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Bed wetting is the problem of unintentional urine passage or urinary incontinence in the night. It is also known as nocturnal enuresis. Urination is involuntary up to a certain age. Daytime control is achieved first while night time control comes later on. The age at which total bladder control is achieved varies from person to person. Bed wetting is an involuntary action and the child should not be blamed for it. Parental support and reassurance is necessary to tackle the problem.

What can make you pee the bed?

  • Incontinence is more common in males
  • The development and maturity of the child
  • Physical and emotional well-being
  • Underlying chronic illness
  • The person cannot hold the urine for the entire night
  • A smaller bladder
  • The sleep may not break when the bladder is full
  • Some people produce larger amounts of urine in the evening and night
  • Poor daytime toilet habits
  • Putting off urinating for long periods

Products for Treating Bed Wetting

Bed wetting is not incurable. It can be treated using several specially developed devices, treatments and techniques that keep children and adults dry at night.

  • Bedwetting Alarms - Bed wetting alarms indicate the bed wetting with the first drop of urine. They are designed with a combination of multiple features that enhance the sleeping experience while helping eliminate the occurrence of bed wetting. They come in different types such as bed wetting alarms attached to the body, pad type, or wireless buzzer type. These alarms are battery operated and work with a closed electrical circuit.
  • Underpads - Underpads are padded surfaces that absorb wetness and keep it away from the skin in order to avoid skin irritation and also protect the bedding from getting wet. They come in different sizes and shapes and have multiple absorbency levels based on the use of the patient. Underpads are available in disposable and reusable options.
  • Diapers and Briefs - Diapers and briefs are designed to have great absorbency along with being leakage proof. They help in getting a good night sleep without the worry of bed wetting. They are highly conformable and can be worn under all kinds of garments. You can choose from a wide range of diapers and briefs with high quality features.
  • Urinals and Bedpans – If you are uncomfortable wearing an incontinence garment while sleeping, you can use bedside urinals and bedpans to manage bed wetting. They are kept near the bed and can be used for immediate urination eliminating the need to rush to the washroom. A combination of a bed wetting alarm with a bedpan can help in reducing occurrences of bed wetting to a great extent.
  • Catheters and Drainage Bags – Sometimes, if the incontinence level is high, a doctor might prescribe you to use catheters such as foley catheters, intermittent catheters, or condom catheters in combination with drainage bags to manage incontinence through the night. A wide range of catheters and drainage can be used to provide a comfortable sleeping experience while managing bed wetting.

Where to Buy Bed Wetting Products Online?

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