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Protect Your Bed from Incontinence

Protect Your Bed from Incontinence
Kevin Cleary

The scourge of incontinence presents several dilemmas, the least of which is an increase in laundry. The cleaning of soiled linens can monopolize your time and eventually become a costly endeavor. The cost of time and laundry is nothing compared to possibly having to purchase a new mattress or boxspring more frequently. By using Underpads/Chux or bed pads, you can save your bed sheets, mattresses, and washing machines a lot of stress.

Protact your bed Using Chux and underpads

What is the difference between Reusable Underpads vs. Disposable Chux?

There are basically two bedding protection options for those suffering from incontinence or their caretakers; disposable underpads or reusable, washable (sometimes quilted) bed pads. Both have advantages, so determining which would be right for you depends on your personal choice.

  • Disposable Bed Pads/Chux: These can be beneficial to managing adult incontinence by creating a barrier between the user and the bed linens or even the mattress/box spring. For instance, the First Quality Prevail Air Permeable Underpads can be a high-performance protection for bedding and other furniture. They are a quick and easy way to deal with an embarrassing situation. Disposable Chux give the user a little more flexibility should they be in between laundry loads and may wish to take a nap. As the name implies, a disposable Chux can be simply tossed in the garbage. These underpads can also be more economical and the Tena Disposable Underpads can be bought in packages of 25 and provide economical protection for the user or their caregiver.
  • Reusable Underpads: The benefits of a reusable underpads/chux include a softer, more comfortable surface to sleep on and obviously can be reused since they can be laundered. This is significantly easier than stripping your bed linens after an accident. Not to mention saving your mattress or box spring!! A good example is the ReliaMed Quilted Reusable Underpads . This 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester is comfortable and can be washed approximately 100 times before it needs to be replaced. Don’t let your incontinence Robin you of the a good night’s sleep!! For moderate absorption, the Medline Birdseye Reusable Underpads offer comfortable protection and are 100% cotton with a blue vinyl backing.

Don’t let this bladder condition run your life. No matter which option you choose, you can regain the quality of life you deserve.


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HPFY Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary

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