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Keep Your Bandages in Place with Dressing Retainers

Kevin Cleary

Proper wound care may require dressing retainers in order to expedite healing and Health Products for You has what you need.

Wound care requires precise and diligent attention to detail in order to have wounds heal properly and quickly. No matter the wound, dressings and bandages are the primary manner in which the healing process begins (quickly after cleaning the wound). Creating the proper wound bed for healing can mean keeping those bandages and dressings in place in order to minimize shearing and maximize healing (not to mention minimizing pain). The use of dressing retainers can go a long way toward achieving this goal and we here at HPFY can give you the information you need to find the dressing retainers that may benefit you the most.

Importance Of Wound Care

After an injury or a wound, the obvious goal is to get better as soon as possible. Pretty obvious, huh? It didn’t take a genius to come up with that idea!! Simple, basic wound care practices for treating any type of wound, injury, or even a burn can include:

  • Washing your hands 
  • Gently apply pressure if bleeding (not for burns) 
  • Rinsing wound 
  • Apply antibiotic/ointment 
  • Bandage wound if necessary

Once you set off on the road to healing, finding the proper wound care aids can actually help expedite the healing process. Creating a proper wound bed for quick healing can involve keeping dirt and debris away from the wound to minimize infection risks, preventing any shearing to minimize pain, and maintaining a moist wound bed so that most wounds heal quicker.

Keep Your Bandages in Place

After cleaning or preparing any wound bed for bandaging, keeping that bandage or gauze in place can go a long way in healing. Any wound care plan should focus on keeping the affected area clean and free from any shearing that may irritate or reinjure the area. One way to keep dressings and bandages in places is with dressing retainers. HPFY offers many great options of dressing retainers and 8 superb options that may benefit you are:

  • Derma Surgilast Tubular Elastic Bandage Retainers for Hands, Arms, Legs and Foot: This knitted, seamless bandage retainer is made from a high quality nylon and rubber mix which can easily stretch in order to apply gentle pressure and keep bandages in place. It is perfectly suited for securing burn, post-op dressings, and decubitus ulcer dressings. These can even be used for simple first-aid in order to hold hot/cold packs in place.
  • Medline Curad Tubular Elastic Net Dressing Retainer Roll: A dressing retainer designed to hold dressings firmly in place without compression is what this product is all about. Ideal for fragile, geriatric, or other patients who have skin issues or tape allergies and can even be used on pediatric cases. The rayon or polyester knitted elastic net tube can be used to hold primary dressings at just about any location on the body while helping to expedite daily dressing. The soft, open weave is non-constricting and can be cut to any length desired.
  • ReliaMed Tubular Elastic Stretch Net Dressing Retainer: Available in a multitude of sizes and lengths, this dressing retainer is made from a high quality nylon and rubber mix in one seamless band. It can secure bandages in place without adhesives by applying gentle pressure. With strong elasticity, it can be cut to custom lengths without the fear of unraveling. This dressing retainer allows for maximum airflow and a smooth surface for increased patient comfort.
  • Medi Tech Spandage Tubular Multi-Purpose Net Elastic Retainer: Designed to replace adhesive tape or wrap gauze, this dressing retainer is ideal for securing IV lines and dressings. This eliminates skin stripping and excoriation that can because by tape removal and can hold both wet and dry dressings in place. The equal pressure provided by this dressing retainer keeps dressings in place without slippage or excessive constriction therefore making dressing changes easier and faster (not to mention more comfortable for both patient and staff).
  • Juzo Silverseal X-Static Tubular Component Protective Layer: This non-compressive protective layer provides a barrier between a patient’s skin and short stretch bandages. Constructed from X-Static silver fiber, it can offer the benefits of silver early on in the healing process to patients. The 99% pure silver of this tubular protective layer is safe while providing antimicrobial benefits which promotes patient hygiene and is washable and reusable. Great for minimizing odor underneath casts!!
  • Derma Surgilast Tubular Elastic Bandage Retainer for Head, Shoulders, and Thighs: The high quality nylon and rubber mix of this bandage retainer is ideal for use on the head, shoulder, or thigh of a patient by applying gentle pressure to keep bandages in place. It allows for patient movement without unraveling and maximum airflow. It is constructed of a seamless band that stretches well beyond its relaxed length and diameter eliminating the need for adhesives to keep dressings in place and can be extremely useful for dressings around complex joints.
  • ReliaMed Pre-Cut Perineum Panty Tubular Elastic Dressing Retainer: Constructed from a polyester and rubber mix, this dressing retainer is specifically cut to fit a patient’s perineum area. It can secure bandages or other medical devices in place without the need for adhesive tape. While allowing for maximum airflow, it can provide strong elasticity and has a smooth surface for patient comfort.
  • Alba Healthcare X-Span Tubular Dressing Retainer: Able to secure both wet or dry dressings, this dressing retainer is perfect for areas that are difficult to secure with tape or on a patient with adhesive tape allergies or those with sensitive skin. It can hold everything from IV tubes to incontinence pads in place while providing a softer feel and a greater fabric stretch for an optimum fit.

Most wound care plans require some type of dressing or bandage in order to create an optimal healing environment. Keeping these dressings in place can mean expediting the healing time a wound needs to recover. By using dressing retainers patients can get back to normal faster while minimizing pain and discomfort. This can get us back to the activities we love as soon as possible!!


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