Celebrate Men’s Health Week

Celebrate Men’s Health Week

This is a great time to focus on men’s health and the issues associated with them. Yes, men are different from women and have different needs when it comes to their health. Often one-size-fits-all can be the wrong option and having health products that are specifically designed for men can help them achieve their health goals. We here at Health Products for You can give you the rundown on some great health products that are specifically designed for men and their unique health issues.

5 Top Health Risks for Men

While men and women do share some common issues that can negatively impact their health, there are some that may be just a little more common for men. It is dealing with these specific health issues that can be a matter of maintaining your quality of life and independence. The first step in figuring out what type of health aid you may need is determining what issues that men require help with. Some common health issues that can be troublesome for men can include:

  1. Incontinence
  2. Sore muscles
  3. Sexual performance
  4. Mobility
  5. Sports injuries

Since men’s bodies are built and designed differently from women, it may be prudent to seek out health aids and products that may be better suited for men than one that might be designed for both men and women.

Top 10 Men’s Health and Wellness Products

Men’s health issues can be wide-ranging (just like anyone else) and may require some trial and error before finding the right health products that can benefit each individual depending upon their lifestyle and health needs. Men may want to look into health aids and products such as:

  1. TENA Men Protective Guard-Moderate Absorbency

    This one-size-fits-all incontinence protection is designed with a cup shape that perfectly merges with the male anatomy. The adhesive strip of this pad keeps it in place and is pH balanced to fight odors for men experiencing incontinence. The soft cotton material allows for maximum comfort and provides discrete, secure protection.
  2. Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection Device

    There are numerous reasons for erectile dysfunction and this system is designed to mimic a natural erection without pills, needles, or surgery. It can be used with both manual and battery-power and uses a unique ring design that is discrete and comfortable. The system is recommended by urologists and includes a two year warranty and an instructional DVD manual.
  1. Coloplast Conveen Optima Male External Catheter

    Made from PSX silicone that is breathable, stretchable, and creates a snug fit, this catheter system is available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate just about every man. The self-adhering catheter uses a skin friendly adhesive that can be worn for up to 24 hours. The triple action anti-leak system provides great security without skin irritation. Peace of mind and comfort!!
  2. Flat-D Men-D Flatulence Deodorizer Pads

    The patented charcoal cloth of these diamond shaped pads protect men from embarrassing odors by absorbing and removing intestinal gas odors. Specifically designed for a man’s body, they hug the users anatomy to provide improved coverage and eliminates embarrassing odor. These pads are held in place with double-sided tape and are washable and reusable (can be used for several weeks depending upon usage). The one caveat is they must be worn in tight fitting underwear.
  1. Depend Fit-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Men-Maximum Absorbency

    Designed to fit like a man’s underwear, these briefs are specifically designed to fit the male anatomy and provide superior leakage and odor control due to the Ultra Absorb-Loc core. It features a sure fit waistband to keep these briefs in place and a wide leg opening that is less bulky than other male briefs. The cloth-like material gives a real underwear fit while providing discrete, comfortable protection.
  2. Breg Polar Care Cube Shoulder Cold Therapy System

    The simple, easy to use design of this cold therapy system is ideal for men who may be recovering from shoulder surgery or just experience chronic shoulder pain due to over doing it on the weekend. Simply fill this with a little ice and water and the user can experience 6-8 hours of motorized cold therapy that can reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. The shoulder pad is held in place with elastic straps and be sure to use an insulation barrier between the shoulder pad and your skin.
  1. Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

    With a different approach to male incontinence, this device works by gently compressing the urethra to prevent the flow of urine. It is fully adjustable with four different settings and can be worn during just about any activity to maintain your lifestyle and quality-of-life. The ergonomic, comfortable design of this device allows for proper blood circulation while providing the correct pressure to prevent urine leakage.
  2. Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen Cream with SPF 30 for Body-Unscented

    This UV chemical-free sunscreen offers broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection while being free from chemicals such as propylene glycol, sulfates, and nanoparticles. Ideal for a day out hiking or on the golf course for men, this sunscreen is easy to apply and chock full of antioxidants for use all year round. It is TSA friendly while being nongreasy and fragrance free!!
  1. Mueller Sports Medicine Pro Level Hinged Deluxe Knee Brace

    What guy hasn’t tweaked a knee playing sports or working around the home? This high performance brace is ideal for the serious athlete and weekend warrior alike. The high strength, tri-axial hinges allow for unrestricted, natural knee movement and has a removable patella buttress to stabilize and protect the knee cap.
  2. 1FLA Orthopedics Safe-T-Lift LX Occupational Back Support

    Protecting your back while at work or around the home when lifting heavy objects is obviously a great idea. This back support system provides support to your lower back while promoting proper posture and lifting techniques. It helps maintain proper back alignment and give support to the lower back and abdominal region due to its extra wide support base. When worn correctly it can help maintain lumbar and thoracic curve alignment due to the shoulder straps and intra-abdominal compression.

The male anatomy presents different health issues from those that may be experienced by women. Finding the health aids and products that are designed specifically for men can go a long way in keeping men healthy and maintaining their quality of life or lifestyle. Identify your specific need and/or limitation to determine which medical aid or product is ideal for you and your specific situation and keep on keeping on!!


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