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Ostomy Accessories - Guide To Find The Best Stoma Accessories

Ostomy Accessories - Guide To Find The Best Stoma Accessories
Christine Kijek, RN, BSN, WON

The least number of products used is the first step. Adding an accessory to improve fit may be needed. Some accessories are used for fitting options, while others are for improved wear time. They can be used to offer comfort or confidence.

Skin barrier film or protectant

Ostomy nurses have different opinions regarding the use of this product. My philosophy is to protect the skin by using one. Alcohol-free is best. This way, if the skin becomes red or irritated, it will not burn with the application. A good choice is Safe N Simple Skin Barrier Film. It is available in wipe form.

Stoma powder

This should be used if the skin under the barrier is broken and moist. After cleaning the skin, allow the skin to dry, then sprinkle the powder over the red, moist skin. Tap off the excess. Use a barrier film over the powder. This will hold the powder in place and create a tacky surface for the barrier to adhere to. The barrier film spray is often used when using powder but if wipes are all you have, dab over the powder, and don’t wipe. There is enough product to soak the powder.

  • Karaya Gum Powder is often used for moist, weepy skin around the stoma. It adds a layer of protection by providing absorptive properties, keeping the skin dry. This helps with adhesion and can increase wear-time.

Stoma paste

Stoma paste is used to fill in gaps or to chalk the opening of the barrier. It works like the tiles in your shower. Chalking is applied to prevent moisture leakage behind the tile.

  • Coloplast Brava makes a paste that is alcohol-free.
  • Coloplast Brava has a product called Strip Paste. These strips are used to fill in folds and gaps in the skin, creating an even surface for the barrier to adhere to.
  • ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Paste is alcohol-free.

Moldable rings

Moldable rings work as chalking and can be placed around the stoma, under the barrier.

  • Hollister Adapt has thin, thick, and Cera (Ceramide for the skin.)
  • Coloplast Brava offers thin, thick, and Protective Seal (has absorptive abilities and is great for ileostomies.)
  • ConvaTec’s version of the ring is called an Eakin Seal. These rings can be shaped to fill uneven surfaces and will hold their tackiness.

Elastic barrier strips or extenders

This product is placed around the outer portion of the barrier (wafer). They extend the adhesive surface. Many like this product because it offers security and confidence.


Stoma belts

Each manufacturer has a stoma belt available and most are interchangeable. The belt is recommended for those with a flush or inverted stoma and who have more frequent leakage problems. These belts are a 1” elastic band that is adjustable. Each end has a small hook that locks into belt tabs on the pouching system. The belt should fir snug, but not too tight to be uncomfortable. This will hold the pouch close to the body, minimizing leakage.

Pouch deodorants/lubricants

Emptying your ostomy pouch in a public restroom can be intimidating. Lubricating deodorants can be added to the pouch after emptying. This will help reduce embarrassing odor.


Biologic odor eliminator air fresheners

Odor control is a high priority for those with an ostomy. Many biological odor eliminator sprays are available in 8 oz, 2 oz, and refill bottle sizes.


Gel agents

Gelling agents can be placed in the pouch after emptying. It will turn the liquid output into a gel. This decreases leakage episodes and reduces noise related to the sloshing of liquid.



Adhesive agents are available for those that leak more often due to body contour or poorly placed stomas.


No matter what problems or difficulties you may experience with your ostomy pouching, many products are available to assist with getting a good fit and an acceptable wear time.

Health Products For You carries all these outstanding products for you to try.



Author Profile: Christine Kijek, Registered Colorectal Nurse

Christine Kijek

Christine Kijek is a colorectal nurse at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, CT. She has a wealth of knowledge in this field as well as personal experience. HPFY is thrilled that she has been an active participant in the Ostomy Support Group. She has experience working as a coordinator for cancer patients, post-operative care, and home health care for disabled children and adults. And guess what! Christine is also the recipient of the Nurse Exemplar Award. Christine lives in Bethel, CT with her husband Ed. Her children are married and live nearby. She has 4 grandchildren and is known as GiGi. Christine enjoys riding motorcycles and spends many hours gardening. She can often be found onboard a Carnival Cruise ship lounging by the pool.



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HPFY Christine Kijek, RN, BSN, WON

Christine Kijek, RN, BSN, WON

LinkedIn Profile Christine Kijek is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She has completed courses for wound and ostomy specialty and has 20 years of experience. She has ...

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