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5 Best Pull Ups for Teenagers

5 Best Pull Ups for Teenagers
Shweta Chaubey

Finding the right pull-ups for teenagers is a TASK.

We all know children under 3 do not have total bladder control. With age, their control over bladder muscles improves. However, when it does not happen, and the bedwetting continues through the teenage, it may be considered youth or teen incontinence. 

Youth incontinence typically occurs in individuals aged 13 to 19. It can develop due to many reasons, such as urinary tract infections, neurological conditions, hormonal changes, or structural abnormalities in the urinary system. It goes without saying that it can drastically impact a teenager’s life in more than one way and affect their social interactions and self-esteem.  

Pull-ups for teenagers and other styles of diapers for youth can help in managing their condition. Teen and youth diapers are specifically tailored to fit teenagers, providing discreet protection and comfort. These incontinence products often come in sizes and absorbency levels suitable for older individuals. If you are looking for pull-ups to help your teen manage bedwetting, here are 5 best options available at HPFY.

The 5 Best Pull-Ups For Teenagers

1. Attends Comfees Drinite Junior Youth Pants  

These disposable, absorbent pull-ups that look like underwear are designed for children and young adults experiencing bedwetting or other incontinence problems. The pants feature a soft, breathable outer cover that is gentle on the skin and provides maximum comfort.

Why choose Comfees Drinite Pull-Up Diapers for Teens

  • Unisex design
  • Has easy tear-away sides
  • Unique soft flex waistband
  • Offers overnight protection
  • Soft and hypoallergenic liner
  • Looks like a normal underwear
  • Stretch fastener for a secure fit
  • Ideal for individuals weighing 65 -125 pounds and having a waist that measures 22 to 30 inches

Attends Comfees Drinite Junior Youth Pants


2. Medline DryTime Disposable Protective Youth Underwear  

These pull-ups for teenagers look and feel like regular cloth underwear. It provides wetness protection and has a discreet ultra-absorbent layer along with a moisture-resistant barrier for optimum support, especially for nighttime leaks.

Why choose Drytime Disposable Underwear

  • Latex-free
  • Heavy absorbency
  • Cloth-like back sheet
  • Soft waist and hip elastic

Medline DryTime Disposable Protective Youth Underwear


3. Curity Training Pants

It comes in two cool designs, a super-dry core and a cloth-like backing. Curity training pants lock away odors and prevent rashes and chafing. It provides extended protection all night against leakage and fits snugly with stretchy side seams and waistbands.

Why choose Curity Pulls-Ups for Kids 

  • Offers maximum absorbency
  • Comes in two gender-specific designs
  • Easy tear-away sides for quick changes
  • The back indicator differentiates front from back
  • Leak barriers offer improved leakage protection

Curity Training Pants


4. Sleep Overs Disposable Youth Pants With Dri-Fit Technology

Want ultimate overnight protection from leakage? Look no further. Sleep Overs Disposable Youth Pants have dual leg cuffs to prevent unwarranted leaks and offer a comfortable fit.

Why choose Sleep Overs Diapers for Youth

  • Unisex design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stops leaks before they start
  • Made with breathable fabric
  • Stretchy side panels are easy to grab, pull and attach
  • Contains vitamin E & aloe to keep skin dry and healthy

]Sleep Overs Disposable Youth Pants With Dri-Fit Technology


5. Prevail Specialty Size Briefs  

These are specially designed pull-ups for teenagers to fit people with a petite build. Prevail Specialty Size Youth Briefs offer moderate to maximum absorbency and are ideal for individuals dealing with heavy bladder leakage. Additionally, it provides a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin.

Why choose Prevail Specialty Youth Pull-Ups

  • Unisex design
  • Has breathable side panels
  • Has easy-lock fastener strips
  • The odor guard protects you from urine odor
  • Cloth-like outer fabric feels soft on the skin
  • The design makes it easy to pull them up and wear with ease
  • Combined with a super absorbent polymer for dual protection

Prevail Specialty Size Briefs


Where can I buy the best pull-ups for teenagers online?

HPFY has been online since 2002. We carry a range of incontinence products, including a selection of best-in-line pull-up diapers for teenagers. Explore our catalog today to find the best pick for your needs.


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