasal spray might be the right solution. Sunmark Allergy Nasal Spray offers immediate relief from nasal congestion from colds or allergies. It also works to restore swollen nose membranes to their original size. This non-drowsy formula contains the active ingredient oxymetazoline HCl, 0.05%, and can be used day and night, offering relief for up to 12 hours. 

Sunmark Sinus Relief Nasal Spray



4. Crane 4-in-1 Top Fill Drop Cool Mist Humidifier with Sound Machine 

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Get relief from cold and flu symptoms for your entire family with a Crane Cool Mist Humidifier. With an award-winning design and top-rated performance, it provides up to 500 sq. ft. of coverage and 24 hours of soothing moisture to relieve the effects of dryness and congestion. 

Features include an aroma tray to add vapor pads or essential oils for an elevated experience. This humidifier also has a sound machine with three sounds, ideal for those with trouble sleeping. 

Crane 4-in-1 Top Fill Drop Cool Mist Humidifier with Sound Machine



5. Crane True HEPA Air Purifier with Germicidal U.V. Light 

This innovative air purifier brings fresh, clean air to your home. Crane Air Purifier uses a two-filter system plus a U.V. lamp for superior air purification: perfect for any living space, including bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms, and offices. 

The Germicidal U.V. Light deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and other pathogens, destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. The included TRUE-HEPA filter removes 99.97% airborne particles and germs and meets the efficiency and air quality levels set by the U.S. Department of Energy.  

This air purifier has three-speed controls and a low noise setting for quiet, continuous operation - perfect for a good night's sleep! The timer has 2, 4, and 8-hour settings and automatic shut off.

Crane True HEPA Air Purifier with Germicidal UV Light



Home remedies can be very effective for allergies, but they should never be used as an alternative to medical care. Before trying any of the remedies, discuss them with your doctor, who can provide other treatment options if they feel home remedies are insufficient to treat your allergies. HPFY offers a complete line of products for allergies and allergy medications. Visit HPFY for more info!


Disclaimer: All content found on our website, including images, videos, infographics, and text were created solely for informational purposes. Our reviewed content should never be used for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. Content shared on our websites is not meant to be used as a substitute for advice from a certified medical professional. Reliance on the information provided on our website as a basis for patient treatment is solely at your own risk. We urge all our customers to always consult a physician or a certified medical professional before trying or using a new medical product.


HPFY Sailaxmi Chennuru

Sailaxmi Chennuru

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After working as a medical transcriptionist for several years, she developed a keen interest ...

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