How to Choose Catheter Funnels: Funnel End Catheters & Luer End Catheters

Believe it or not, catheters come in sizes. As you can imagine, each person is different from the one next to them, so why wouldn’t their catheter needs be any different? Today’s catheter market has a multitude of options for each urological patient. Your individual medical condition may dictate what type of catheter you can use, but there are options that can be personalized to your own likes and dislikes. We here at Health Products for You can help you navigate the confusion of the catheter market and find the one that may be right for you.

Choosing Catheter Funnels

How to Choose the Right Catheter Size?

Yes, all catheters do the same thing, but there are some significant differences. Catheters are sized in what is referred to as “French sizes.” They can range from 5Fr-24Fr with each catheter funnel color coded for easy identification. The larger the number, the thicker the catheter tube is. Finding the proper size will allow you to use the catheter without any urine escaping around the catheter tube or possibly injuring your urethra. These color-coded funnel tips are not only color-coded for identification, but they are used for gripping the end of the catheter to direct urine into a receptacle or toilet to avoid touching the catheter tube itself. Men and women have different sized urethras, so you should make sure to use a catheter designed for you. A standard men’s catheter is approximately 16 inches long, while a woman’s can be 6 – 8 inches in length. Even pediatric length catheters are different and can range from only 6-12 inches. Not only is the thickness of a catheter varying, but there are different styles depending upon your lifestyle. Besides male, female, and pediatric catheters, options include lubricated, polished eyelet, pocket/compact, and catheters that don’t incorporate a funnel but instead use what is called a Luer tip.

Rochester Personal Pediatric Intermittent Catheter Bard Util-Cath Vinyl Intermittent Catheter With Funnel End
Rochester Personal Pediatric Intermittent Catheter Bard Util-Cath Vinyl Intermittent Catheter With Funnel End

Funnel End Catheter vs. Luer End Catheter

While this may seem confusing, it is very simple to understand the difference between a catheter with a funnel tip and one with a Luer tip. Basically, a Luer tip catheter is exactly the same as a standard funnel tipped catheter except that there is no color-coded funnel at the end. The end is just open like an empty tube. In choosing between the two, it becomes more of a matter of personal preference and what works for you. While funnel catheters have the benefit of gripping the tip without touching the tube, Luer tip catheters traditionally have a smaller, more discrete packaging which may be important to some catheter patients.

Choosing a catheter is a very personal choice, but knowing what is available to you can help you make a better decision. Your urologist or nurse can help you and explain differences such as Coude tip or straight tip (the straight tip is exactly what it sounds like and a Coude tip is curved). Whichever style you choose should be comfortable and pain-free, so don’t be afraid to try many different types until you find one that is perfect for you!!

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