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What are Catheters?

Urinary catheters are flexible tubes used to empty the bladder and collect urine in a drainage bag. they can either be inserted through the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (urethral catheter) or through a small opening made in your lower tummy (suprapubic catheter). the catheter usually remains in the bladder, allowing urine to flow through it and into a drainage bag. catheters for usually made from rubber, plastic and/or silicone material. Generally, a person with urinary incontinence is recommended to use a urinary catheter. However, anybody who is facing troubles with emptying their bladder can use catheters ocassionally or on a daily basis. There is a plethora of variety of catheters available on HPFY, these are manufactured by the leading names of the industry such as Bard Inc, Teleflex Incorporated, and Coloplast to name a few, all brought together on HPFY in a systemic fashion for your ease.

Different Types of Catheters

Depending on the duration of their usage, there are 3 main types of urinary catheters- Intermittent Catheters, Indwelling Catheters and External Catheters.

Intermittent Catheters

An intermittent catheter is a short-term use catheter that allows the person to empty their bladder after surgery. It is most commonly used to cater to the patient's urological needs right after a surgical process or during the recovery period. Once the bladder is completely emptied, one needs to remove the catheter and wash it properly for next use. These catheters come with a drainage bag that is either draped around the side of the bed or fixed on the leg of the patient. It must be evacuated once full, so that the patient does not get any skin infections.

Some of our top selling intermittent catheters are the Bard Bardia All Purpose Urethral Catheter which is made out of red latex for increased firmness compared to regular latex. The red rubber catheter is radiopaque with a round and hollow tip. It can be used both as a robinson and a nelaton catheter, and the Amsino AMSure Male Urethral Catheter which offers a smooth surface firm enough for insertion yet soft enough to be slightly pliable. Staggered eyes maintain tip strength during insertion and promote efficient drainage. 

Indwelling Catheters

An indwelling catheter has many popular names such as Urethral, Suprapubic and Foley Catheters. These are used for short and long terms, foley catheters are also of various types. Most common of them all are double and triple lumen design and are known as two-way foley catheters and three-way foley catheters. Urinary Catheters of this type widely accepted as having better biocompatibility characteristics and lower encrustation and blockage rates.

External Catheters

As the name suggests, external catheters are those which are placed outside the body. These catheters are also known as condom catheters and provide utmost functionality. These are exclusively manufactured for men. A small condom like device is put on the head of the penis, a thin tube attached to the device leads to the drainage bag. These male catheters carry lesser chances of infection, additionally, since they are inot inserted inside the body, there rarely cause any trauma or skin irritation.

One of our most prominently sold product is the Hollister Everyday Male External Condom Catheter designed for men seeking confidence and comfort. It helps drain urine freely with double-row convolutions to resist kinking and twisting. Easy to apply, wear and remove, the catheter fits most leg and night drainage bags with a tapered tip that ensures a secure connection.

Closed-System Catheters at HPFY

At HPFY we also offer closed system catheters that comprises of pre-lubricated, sterile catheters along with a collecting bag. These are ready-to-use packs suitable for travelling. They require minimal handling and maximum functionality. One of our top reviewed catheter is the Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System Intermittent Catheter, which consists of a catheter with siliconized surface for smooth insertion, an EasyOff Tear for easy usage even by those dealing with limited mobility, and a ring cap for hassle-free removal.

Where can I buy Urinary Catheters?

HPFY provides its customers with a vast catalog to choose from. Our top products are manufactured by popular and trusted brands like Hollister IncorporatedRusch, Kendall, and Self-Cath.

How much does a Catheter cost?

Health Products For You offers the best urinary catheters and other urological supplies at the most affordable prices, we have an economical range of catheters starting from $0.99. You can explore our collection and find your pick today!

Which Catheter should I buy?

Health Product For You understands that every body is unique and thus one catheter will not fulfill needs of every customer. Therefore, we have systematically arranged our collection in a way that it becomes easier for the customer to find the perfect catheter and drainage bags for themselves. You can look for the one that meets all your needs and buy Urinary Catheters that keep you stress free all the time.

How to use Intermittent Catheter?


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