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Learning to Use the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Learning to Use the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube
Kevin Cleary

Healthy living has become synonymous with healthy eating. The social media, print media, health journals are all full of the super foods we should eat for maintaining good health. It is all doable as long as we have the ability to orally ingest, chew and digest all those nutritious foods. What happens if we can't do  that ? We often times take for granted our body’s ability to intake food and nutrients. Many times due to a health issues such as a spinal cord injury, stroke, or some other type of trauma or disease, we may not be able to swallow properly or safely to ingest food and nutrients. When this happens we need to find a suitable substitute for administering vital proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients. This is where the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube enters the equation. It allows a caretaker or patient to administer vital nourishment the body needs.

Need for a Feeding Tube

A feeding tube allows important nutrition to be administered directly to the stomach via a procedure called a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy or a PEG. Depending on your individual case, you may still be encouraged to ingest orally, but that needs to come from your doctor. The Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube makes administering nutrition as well as medication overtly obvious with different labeled ports.

Anatomy of Kimberly-Clark Feeding Tube

As with anything, being able to properly use something can only benefit and make things easier by understanding its parts and how it works. The Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is no different. Some of its specifications include:

  • Medical grade silicone construction
  • 3 clearly marked ports (balloon, feeding, and medication ports)
  • Internal retention balloon and external retention ring
  • Recessed and tapered distal tip with dual exit port
  • 9-1/2 inches length

Learning to Use the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Kimberly-Clark Feeding Tube Specifications

These specifications make this an easy to use feeding tube as well as increasing patient comfort during insertion. The ventilated external ring allows air to circulate around the stoma site with 360° pressure relief in addition to holding the feeding tube itself. This unique design allows for less irritation of the gastric wall as well as minimizing erosion. The retention balloon safely and securely holds the feeding tube in the stomach and incorporates an anti-reflux valve to prevent food from leaking out of the stomach when not in use. These feeding tubes are available in a variety of tip sizes and are color-coded accordingly. This is not a one-size-fits-all apparatus; each patient’s needs are different and specific to their own case. This way comfort and ease of use are maximized. Below is the size chart and color code:

Learning to Use the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

Features of Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

  • High-clarity medical grade silicone construction is used for visibility and drapability
  • Recessed distal tip extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes
  • Unique design of Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube decreases the potential for gastric wall irritation or erosion
  • Clearly marked feeding, medication and balloon ports provide ease of identification
  • Tapered tip eases catheter insertion and enhances patient comfort
  • Slim design allows more air to circulate around the stoma side
  • Retention balloon holds the Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Tube in place within the stomach and secure in the stoma tracked
  • Anti-reflux valve is located inside the feeding port where its job is to help prevent the stomach contents from leaking out when the patient is not feeding
  • When the balloon is inflated to the proper size the external portion of the tube should float just above the skin with a space about the thickness of a dime
  • Radiopaque stripe aids in catheter visualization
  • Graduated centimeter markings for tube position verification
  • Ventilated external retention ring: holds the Kimberly Clark Feeding Tube, allows air to circulate around the stoma site and reduces pressure 360 degrees from the stoma
  • Luer-Lok balloon inflation port: used to inflate the balloon, makes it easier for one handed operation, color-coded according to catheter french size for ease of identification and ensure secure syringe connection (also compatible with Luer-slip syringes)
  • FDA approved and CE marked
  • Gamma sterilized

Preventive Maintenance for Longevity of Feeding Tubes

Even though the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is simple to use, regular daily cleaning can prolong the use of each tube and therefore make it more economical. Obviously, care to keep the skin around the tube and stoma site clean are critical to minimizing the risk of infection. Bacteria and germs are your enemies!! A wash in warm soapy water followed by a simple rinse and air dry is all that is necessary to keep the assembly clean and functioning. Care should be taken to clean the anti-reflux valve in order to keep it operating properly. Cleaning the extension set is simple just using a cotton-tipped applicator immediately after each use. Not only will keeping the gastrostomy feeding tube clean from bacteria avoid serious medical issues down the road, it can minimize replacement and cost.

Whatever the reason for a feeding tube, The Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is an easy to use and simple to maintain option. With its snug for, the need to minimize activity is diminished and your doctor will work with you to precisely fit the apparatus to your specific needs. Quality of life and peace of mind have never been simpler.

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