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7 Best Post Mastectomy Bras

7 Best Post Mastectomy Bras
Akanksha Nigam

It can be hard to accept the changes to your body after a mastectomy, and it will take some time to get used to them. With time, the swelling and bruising will reduce, and the scars will become less evident as they heal. The emotional stress might take some time. However, you will regain confidence once you are comfortable in your new skin.

With everything new, it becomes overwhelming to search for bras that fit you perfectly without discomfort and are built according to the specifics of your unique body. At HPFY, we understand how overwhelming this can be. To help you decide which product is best for you and your specific needs, we have devised a list of our 7 best mastectomy bras:

7 Best Post-Mastectomy Bras

1. ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

FSA Approved

An ideal choice for those recovering after surgery. Designed with soft cotton and spandex fabric to prevent pain and skin sensitivity on healing scars and is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Features of ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

  • Front closure for ear wear and removal.
  • Wide straps offer great support.
  • Relaxed fit to avoid discomfort.
  • Pockets to hold breast forms.
ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110



2. ABC Massage Bra Style 525

FSA Approved

If you are looking for easy and comfortable wear, this post-mastectomy bra is for you. Made of a breathable, textured fabric that provides a cool and comfortable massage-like wear experience. 

Features of ABC Massage Bra Style 525

  • Unique massage fabric.
  • Suitable for an average to full profile.
  • Seamless, molded, and soft cups.
  • Wide padded straps.
ABC Massage Bra Style 525



3. ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

FSA Approved

This mastectomy bra with pockets has soft cups that provide lift, separation, and wide stretch straps. It is designed for easy wear and removal and comes in a front-close style.

Features of ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

  • In-built pockets hold breast forms and silicone shapers.
  • ABC signature rose for a feminine flair.
  • Wireless and average profile.
  • Extra soft.
ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123



4. ABC Regalia Mastectomy Bra Style 511

FSA Approved

Designed with soft seamed cups to support an average to full profile. It is washable and made of a breathable material to give you all-day comfort. This bra is washable and made in the USA.

Features of ABC Regalia Mastectomy Bra Style 511

  • Three-part cups support large sizes.
  • Embroidered floral design.
  • Straps provide comfortable lift and fit.
  • Available in 4 colors.
ABC Regalia Mastectomy Bra Style 511



5. ABC Soft Shape Seamless T-shirt Mastectomy Bra Style 515

FSA Approved

This T-shirt bra gives a sleek and smooth look to underclothing. It has a thin layer of form with soft molded cups to fit an average profile. It enhances your feminine side and helps you gain confidence while wearing your choice of clothing.

Features of ABC Soft Shape Seamless T-shirt Mastectomy Bra Style 515

  • Power mesh fabric.
  • Side panels for underarm support.
  • Lightly padded straps.
  • Seamless, molded cups.
ABC Soft Shape Seamless T-Shirt Mastectomy Bra Style 515



6. ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103

FSA Approved

This is your everyday bra is a full-figure bra made for an average profile. Designed to boost confidence and offer exceptional comfort for all-day wear. The fiber-fill cups lift the breasts and provide a good shape to the upper body. 

Features of ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103

  • Stretchy and adjustable straps.
  • Pocketed to hold breast forms.
  • Cotton and spandex built.
  • Extra soft and does not compromise on support.
ABC Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 103



7. ABC Seamless Strapless Mastectomy Bra Style 112

FSA Approved

Up your style with this strapless mastectomy bra. Designed with pockets to hold breast forms securely while staying in place and a thin layer of foam to give a smooth, enhanced shape.

Features of ABC Seamless Strapless Mastectomy Bra Style 112

  • Seamless, molded foam cups.
  • Underwire and side stay for exceptional support.
  • Straps are included separately.
  • Embroidered design between the cups.
ABC Seamless Strapless Mastectomy Bra Style 112



A mastectomy can be quite overwhelming. While this transformation is hard, don’t let it diminish your femininity. Take time to adjust to the changes and talk to people who have gone through similar experiences. Get support from loved ones and express your thoughts if you feel it is too much to handle. It is natural to feel this way. You still have a lot of life to live and much to accomplish. You are a warrior, and your scars are proof of that. 


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