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5 Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy

5 Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy
HPFY Staff Writer

Congratulations! You're expecting a baby! This is such an exciting time! But planning for your baby's arrival takes so much thought and can be downright overwhelming.   

The most important thing to do when you suspect you may be pregnant is to confirm your pregnancy with your doctor. A healthy baby starts before your baby is born, and you must always remember that you have precious cargo on board. Your doctor will help you with a plan for the next months before birth. Prenatal vitamins will likely be at the top of that plan.  

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins  

It's not easy to grow a human being inside your body. An expectant mother goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. Your baby's good health begins way before you take that first pregnancy test. If you are considering becoming pregnant, ask your doctor for advice to prepare your body. Your OB/GYN may prescribe prenatal supplements even before pregnancy.   

Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins   

Knowing what is in a good prenatal vitamin before you take one is important. Certain nutrients have been shown to support both mother and baby during and after pregnancy.  

For example, according to AmericanPregnancy.org, DHA taken during pregnancy:   

  • Lowers the risk of preeclampsia   
  • Prevents pre-term labor and deliver    
  • It has been shown to increase birth weight    
  • Reduces the potential for postpartum depression  

Other important nutrients that are important for mother and baby:   

  • Vitamin D: for a healthy immune system  
  • Folate: promotes a healthy nervous system  
  • Vitamin B12: enhances mental focus and energy    
  • Iodine: for the nervous system and cognitive development    

The 5 Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy  

Let's take a closer look at this impressive lineup of prenatal vitamins: 

1. Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal Plus DHA Softgels

Made in USA Made In USA

When morning sickness is an issue, it can be difficult to even think about swallowing a giant pill. Zahler vitamins make getting proper prenatal nutrition simple with this small, easy-to-swallow soft gel. Each serving provides a full spectrum of 19 vital nutrients plus DHA for cognitive health and postpartum depression. Supports the nutritional health of mother and baby from pregnancy through nursing.   

Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal Plus DHA Softgels Features:  

  • All Natural   
  • Gluten-free  
  • Once-a-day formula  
  • No artificial dyes or additives  
  • Small, easy-to-swallow soft gel 

Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal Plus DHA Softgels


2. Nature's Bounty Prenatal Healthy MOM Softgel

Your baby's healthy growth and development starts here with Nature's Bounty Prenatal Healthy Mom Softgel. Each serving provides the essential nutrients for you and your baby. This high-potency multivitamin and multi-mineral formula is designed for women before and during pregnancy.   

Nature's Bounty Prenatal Healthy MOM Softgel Features:  

  • Gluten-free  
  • Laboratory tested  
  • Quality guaranteed  
  • Rapid release formula 

Nature's Bounty Prenatal Healthy MOM Softgel


3. Zahler Prenatal DHA Softgels 

Made in USA Made In USA

Packing 20 critical nutrients, including 100 mg of DHA, both mother and baby get all the nutrition necessary for a healthy pregnancy. These small, easy-to-swallow soft gels provide a full spectrum of food in a balanced, synergistic formula. This top-rated formula is sourced directly from nature, contains pure, unadulterated ingredients, and meets the highest nutraceutical standards. These soft gels provide nutrients that a developing baby needs in the optimal ratios for absorption, metabolism, and safety.   

Zahler Prenatal + DHA Softgels Benefits:  

  • Includes 1000 mcg of Quatrefolate   
  •  Small, easy-to-swallow soft gel   
  •  Premium nutrition for mother and child  
  •  25 vitamins and nutrients plus 300 mg DHA 

Zahler Prenatal Plus DHA Softgels


4. Life Extension Prenatal Advantage Softgels

This nutritional formula has everything you and your baby need for a healthy start. Life Extension Prenatal Advantage Softgels contains a safe and reliable formula of vitamins and minerals for healthy brain, eye, and nervous system development.   

Life Extension Prenatal Advantage Softgels Benefits:  

  • Delivers 100% daily value of vitamins A, B, C, D3, K   
  • Supports healthy prenatal brain & eye development    
  • Promotes healthy brain & nervous system development  
  • Includes essential minerals like iron, zinc, copper, potassium   
  • Contains bioactive forms - 5-MTHF folate, B12 methylcobalamin   

Life Extension Prenatal Advantage Softgels


5. Smartypants PreNatal Multivitamin Supplement

Sustainable and bio-safe ingredients in a great-tasting gummy! With nutrients that support the healthy development of the brain, nervous system, and immune health, this formula supports mom's mental focus, energy, and overall health. Don't worry about unhealthy added ingredients – you won't find them here! These prenatal vitamins are free of synthetic colors, flavors, and preservatives. They are also gluten-free and contain no artificial sweeteners.   

Each Smartypants PreNatal Multivitamin Supplement serving includes:  

  • 800 mcg of Folate   
  • 150 mcg of Iodine   
  • 1000 IU of Vitamin D   
  • 10 mcg of Vitamin B12   
  • Omega 3 fish oil (EPA & DHA)   

Smartypants PreNatal Multivitamin Supplement


HPFY carries the top five prenatal vitamins for pregnancy on our website, plus many other supplements and products to make pregnancy and birth healthier and easier. Here's a helpful tip: order your prenatal vitamins, select our Autoship option, and never worry about running out.   


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