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How to Use Glucose Control Solution for Glucometer

How to Use Glucose Control Solution for Glucometer
Shweta Chaubey

A keen eye on blood glucose levels is a prerequisite for better diabetes management. To do so, there are modern-age glucometers available in the market, and if you are reading this, chances are you also have one at home. However, accurate glucose readings are only possible when your glucometer is properly calibrated and tested. This is where the control solution for glucometer comes into play. 

Whether you're a seasoned diabetes warrior or just starting your journey to better glucose control, this article will help you better understand how to use glucose control solution for glucometer.  

What is a glucose control solution?  

A diabetes solution is a liquid that mimics the composition of human blood but with a known glucose concentration. It is a litmus test for your glucose readings.   

It serves as a reference point to verify the accuracy of the glucose readings. It is a crucial accessory for people with diabetes who rely on a glucose meter to monitor their blood sugar levels.   

According to a research paper by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a glucose solution is a liquid made with water mixed, glucose, buffer, and preservatives to avoid too much bacterial or fungi growth after the bottle is opened. 

Why is a control solution for glucometer important?   

The first and foremost reason for using a control solution for glucometer is to ensure the accuracy of the glucometer. Some other reasons why it is an important accessory for diabetes management include -   

  • Peace of mind: Knowing accurate readings gives you confidence in managing your condition.   
  • Treatment adjustments: Reliable data helps your medical professional make necessary treatment adjustments.   
  • Calibration: Regular use helps calibrate your meter, making it more reliable in the long run.   
  • Detects Issues: It can reveal issues with your meter or testing process before they affect your health decisions.  

How to use a control solution for glucometer?  

Now that we know the basics, let's learn step by step how to use a it for a glucose meter.   

Step 1: Gather your supplies   

Before you begin, ensure you have the following items on hand:   

Step 2: Prepare the liquid

Shake the solution bottle well to ensure that the solution is thoroughly mixed and ready for use.   

Step 3: Preparing the glucometer   

  • Turn on your glucometer.   
  • Insert a test strip as if you were going to test your blood sugar.   

Step 4: Apply the solution  

Apply it to the test strip instead of placing it directly on the strip. It prevents contamination of the liquid in the bottle.  

Step 5: Wait and observe   

Wait for your meter to display the result. It should match the expected result range on the vial or tin with usage instructions.   

Step 6: Interpret the results   

Compare the meter's reading to the expected range on the packaging.   

  • If it falls within this range, your glucometer is accurate.   
  • If not, you may need to contact the manufacturer or your healthcare provider.   

Note: Please check the expiry date of the bottle before using it. Using an expired solution may yield inaccurate results.  


Got more questions about the diabetes solution?   

Frequently asked questions about control solution  

1. What is the normal range of the glucose solution for a glucometer?  

The normal range can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the specific product, but it typically falls within the range of 50 to 104°F (10 to 40°C).  

It's important to note that the control range indicated on the test strip vial is not the recommended blood glucose level. It is the expected glucose concentration range for the solution itself.  

2. Do you have to use the solution for glucometer regularly?  

While it is not mandatory, regular use of the solution every time you open a new container of test strips is highly recommended to maintain the reliability of your glucose meter.  

3. Do you need a diabetes solution for the glucose meter?  

Yes, not using a control solution for a glucose meter can lead to inaccurate blood sugar readings.   

4. How often should you use a control solution?   

Medical professionals recommend one should use it:   

  • Whenever opening a new vial of test strips   
  • If you suspect your meter may be giving inaccurate readings   
  • When your meter is exposed to extreme temperatures or rough handling  

5. Can you use a glucose solution instead of blood?   

No, it cannot replace a blood sample for monitoring blood glucose levels. It can only test the accuracy of the glucose meter.  

6. Is there a difference between the control liquid and blood glucose?    

Yes, there is. The solution is a lab-prepared liquid with a known glucose concentration to check your meter's accuracy. Blood glucose, on the other hand, is your actual blood sugar level.  

7. What level of control solution should you use?   

Control solutions come in different levels, like Level 1, Level 2, or Level 4. Each level has a glucose range, usually representing either low, normal, or high glucose levels. Level 2 control solutions are the standard solution for everyday testing.   

Your test strip vial or packaging also has a specific range for each solution level. Make sure you identify the right range that matches the type of solution you're using.  

Where to buy a control solution for glucometer?  

HPFY has been your companion in health and wellness. We offer an array of medical supplies, including diabetes management supplies such as glucose meters, control solution for glucose meter, test strips, and more. Explore our catalog today to find the best pick for you or your loved ones.   


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