Control Solution

Control solution can be explained as "fake blood" that contains a known amount of glucose. It is a safe and reliable method to test the accuracy of glucose meters and test strips. Diabetic control solution is highly recommended to maintain the health and well-being of the users. This glucose liquid is put on the test strip just like a normal blood sample and result is recorded to check whether the test strip and meter are working properly. Health Products For You offers a wide range of glucose control solutions from various top-selling manufacturers like Siemens Healthcare, US Diagnostics, Agamatrix, Roche Diagnostics, etc.


How to use Control Solution?

  • Shake well the glucose control solution before use as it may be too diluted or concentrated. Inconsistent solution can affect the accuracy of result. 
  • To check if the test strip is still good, apply a drop of control solution on the test strip. 
  • Check if the result falls between the accepted range. 
  • If the result is in the range, you can use the rest of the strips confidently. It can be concluded that the test strips are no tainted and the meter is working properly.  
  • If the result is outside the range, repeat the test on another strip. If the result is again outside the specified range, the test strips are tainted and not reliable to use.