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What is Glucose Control Solution?

Control solution can be explained as "fake blood" that contains a known amount of glucose. It is a safe and reliable method to test the accuracy of glucose meters and test strips. These glucose control solutiona are highly recommended to maintain the health and well-being of diabetes patients. This glucose liquid is put on the test strip just like a normal blood sample and result is recorded to check whether the test strip and meter are working properly. Health Products For You offers a wide range of glucose control solutions from various top-selling manufacturers like Siemens Healthcare, US Diagnostics, Agamatrix, Roche Diagnostics, etc.

How to use Control Soultion for Glucose Meter?

Use control solutions in 5 easy steps -
  1. Check the meter first: Make sure that your meter is working properly before initiating the test. To Avoid any chances of infections prefer wearing medical gloves throughout the process.
  2. Shake the vial well: The glucose control solution may be too diluted or concentrated. Inconsistent solution can affect the accuracy of result. Shake it well before using
  3. Check the strips: To check if the test strip is still good, apply a drop of control solution on the test strip. Check if the result falls between the accepted range.
  4. Look for results: If the result is in the range, you can use the rest of the strips confidently. It can be concluded that the test strips are no tainted and the meter is working properly. If the result is outside the range, repeat the test on another strip.
  5. Dispose wisely: Dispose off the used strip and store the rest of the solution in an air-tight bottle. 

Note: If the result is outside the specified range after doing step 3 and 4 multiple times, chances are that the test strips are tainted and not reliable to use.

One of the leading glucose solution, the Abbott FreeStyle Control Solution is a red liquid used with FreeStyle blood glucose monitoring systems. This liquid contains a fixed amount of glucose that is used to perform a control solution test without having to use your own blood. It provides an easy and quick way to ensure accurate blood glucose testing. FreeStyle Solution should be used to perform control solution tests monthly when a new vial of test strips is opened or when a glucose monitoring system is not working properly.

When to use Glucose Solutions?

Experts recommend using control solutions like, Ascensia Contour Normal Control Solution, designed to check the accuracy of glucose meter and test strips, when-

  • Prior using the glucose monitoring system for blood sugar test.
  • While opening a new container of test strips.
  • When and if the results appear unusually high or low depending on the symptoms of the patient.
  • When and if the strips are left open or exposed. To avoid any chances of infection, prefer wearing medical gloves.
  • When and if the system seems damaged or is not working properly.

For how long can you use a Glucose Meter Control Solution?

Generally, once you have opened the Roche Accu-Chek Aviva Glucose Control Solution bottle which provides a quick and easy way to ensure accurate blood glucose testing, it will last for as long as 90 days. However, checking the expiry date before using the solution is highly recommended.

After every use make sure the bottle is closed well otherwise your solution might get contaminated and become unfit for use. Another top-selling solution, Roche Accu-Chek SmartView Glucose Control Solution is used to ensure if the meter and test strips are working properly and providing reliable results. The solution bottle should be discarded 3 months after opening it.

Where can you buy Glucose Control Meter Solution from?

At Health Products For You we have a wide range of control solutions to choose from. These are manufactured by our top brands like One Touch, TRUEcontrol, and Accu-Chek. You can explore our attractive catalog and pick one that meets your needs well.

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