Compression Accompaniments

Compression Accompaniments

Compression therapy requires a number of small items and devices that ease the usage and increase the effectiveness of the major compression products. These include detergents, lotions, pressure pads, etc. They are also known as Compression Accessories.

Compression AccompanimentsThere are special detergents that are used to wash stockings. They are efficient enough to remove soil, body acids, and skin salts easily and make your stocking fresh to use again. For example the Medi Support Stocking Detergent is created to clean compression stockings and sleeves. The organic and biodegradable solution thoroughly cleans the compression fibers from the daily accumulation of perspiration and body oils. Using Medi-Care wash every day can help to protect the compression garments and enhance their lifespan. Another great example is the Juzo Compression Garment Detergent which maintains the life of your garment for a longer period of time. It is used as a laundry detergent and has natural formula which is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. This detergent is environmentally friendly and suitable for all fine knits.

Compression AccompanimentsCompression AccompanimentsFitting lotions are crafted to help increase the grip as well as help in keeping the hosiery in place. They are applied so that the hosiery fits well and easily without causing any pain or discomfort to the user. For example the Juzo Adhesive Roll-On Lotion helps maintain positioning of compression garments. It washes off easily with water and has no odor. The Juzo Alps Fitting Skin Lotion on the other hand is a smooth and silky lotion which aids in the application of compression garment. It does not leave a greasy residue and absorbs in the skin easily. It is odor free as well.

Compression AccompanimentsPressure pads are used with the compression stocking to increase the pressure in a specific region of the leg or the arm. They are soft but capable enough of applying the appropriate pressure on the part they are used. For example the Juzo Dr Rotter Covered Pressure Pads are crescent shaped, covered pads for placement around the malleolis. These covered pads are used together with compression garments to apply additional pressure around the malleolus. They provide optimum anatomical fit to the malleolar groove and increased targeted pressure in the bisgaard area. The Juzo Covered Pressure Pad For Hand is inserted between the back of the hand and glove, and is covered with elastic material. It is a removable pressure pad that provides optimal wearing comfort. It is ideal for edema therapy and scar therapy.

Compression AccompanimentsGarter belts are an alternate option for people who wouldn’t prefer using adhesive lotions to keep their hosiery in place. They are worn on the hip or the shoulders, are comfortable, and capable enough of holding your stockings in place. For example the BSN Jobst Standard Garter Belt helps keep your thigh high support hose stay up and stay in place. It is a great alternative to silicone border or adhesive glue. The adjustable garters provide a convenient method of holding your compression hose. The BSN Jobst Over the Shoulder Garter Belt is specially designed for patients who cannot tolerate pressure over the abdomen. It helps keep your thigh high support hose stay up and stay in place. It is a great alternative to silicone border or adhesive glue. It is made from a combination of cotton, nylon and latex rubber.


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