All About Compression Therapy

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Compression stockings are perfect for those people who spend their time in sedentary sitting or standing positions. It aids from problems such as:All About Compression Therapy

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Active venous ulcers
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Varicose veins
  • Lymphedema
  • Edema

How does it work?

Compression stockings increase the pressure in the subcutaneous tissue under the skin, which helps in reducing the pain as well as the swelling. This compression helps move excessive fluids to the capillaries and helps prevent the leakage of a lot of the fluid. Also, compression decreases the ability of the superficial veins under the skin to expand them and overfill with blood. 

When should I not use compression therapy?

There are many cases where it is not advised to wear compression stockings. These cases include:

  • Ischemia of the legs
  • Untreated septic phlebitis of the leg
  • Immobility
  • Weeping dermatoses
  • Impaired sensitivity of the limbs
  • Uncontrolled congestive heart failure

Anti-embolism stocking v/s Medical compression stocking

Anti-embolism stockings are designed for people who spend most of their time on the bed. Its main function is to prevent the pooling of blood in the legs. The accumulation of blood may cause blood clots in the veins.

On the other hand medical compression stockings are used by almost all kinds of patients. They do not have any specific task but different pressure gradients work on different problems.


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