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Mangar Bathing Cushion

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Mangar Bathing Cushion is renowned for comfort, practicality, ease of use and one of the only bath lifts that allows user to lie right down at the bottom of the bath tub. This inflatable bath tub Lift is ideal if one has difficulty getting in and out of the bath but is also widely used for its comfort. Perfect for reasonable upper body stability, the inflatable bathing cushion gently lowers into the bath and raises back out when required, all at the touch of a button.

How the Archimedes Bath Lift Works

6 Reasons to buy Mangar Bathtub Lift?

  1. Portable, lightweight and very stable
  2. Extremely comfortable
  3. Lifts up to 336lbs (24 stone)
  4. Fitted or removed in seconds
  5. Battery operated - no dangerous power cables
  6. Fully waterproof hand control


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Benefits of using Mangar Bathtub Cushion?

  • Enables user to lie right down at the bottom of the bath
  • No expensive bathroom alterations
  • It will lower user into the bath tub when there is sufficient battery power to raise back up again
  • Powered by the low pressure Airflo 12 Air Compressor
  • The therapeutic benefits of a soak in the bath should also never be overlooked – it is a therapy in itself which can help with pain relief and relaxation and should not be limited to the more mobile amongst us
  • An ingenious inflatable and fully portable bath lift user can store away neatly after use
  • Leave some air in the backrest for greater levels of comfort
  • Lie down completely so your entire body is covered with water just like a proper bath
  • Fully portable, versatile and fuss free
  • The clever design adapts to the size and shape of bath, so there are no expensive bathroom alterations
  • Being battery operated, there are no dangerous power cables, like other products on the market
  • Safe as user will only be lowered into the bath if there is enough battery power to raise back up again
  • With the Bathing Cushion enjoy a blissful bathtime, every time

When to use of Mangar Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift?

The Bathing Cushion is intended solely for use as a bathing aid to assist a person to lower themselves into and out of a bath. Users should have sufficient upper body strength to be able to hold the sides of the bath for added support if required. The Bathing Cushion is not intended for any other use and should never be used outside of a bath. When properly maintained, the Bathing Cushion will give many years of trouble free service.

Dry Trails Instructions Manual

What to buy with Bath Tub Lift by Mangar?

How the Archimedes Bath Lift Works

How does Bathtub Cushion for Adults work?

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Get in the bath with ease Sit comfortably on your already inflated cushion. Deflate down gently.
  2. Lie back and relax Your entire upper body is covered with water. Just like a proper bath.
  3. Get out with confidence Inflate your cushion with the fingertip control. Raise up slowly, then safely out.

How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?

Standard product contents

  • 1 x Bathing Cushion
  • Bathing Cushion User Instructions

Before fitting the Bathing Cushion in the bath

  • Remove any non slip mats from the area where the suction cups will be positioned.
  • Ensure the bottom of the bath is clean and smooth, with no oil or bath cleaner residues that will prevent the suction feet from sticking.
    Warning: The suction cups may not adhere to the surface in baths that have been re-enamelled or that have rippled or textured surfaces. Do not use if the suction cups do not adhere to the bath.
  • Pass the air hose through the loop in the corner of the backrest (A fig.1), on the side that you propose getting into and out of the bath. The air inlet valve (B) can be rotated, allowing the hose to be led to the appropriate corner.

Fitting the Bathing Cushion in the bath

  • Fold the backrest over onto the seat as indicated in fig. 2. Lightly place the deflated Bathing Cushion in the middle of the empty bath with the ‘handle’ (C) aligned with the centre of the bath.
  • Hold the ‘handle’ and pull the Bathing Cushion towards the slope of the bath until there is a gap of approximately 25mm between the bath slope and ‘handle’ (C figs. 2 & 3).
  • Firmly press all four suction cups down and check that they are securely stuck to the bath. Wet them to help them stick if necessary.
  • Fold the backrest out so that it rests on the slope of the bath.

Connecting the air hose and hand control

  • Connect the air hose from the Bathing Cushion to the Airflo air outlet socket (D fig. 4).
  • Connect the Hand Control (E) to the Airflo Hand Control socket (F)

Dry trials (without water in the bath)

  • Select ‘Up’ on the hand control (G fig. 5) to inflate the Bathing Cushion and when the relief valve blows (it will hiss), release the ‘Up’ button. Press firmly down on the Bathing Cushion to secure the suction cups to the floor of the bath. Check all four suction cups are securely stuck to the bath. Wet them to help them stick if necessary.
  • Whilst still clothed and with the help of an assistant if required, carry out some dry ‘practice runs’ according to these instructions until you are totally confident using the product.
    Note: During a ‘dry trial’ the Bathing Cushion may make a noise when being lowered and raised due to the fabric rubbing against the dry sides of the bath, this is normal and the noise will disappear when the bath is full of water.

