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The 7 Best 4-Wheel Rollator Walkers

The 7 Best 4-Wheel Rollator Walkers
Kevin Cleary

Ahh, youth…wasted on the young! I don't know who said that quote, but just because our gait may become a little less steady, there is no reason we should surrender our independence.  

When we are young, we often take our mobility for granted. However, the ability to get around easily can diminish due to age, injury, or illness.  

An aid to consider is a 4-wheel rollator walker. The medical supply market offers so many rollator walkers the sheer number of options will make your head spin. So, how do you find the right one for you?  

Rollator Walker
Easy to move Must be lifted to move
Functions well indoors and outdoors Can be awkward on unlevel terrain
Offers seating No seat

Rollator vs. Walker 

Often the question is asked: isn't a rollator the same as a walker? In the sense that they are both mobility aids that can help you get around safely - yes, they are. It's the differences that set the two apart quite significantly.  

Since a four-wheel rollator doesn't need to be lifted, moving forward is simpler and more manageable, leading to safer mobility. Plus, the seat offers a place to rest if needed, and the increased maneuverability allows a 4-wheel walker user to go more places indoors and out. 

7 Best 4-Wheel Rollators 

How do you decide which four-wheeled walker might be the best to fit your lifestyle and mobility? While the choices seem endless, we have identified seven of the best 4-wheel rollator walkers available: 

1. Vive Mobility Upright Rollator Walker

FSA Approved Made In USA

Designed to provide support and stability for individuals with difficulty walking, it is made with lightweight aluminum and has four wheels for easy turning and advancing.  

Benefits of Upright Rollator

  • Safe, upright walking 
  • Compact foldable design 
  • Comfortable seating 
  • Removable storage bag 

This rollator walker with seat is perfect for those with back, shoulder, or neck pain who might need to walk for extended periods. It is FSA-approved, perfect for tight spaces, and a highly rated rolling walker by customers. Check out this review: 

Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Upright Rollator Walker Reviews


06/17/21, by Jessica "Product was easy to put together, and being to adjust the height level until ready to use is great"

Vive Mobility Upright Rollator Walker



2. Nova Medical GetGO Petite Rolling Walker

FSA Approved

A smaller version of the GetGO classic but still has 6" wheels, a padded seat, and a flip-up padded back.  

Features of Nova Medical Rolling Walker

  • Feather-touch hand brakes 
  • 2" thick padded seat 
  • 300 lb. weight limit 
  • Weighs only 13 lbs. 

This FSA-approved walker rollator has a narrow, lower seat height and locks in a folded position, making it easier to lift in and out of the car for easy transport. 

Nova Medical GetGO Petite Rolling Walker



3. Comodita Prima Rolling Walker

FSA Approved

This rolling walker's signature S-shaped back wheel support provides extra space for the user's feet, minimizing the risk of falling or tripping. It easily folds for storage and transport and includes an under-seat storage bag.  

Features Prima Walker With Wheels

  • Padded ergonomic backrest 
  • Adjustable handle height 
  • Extra-large 8" wheels 
  • Hand-brake locks for safety 

This walker with seat is FSA-approved, making it an economical option to safely maneuver indoors and outdoors and a highly-rated choice by customers. 

Comodita Prima Rolling Walker



4. Trust Care Standard Let's Fly Rollator

FSA Approved

This beautifully designed rollator is FSA-approved and perfect for indoor/outdoor use. The hydroformed frame is made from a single piece of aluminum with no welds or joints. Designed with a sports car in mind, this lightweight rollator requires no assembly and easily folds for quick and easy transport. The large 10" front wheels and smaller 8" provided a smooth ride while easily tackling curbs.  

Features of This World-Class Walker

  • Smooth, steady ride 
  • Built-in seat 
  • Lightweight and adjustable 
  • Rear suspension system 
Trust Care Stander Let's Fly Rollator



5. Nova Medical Express Rollator

FSA Approved

Designed to be strong, stable, and sporty, this FSA-approved rollator is a customer favorite!  This rollator comes standard with a padded seat and backrest for those who might need a little rest during their walks, and the folding frame can remain standing when folded. In addition, the Express Rollator is easy-to-transport and store while being a secure means of maintaining your independence.

Features of Nova Medical 4-Wheel Rollator Walker

  • Locking hand brakes 
  • Removable under-seat pouch 
  • Height adjustable handles 
  • Cross brace design frame folds side to side 
Nova Medical Express Rollator



6. Drive Durable Four Wheel Rollator Padded Seat

Designed to be used with the Drive Durable Steel Four Wheel Rollator with a fold-up removable back, this rollator with padded seat is comfortable and durable. This seat provides stability and security, measures 12" x 12", and has a seat-to-floor height of 21". Use this to replace your existing seat or upgrade for a more comfortable experience. 

Benefits of Drive Rollator Walker

  • Comfortable
  • Added security
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Drive Durable Four Wheel Rollator Padded Seat



7. Nova Medical Phoenix Rise-up Rollator

FSA Approved

The unique design allows the user to walk in an upright, forward-looking stance. This improves control and stability and significantly decreases body strain and fatigue. It's durable, lightweight, and comfortable on the forearms while walking.

Features of Nova Medical 4 Wheel Rollator Walker 

  • Adjustable height 
  • The built-in handle on the seat 
  • Stabilization strap 
  • Comfortable seat with extra-wide backrest 

Weighing only 20.5 lbs. and offering a 300 lb. weight limit, this FSA-approved mobility aid is one of the higher-rated four-wheeled rollators available. One customer reviewed it as follows: 

Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Nova Medical Phoenix Rise Up Rollator Reviews


06/17/21, by Jessica "It helps me walk a lot better my back is straight, thank you"

Nova Medical Phoenix Rise Up Rollator



Walkers and rollators are both mobility aids that allow the user to maintain their independence and quality of life. Still, four-wheel rollators offer other features that make them the better choice for some who want to continue being independent. Visit HPFY for all your mobility needs, like these seven great four-wheel rollators to maintain your quality of life while enjoying spending time with family and friends in public! 


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