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Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Tube Size Chart Buy Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Tube

Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

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14FR, 9-1/2" L, 3 - 5 mL Balloon, Silicone, Green

SKU 0112-14LV
$28.89 Each

16FR, 3 to 5 mL Balloon, Silicone, Orange

SKU 0112-16LV
$28.89 Each

18FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Red

SKU 0112-18
$28.89 Each

20FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Yellow

SKU 0112-20
$27.60 Each

22FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Purple

SKU 0112-22
$28.89 Each

24FR, 7 to 10 mL Balloon, Silicone, Blue

SKU 0112-24
$28.89 Each
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Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is a medical device used to provide enteral nutrition (feeding directly into the stomach) to patients who are unable to consume food orally. It is a type of feeding tube that is surgically inserted through the abdomen and into the stomach. It is made of medical-grade silicone and has a low-profile design, which means it is less noticeable and more comfortable for the patient.

Why choose Kimberly Clark G Tube?

  • Clearly marked feeding, medication, and balloon ports provide ease of identification
  • The tapered tip eases catheter insertion and enhances patient comfort
  • The slim design allows more air to circulate around the stoma site
  • Construction utilizing biocompatible silicone
  • Radiopaque stripe aids in catheter visualization
  • Graduated centimeter markings for tube position verification
  • 9-1/2" length
  • The shelf life of this item is 5 years


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Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Features

  • Unique design of this feeding tube decreases the potential for gastric wall irritation or erosion 
  • The retention balloon holds the tube in place within the stomach and secures the stoma-tracked
  • Anti-reflux valve is located inside the feeding port where its job is to help prevent the stomach contents from leaking out when the patient is not feeding
  • When the balloon is inflated to the proper size, the external portion of the tube should float just above the skin with a space about the thickness of a dime
  • Ventilated external retention ring -
    • Holds the G-Tube
    • Allows air to circulate around the stoma site
    • Reduces pressure 360 degrees from the stoma
  • Luer-Lok balloon inflation port -
    • Used to inflate the balloon
    • Makes it easier for one-handed operation
    • Color-coded according to catheter French size for ease of identification
    • Ensure secure syringe connection (also compatible with Luer-slip syringes)
  • Feeding port is made from flexible silicone
  • FDA-approved and CE-marked
  • Gamma sterilized

Kimberly Clark G Tube User Manual

Kimberly Clark G-Tube Parts

  1. Universal feeding port connector

  2. Color-coded luer-lok balloon port

  3. Medication Port

  4. The QUAD-LOK external retention ring

  5. Graduated centimeter markings

  6. Radiopaque stripe

  7. Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon

  8. The recessed and tapered distal tip

  9. Dual exit ports
Kimberly-Clark G-Tube

When To Use?

The Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is used when the patient is unable to intake food or fluids directly via the mouth. Interestingly enough, experts opine that while it is a relatively safe idea to provide patients with fluids and nutrition through an IV infusion, however, the body responds better when the food and nutrition are delivered through the gut rather than the blood vessels.

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How to use Kimberly Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube?

  1. Before handling the feeding tube, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Check the placement of the tube by aspirating stomach contents using a syringe. If the stomach contents are aspirated successfully, then the tube is in the correct position. If no stomach contents are aspirated, then the tube may be misplaced and should be repositioned by a healthcare provider.
  3. Connect the tube to the feeding bag or syringe, and prime the tube with a small amount of feeding formula to remove any air and ensure the formula is flowing properly.
  4. Begin administering the feeding formula slowly, using a pump or gravity drip, according to the healthcare provider's instructions.
  5. After administering the feeding formula, flush the tube with water to prevent clogging and ensure proper flow.
  6. If the patient requires medication administration, follow the healthcare provider's instructions for medication administration via the feeding tube.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse, and allow to air-dry.
  • Remember to clean the anti-reflux valve to keep it functioning properly.
  • To prolong the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube life and help prevent infection at the stoma site, maintain the cleanliness of the tube and the skin around the stoma.
  • A cotton-tipped applicator works well to clean the extension set immediately after each use.


  1. What is Kimberly-Clark Feeding Tube?

    It is a type of gastrostomy feeding tube made of medical-grade silicone. It has a low-profile design and is designed to provide long-term access to the stomach for feeding and medication administration.

  2. How is this feeding tube inserted?

    Kimberly Clark G Tube is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen using a surgical procedure. The tube is then guided through the incision and into the stomach.

  3. Is a gastrostomy tube the same as a PEG?

    A gastrostomy tube is a tube that passes through the abdominal wall into the stomach. Often, the initial gastrostomy tube is placed endoscopically by a gastroenterologist. A tube placed this way is called a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, or PEG, tube.

This is what our customers say about this product!

4.5-Star Review of Kimberly clark G tube 4.5-Star Rating Product!

  • Prompt service. Good quality product
  • I reorder as needed - always satisfied
  • This G-tube is wonderful! Easy to replace at home without having to go to the doctor.
  • So glad I found it!
  • Good product, timely delivery
  • I have used Kimberly's Gastrostomy tube for the past 10 years and am completely satisfied with this product.
  • Good quality, and I love that the ports are labeled.

Kimberly Clark G Tube Size Chart

Item # Outer Diameter Balloon Volume Color
0112-14LV 14Fr 3-5 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Green
0112-16LV 16Fr 3-5 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Orange
0112-18 18Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Red
0112-20 20Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Yellow
0112-22 22Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Purple
0112-24 24Fr 7-10 ml Balloon Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube_Blue


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