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7 Essential Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly

7 Essential Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly
HPFY Staff Writer

For many seniors, everyday tasks such as bathing and using the restroom can be very challenging due to problems with mobility,  balance issues, arthritis, dementia, muscle weakness, or vision problems.  Add in wet surfaces, soapy water, and hard fixtures and you can see why most injuries that happen at home occur in the bathroom. Physical challenges coupled with a dangerous environment increase the risk of falls among the elderly. Though bruises and fractures are common, thousands of seniors die from falls and injuries sustained in the bathroom. As a result, many seniors become reluctant to use the restroom.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the bathroom easier and safer to use. Special bathroom equipment designed for seniors can reduce the risk of falls and increase independence. 

Top 7 Bathroom Equipment for the Elderly at HPFY

HPFY offers a huge selection of carefully designed bathroom safety products that ensure the safety and comfort of seniors. These bath aids also make daily hygiene much easier for those with mobility issues.

1. Medline Knockdown Bath Bench with Arms and Back

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

This lightweight shower chair is designed to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience for those who cannot stand for a long time. Ideal for the elderly and those with reduced mobility, the non-slip feet help to secure the bath bench to the floor while showering for maximum safety.

Features of Medline Knockdown Bath Chair

  • Sturdy, durable aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble without tools.
  • Rust-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Padded handgrip for comfort.
  • Adjustable seat height in 1" increments from 16″-21″.
  • Non-slip feet for safety. 
  • Supports weight up to 350 lbs.
Medline Knockdown Bath Bench with Arms and Back



2. Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Adds height to any toilet making it safer for those with diminished strength or balance to use the bathroom independently. The seat has a gentle downward slope towards the front that makes getting on and off the toilet easier. There are large openings in the front and back for easier access for cleansing. The smooth surface of this toilet seat riser has a special coating that resists stains and odors.

Features of Homecraft Savanah Elevated Toilet Seat

  • Fits most toilets.
  • Easy to install.
  • Lightweight, all-plastic construction offers strength, durability, and warmth.
  • Two L-shaped molded-plastic brackets secure it firmly to the toilet.
  • Cleans easily with a hard-surface disinfectant.
  • Weight capacity of 420 pounds.
Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat



3. Mangar Bathing Cushion

A revolutionary bath lift designed for individuals who have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. It promotes independence and helps maintain the dignity of our elderly loved ones in the bathroom. The bath lift gently lowers and raises the user for easy access in and out of the tub,  all with the touch of a button. It allows for full immersion into water for a natural bathing experience. The Mangar bath lift is lightweight and portable with a convenient carrying handle.

Why choose Mangar Bath Lift?

  • Adapts to the size and shape of the bath; no costly alternation required 
  • Gently lowers and raises
  • Battery-powered and safe 
  • Only lowers into the bathtub when there is sufficient battery power to raise back 
  • Adjustable air pressure allows the user to control  comfort
  • Water-proof hand control
  • Highly durable cushion material 
  • Non-slip suction cups keep the cushion in place
  • 336-pound weight capacity

How does Mangar Bathing Cushion work?

The Mangar bath lift includes a waterproof hand control to power the AirFlo 12 Air Compressor and inflates the cushion to the height of the bathtub. When the user is seated, the cushions gently deflate to lower them into the tub. When bath time is complete, the cushion inflates to raise the user without putting strain on the joints. As a safety precaution, this bath aid will not lower if there is not enough battery power to inflate again.

Mangar Bathing Cushion



4. Medline Aluminum Foldable Toilet Safety Rail

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed for those who need assistance sitting down or getting up from a toilet. The foldable toilet safety rail mounts to a standard or elevated toilet and provides a comfortable, secure grip. The adjustable handles easily rotate to allow a range of comfortable and secure positions, ideal for the elderly or adults after surgery.

Features of Medline Foldable Toilet Safety Rail

  • A sturdy aluminum frame mounts securely to the bowl.
  • Adjustable height to accommodate a range of users.
  • Foam armrests provide a comfortable grip
  • Width adjustment between armrests: 8" - 24" 
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Latex-free
Medline Aluminum Foldable Toilet Safety Rail



5. Savanah Splash Guard

Designed to reduce messy accidents or splash-back that may occur during toilet use. From a seated position, the splash guard deflects urine down into the bowl. Clips easily to a toilet bowl, toilet seat riser, or toilet frame.

Features of Savanah Splash Guard

  • Easy assembly and removal
  • Prevents embarrassing and unhygienic accidents
  • Directs urine flow downward into the toilet
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
Savanah Splash Guard



6. Healthline Transport Shower Gurney

Made in USA Made In USA

Caregivers can easily transport someone with limited body movement and strength to and from a bathing area with this very useful bath aid. It also allows the patient to stay on the gurney while being bathed. This shower gurney is made up of a high-grade PVC material and is reinforced with aluminum for better strength and durability. It has full-length drop rails for ultimate patient safety. 

Features of Healthline Shower Gurney

  • High-grade PVC construction
  • Reinforced with aluminum for better strength 
  • Side rails for patient safety 
  • Castors for support and transportation
  • 450 lbs capacity 
Healthline Transport Shower Gurney



7. Scrubzz Rinse-Free Disposable Bathing Sponges

A life-changing bath aid for the elderly that offers a relaxing bathing experience whenever and wherever needed. These rinse-free disposable bathing sponges are extremely convenient to use. Add a little water and rub the sheet together to activate suds, and apply to the skin to cleanse and dry. No rinsing is necessary! Great for bed-bound patients and those with difficulty getting into a bathtub. These sponges are also perfect for travel,  hiking, or camping in places where there may not be a shower.

Why choose Scrubzz Bath Sponges?

  • A convenient bath alternative when a regular shower is not available.
  • Easy to use.
  • Requires a small amount of water.
  • Contains anti-bacterial ingredients like Benzyl alcohol.
  • For all body use; bathing and shampooing
  • Hypoallergenic and PH balanced
  • Perfect travel essential
Scrubzz Rinse-Free Disposable Bathing Sponges



Bath safety products offer a sense of security to older adults and reassurance to caregivers that their loved ones are safe and comfortable in the bathroom. HPFY carries a vast collection of bathroom equipment for the elderly including shower chairs, transfer benches, raised toilet seats, bath lifts, shower gurneys, grab bars, and more. Visit our website to check out the complete line!


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