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Hear the World Around You

Hear the World Around You
Kevin Cleary


It’s pretty common that as we get older we find it harder to hear the television, radio, or even a conversation that we are taking part in. Sometimes background noise may interfere with us hearing a discussion at a restaurant or some other social gathering. The question is: how do we help our ears hear what’s around us? Through the use of assistive technology we can now hear our family and friends and be part of their discussions, hear what’s on television (without annoying everybody in the room), or just our telephone; cordless or cell.


Entertain Yourself!!

Hear the World Around YouFor those who suffer with varying degrees of hearing loss, hearing our television or home theater can irritate those who do not suffer from loss. If the neighbors can hear your television or home theater, there is a good chance that they are very loud. One way to placate the neighbors is to use the Serene Innovations TV Sound Box Wireless TV Speaker with 2 A/C Adapters. Instead of raising the volume from across the room just take this handy wireless speaker with you anywhere in the room and have clear audio. One way to broadcast your audio directly to wireless headphones or hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible is with the ClearSounds Quattro QLink Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter. With a functional distance of 33 feet it works in the 2.4 GHz frequency range and can support your TV or iPod as well as other audio devices. One way to hear your favorite TV show or music clearly without blasting the volume is with the Sennheiser Set 900 Infrared TV and Personal Amplifier System. Simply connect it to your TV or your audio system and you can adjust the sound to your personal liking through the comfortable headset!! The name Sennheiser oozes quality, so you can hear with confidence.

Hear the World Around You


Say That Again

Hear the World Around YouThe world around us, unfortunately, makes a lot of noise. Traffic and other ambient sound around us can make hearing more difficult. Whether it’s trying to hear a conversation on our cell phone or an intimate conversation at dinner, the sound around us can make it hard to hear. With our dependency on our cell phones, the Serene Innovations HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier uses Bluetooth to amplify your cell phone up to 100× and can even be used with your Bluetooth iPod or iPad. With the range of 30 feet from any paired cell phone it even can be used with T coil hearing aids without using the speaker. The ability to customize your level of audio amplification makes the Sound World Solutions Personal Sound Amplifier perfect for hearing the world around you in all its clarity. It delivers amazing sound quality and speech intelligibility to allow you to confidently be aware of everything around you. It’s rechargeable and completely discrete and easily adjusts for a personal, custom fit. By minimizing background noise you can make the sounds you want to hear more prevalent. The William Sound Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier with Earbud and Headphone makes noisy situations more palatable and one-on-one conversations clearer. The fingertip volume control allows you to adjust to any listing environment and the design is lightweight and ergonomic for ease-of-use. One way to improve your hearing pleasure is with the Conversor Listenor Pro Personal Amplifier. Just point the unit in the direction of what you want to hear clearer and let this powerful amplifier enhance sound around you up to 5 m away. Feel free to have that conversation in a crowded restaurant that you may have shied away from in the past!!

Hear the World Around You


You no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves or annoy your spouse with turning the television volume all the way up. You can customize any hearing enhancement by choosing the correct adaptive technology. The only downside is you might have to listen to someone who you could have ignored before!!


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