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Disinfectants and cleaners are used for a wide range of applications in hospitals, homes, private clinics, long term care facilities, offices, gyms etc. These cleaners differ in the level of decontamination that they provide. Disinfectants kill microorganisms like bacteria and fungi present on solid surfaces in healthcare facilities. They are available in many varieties. Buy high quality products from top manufacturers like Eco-Me, Medline Industries, Biokleen and many more.

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Types of Disinfectants and Cleaners

All-purpose spray cleansers help in cleaning all types of hard surfaces. Dish washing detergents are to be used with dish washers for cleaning dishes. Glass cleaners give a perfect finish and shine to glass surfaces making them appear clean and shiny. Toilet bowl cleaners help in disinfecting the toilet thereby protecting people from harmful infections like UTIs. We also have steel cleansers, tile cleansers, and wood cleansers. Germicidal disposable wipes help in keeping the surfaces germ free and are often used in hospitals for cleaning any spillages. They are convenient and safe. Carpet and rug cleansers help in keeping rugs germ free. We also have a range of bathroom cleaners and disinfectants. All these products are just clicks away.

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