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Head Incontinence off at the Pass

Head Incontinence off at the Pass
Kevin Cleary

There is a multitude of ways to deal with incontinence. Most of them deal with incidents after they happen and their consequences on our skin. What if there was a way to minimize the effects of incontinence before they affect us? They say the best defense is a good offense, so being aggressive in treating this disorder can go a long way.

Be Alarmed

We have alarms everywhere; in our cars, our homes, even in our stores so why not take the concept of an alarm and apply it to an incontinence program? It makes sense that the sooner we discover any leakage we can take action to prevent any potential skin issues. Alarms designed to detect moisture can give us an early warning. These gives us more control over our bladder and are available with different specifications that can be tailored to your needs. These alarms can tell you when the first drops of urine are present to give you an opportunity to stay ahead.

  • Protect Bedding: The most common issue facing those suffering from incontinence is protecting our bed linens and mattresses. Aside from the obvious nuisance of having to do laundry, protecting your bed can extend the life of your mattress saving you a lot of money. The Nite Train-r Wet Call Bed Wetting Control Device is designed to be placed underneath a dry sheet and sound the alarm when moisture contacts the sensor strips. This alerts you early on so that a major accident can be avoided.
  • In Underwear Protection: Incontinence can be an embarrassing situation for anyone, so discretion can be paramount. Wearing a sensor in your underwear can be one way to provide inconspicuous protection. The Urocare DRI Excel Bed-Wetting Alarm System provides a flexible sensor designed to be worn directly in the underpants where urine hits. When wet with urine, the alarm sounds allowing the wearer to be notified of leakage. Taking discretion to another level, the Malem Wearable Enuresis Alarm detects moisture and sounds the alarm or vibrates so only the user knows that it went off. No need for anyone else to know!!
  • Wireless Alarms: One way to ensure discretion can be wireless alarms. With no visible wires, these alarms can be hidden from view. One option is the Urocare DRI Eclipse Wireless Bed-wetting Alarm which has a 15 foot range. The sensor can transmit to more than one receiver, so a parent, spouse, or caretaker can also be quietly notified. If more range is needed, the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm Starter Kit transmits up to 75 feet. It’s compact and lightweight transmitter snaps into moisture sensing briefs to detect urine quickly.

 Head Incontinence off at the Pass

Our skin does not like constant moisture or being in contact with urine, so being able to take the offensive against incontinence can save you from serious skin issues down the road. Take control of your life and your incontinence skin care program!!


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