How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?
How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?
How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?
How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?
How to use Bathtub Cushion Seat?

Using the Bathing Cushion

Always inflate the bathing cushion and use the bathing cushion to lower into the bath. This allows the micro processor in the Airflo to calculate the required battery power to raise the Bathing Cushion and if it calculates that there would be insufficient power, it will not allow the hand control to operate the down function.

To get into the bath

  • With the bathing cushion in the bath, ensure that all 4 suction cups are adhering to the floor of the bath, fill the bath with water at a suitable temperature (Maximum 50°C/120°F).
  • With the Bathing Cushion fully inflated, sit on the seat and then swing your legs into the bath.
  • To maintain stability, ensure that you are seated centrally and right at the back of the seat so that you are touching the backrest.
    Note: Do not sit further forwards, as you may slide off the front of the seat and sustain possible serious injury.
  • Select ‘Down’ to lower yourself into the bath. Keep your knees bent and feet flat on the floor of the bath as you are lowered so as to avoid sliding forwards on the seat. Hold the sides of the bath or grab handles for added support if required.
  • You can stop at any time by releasing the ‘Down’ button. Note: you may find it more comfortable to leave a small amount of air in the Bathing Cushion, to cushion yourself on the bottom of the bath.

To get out of the bath

  • When you have finished bathing, place yourself in the upright seated position centrally and right to the back of the seat so that you are touching the backrest, with feet and knees drawn back Note: Partially inflating the Bathing Cushion will allow the backrest to inflate and assist you in sitting upright. Hold the sides of the bath for added support if required.
  • Select ‘Up’ on the hand control when you are ready to get out of the bath.
  • You can stop at any time by releasing the ‘Up’ button. Select ‘Up’ again to continue raising yourself. Keep inflating the Bathing Cushion until the relief valve blows; it will hiss. If necessary, hold onto the side of the bath or the grab handle to steady yourself as you are being raised. With the Bathing Cushion fully inflated, rotate your upper body and swing your legs over the side of the bath.

Mangar Bathing Cushion User Instructions

How to clean Mangar Inflatable Bathtub Cushion?

Routine cleaning of Mangar Bathing Cushion

  • Drain the bath water and fully inflate the Bathing Cushion for cleaning whilst it is still in the bath. To clean between the seat and base sections, partially deflate the Bathing Cushion.
  • All components can be cleaned with a proprietary non abrasive mild liquid cleaner or disinfectant. Always follow packaging instructions for using mild detergent products.
    Note: Before using proprietary cleaners, always test on an inconspicuous area.
  • Use a soft cloth when cleaning.
  • Do not wash the product in boiling water.
    Important: Following cleaning and after each use, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap deposits. Wipe dry or leave to air dry. Never store the Bathing Cushion when it is wet or damp. It is recommended that the Bathing Cushion is left inflated in-between uses to allow air to circulate around it and reduce the risk of mould forming on the surface of the product. Do not leave in bright sun light. Do not dry using hot air.

Disinfecting the Mangar Cushion

  • The Bathing Cushion should be fully inflated and pre-cleaned by washing with detergent and water, thoroughly rinsed and then disinfected using a 1:10 solution of household liquid bleach and water (1 part bleach to 10 parts cold water).
  • Leave the solution on the Bathing Cushion for approximately 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing off with clean cold water.
    Note: Never mix bleach with any other cleaning product as doing so can result in the formation of harmful acids and poisonous gasses which can cause serious breathing problems. Thick bleach should not be used for disinfection purposes (other than in toilet bowls and drains) as it contains potentially poisonous additives. Always read the safety information on the label before using any bleach product.

Mangar Cushion Specifications



Maximum User Weight


Seat Height (min/max)

16 1/4"

Seat Depth


Seat Width


Suction cups

4 1/4"

Air hose Length

5', 11"

Bathing Cushion weight


Suction cup centres

12" Width

9 1/2" Depth

Max. inlet air pressure


Max. temperature

50°C / 120°F


Mangar Bathing Cushion Warranty

Detailed Mangar Warranty Information

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