Orthotic Insoles to Pamper Your Feet and Correct Foot Disorders

Orthotic Insoles to Pamper Your Feet and Correct Foot Disorders

Got pain in your feet or knee/hip joints or calf muscles? Orthotic insoles could be your cure.

Orthotic insoles or shoe inserts are placed inside the shoes to correct/prevent foot disorders, provide better support and increased foot comfort. Pain in the knee joints and back could be due to misalignment or lack of stability in the foot region which also leads to a poor posture. Use of insoles can correct these problems. They are available off the shelf or can be custom-made to suit individual requirements. They are made of rubber, plastic or foam in a biomechanical shape, covering the entire foot length, with a heel cup to give extra support to the heels.

Let us look at the most useful reasons for wearing orthotic insoles:

1. Prevents foot disorders

Insoles minimize pressure and shock to the feet when standing, walking or running. This gets more relevant in cases when the user has a very active lifestyle. Use of insoles prevents any sort of muscle and tissue damage to the feet.

2. Corrects existing foot disorders

Therapeutic benefits of shoe inserts make them an extremely useful device. They can help treat a wide range of foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles heel pain,  metatarsalgia, toe pain, knee pain, corns, bunions, diabetic foot ulcers, neuroma, overpronation, etc.

3. Corrects overpronation and oversupination

In case of an overpronating foot, the foot arch flattens or collapses causing instability or misalignment in the foot. This leads to other conditions such as pain in the heels, ankles, arches, and Achilles Tendonitis. Insoles are designed to raise the arch, realign the foot, distribute pressure on the foot and absorb shock. This further reduces the pain in the arches, ankles and heels.

Contrary to this is  oversupination, which refers to high arches, causing the ankles to lean outwards away from the midline of the body. This too leads to pain in the heels, ankles, arches and lower back. Such a foot cannot adapt to an uneven surface. Customized insoles support the feet and help it maintain an anatomically correct position. The Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic is an insole for supination which normalizes foot biomechanics. It addresses the alignment issue of an oversupinated foot type. It is ideal for daily use as well as for athletic footwear.

Vasyli Hoke Supination Control Orthotic

4. Relaxes tired feet and enhances comfort

Insoles relax tired muscles and tendons, keeping the feet relaxed and comfortable. The AirFeet Classic Black Shoe Insoles, provide enhanced comfort and relieve pain resulting from foot disorders. It improves blood circulation. It is durable and made of a soft fabric which wicks away moisture and keeps the feet dry and well-ventilated. Its utility is dynamic as it can be used in all work environments and for all daily activities.

The Advanced Silicone Foot Orthosis is designed to prevent foot fatigue by way of improving blood circulation to the feet which has a massaging effect. It also relieves pressure on the muscles, tendons, and joints. Since the colored areas are softer than the surrounding transparent area, flexible pressure relief is possible.

Orthotic Insoles
Orthotic Insoles

5. Improves foot flexibility

The tissues in the heels are very thin and can easily get inflamed when the feet are subjected to a strenuous physical activity. The user undergoes a lot of pain. The feet lose their flexibility. With shoe inserts, the body pressure and shock on the feet is minimized. The cushioning gives extra comfort and support to the foot tissues and muscles, correcting inflammation and foot stress.

The Spenco Gel Comfort Insoles, are targeted towards users who stand for prolonged periods of time. The comfort gel and thermoplastic rubber provide cushioning support for enhanced comfort. The top cloth is antimicrobial and thus reduces odor causing bacteria and reduces friction.

Spenco Gel Comfort Insoles

6. Better athletic performance

Orthotic insoles are very useful for those involved in rigorous sports activity. They assure a well-aligned body which reduces the risk of injury, allows better body balance and position.

7. Extends lifespan of the shoes

Use of insoles extends the lifespan of the shoes by reducing the ground impact while engaging in any physical activity. They also keep the feet in perfect shape which in turn helps in maintaining the footwear.

Thus, it is crucial for the user to look for the correct off the shelf insoles or invest in getting customized orthotics made. The right insoles will give quality protection to the feet, enabling the user feel comfortable, secure and relaxed while indulging in different kinds of activities.


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