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Laxatives: Constipation Relief

Laxatives: Constipation Relief
Kevin Cleary

We have all at one time or another in our lives felt the effects of constipation. Whether it is our self, children, loved one, or patient somehow I’m sure you have experienced not only the symptoms but the unpleasant effects that accompany constipation. Let’s face it, there is a reason we use the term “regular” when it comes to moving our bowels!! Constipation can be caused by a number of factors including medication, injury/illness, or even diseases such as celiac disease. Once constipation has reared its ugly head the number one thing on the sufferer’s mind is getting relief. There are many ways constipation sufferers can achieve relief with laxative drugs or suppositories.

Laxatives: Constipation Relief

What is Constipation?

Do we truly understand what constitutes constipation? Generally, it is defined by having three or less bowel movements in a one-week period. Often when constipation rears its ugly head it is a sign of stool impaction in the intestines or colon. This is where laxatives for constipation can help. The symptoms of constipation can vary from patient to patient, but generally they include:

  • Infrequent bowel movements
  • Straining during the bowel movement
  • Hard/small stools 
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Abdominal pain
  • A sense of still having to go
  • Vomiting

Often constipation can become severe and the symptoms can lead to problems such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and rectal prolapse. Believe me; these are problems you want to avoid!!

Finding Relief from Constipation

There are many ways to combat a bout of constipation. You can opt for laxatives for constipation or even suppositories. You should work with your doctor to determine what method might be more appropriate for you, especially if there are any underlying medical conditions. With a multitude of options at your disposal, your doctor may suggest:

1. Enemeez Mini Enema

Enemeez Mini Enema

Delivering 283 mg of docusate sodium in a soft latex-free tube with a polyethylene glycol base, Enemeez Mini Enema can provide relief in 2-15 minutes for those who have special bowel needs due to spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, or other conditions that may require constipation relief. They can reduce the need for nursing intervention for inpatient bowel care as well as minimizing the time and care needed for dressing/redressing due to discharge from fecal incontinence.


2. Fleet Bisacodyl Enema

Fleet Bisacodyl Enema

Fleet Bisacodyl Enema provides fast relief from occasional constipation by using bisacodyl as the active ingredient to stimulate the intestines to promote rhythmic action in order to push feces through the bowel. The easy squeeze bottle can produce a bowel movement within 5-20 minutes and comes ready to use with a pre-lubricated, flexible comfort tip for ease of insertion and a one-way safety valve that controls flow while preventing reflux.


3. Fleet Mineral Oil Enema

Fleet Bisacodyl Enema

By using a lubricant such as mineral oil, Fleet mineral oil enema coats any fecal content so that water won’t be extracted from the stool and is perfect for those who need to avoid straining, such as those recovering from childbirth/surgery or suffering from hemorrhoids. Constipation relief can be achieved in 5-20 minutes with this pre-lubricated, easy to insert/squeeze bottle.


4. Magic Bullet Suppository

Magic Bullet Suppository

Water-soluble and able to disperse the active ingredient (10 mg bisacodyl) within minutes of insertion, this laxative acts on contact with the bowel wall and can achieve relief in 15-60 minutes. By stimulating the bowel to contract, Magic Bullet Suppository non-hydrogenated vegetable oil laxative pushes out the stool and can minimize time spent during the bowel program.


5. Medical Action Enema Products

Medical Action Enema Products

Medical Action Enema Products kit contains everything you might need in order to achieve relief from constipation. Choose from a rigid bucket or a flexible bag that come with a set of cleansing materials and easy to understand directions all within reach for ease-of-use. Each set contains 60 inches of tubing with a pre-lubricated tip, adjustable clamp, and castile soap as well as a waterproof drape. Administering an enema has never been easier and cleaner!!


6. Medline Disposable Enema Bag Set

Medline Disposable Enema Bag Set

Relief from constipation is often achieved with an enema and Medline Disposable Enema Bag Set contains everything needed for quick relief. It has a 1500 mL bag with a spill proof valve with a soft vinyl tube that has a pre-lubricated, smooth tip for easy insertion. Included is a moisture-proof underpad, plastic shut off clamp, castile soap, and a lubricating jelly packet. Nonsterile and latex free, this kit is individually packaged and easy to use!!


Laxative drugs and suppositories are a great way to find relief from constipation. Once relief has been achieved, your doctor may suggest a change in diet if the constipation is food related. Rest assured, unclogging the pipework with laxatives will help get things back on a regular track and alleviate the symptoms associated with constipation.


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