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The 5 Best Knee Braces for Meniscus Tear Recovery

The 5 Best Knee Braces for Meniscus Tear Recovery
Kevin Cleary

Key Takeaways:

  1. Knee pain affects 10% of adults 55 and older.
  2. A tear in the meniscus cartilage can be debilitating and painful.
  3. A torn meniscus is one of the more common types of knee injuries.
  4. The meniscus cartilage is two pieces of parlayed between your shinbone and your thigh bone.
  5. A meniscus tear causes pain, swelling, stiffness, and HPFY, which are everything you need to recover from a meniscus tear.


Your meniscus cartilage is two C-shaped pieces of tough, rubbery cartilage that cushion the joints between your shinbone and your thigh bone. This small but important piece of anatomy is key to keeping your bones from rubbing against each other, causing pain. Think of it as a shock absorber. If you should suddenly twist while putting your full weight on your knee, you could tear your meniscus. While recovering from this injury, you may require a knee brace to cover your meniscus tear. A knee brace can protect your knee and take pressure off your meniscus, allowing it to heal. I can give you some info so you can choose the best knee brace for meniscus tear. HPFY has a wide range of meniscus tear knee braces available. 

Who Could Benefit from a Meniscus Knee Brace?

As the word brace implies, a meniscus knee brace can help support your knee by bracing it. Your knee has two menisci between your thigh bone and shinbone that must withstand the wear and tear of daily pounding. Between running, jumping, and even walking, this can take its toll over time. Injuries/conditions that can benefit from a meniscus knee brace include:

  • Ligament strains
  • Meniscus tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • General knee instability
  • Recovery from meniscus surgery

5 Best Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear

If you have suffered a meniscus tear injury, the use of a knee brace could be vitally important. So, what type of knee brace should you look for? Several types of knee braces could benefit you and they are:

1. Hinged Knee Brace

With a hinge on each side of the knee, this type of brace allows the need to bend without twisting. These can be good for meniscus tears with ligament injuries and are great at supporting and protecting the knee while it heals. A best hinged knee brace for meniscus tear may have:

  • Removable hinges
  • Compression sleeve for the knee
  • Kneecap hole
  • Immobilizer to restrict motion
  • Straps

2. Rigid Knee Brace

Similar to a hinged knee brace, this style of meniscus tear knee brace provides moderate to maximum support for the knee. The hard, inflexible exterior prevents lateral movement while protecting the knee and keeping it stable. It provides strong protection and is perfect for:

  • Exercising
  • Intense physical activity
  • Contact sports

3. Offloader Knee Brace

This type of brace is typically custom-made and is designed to reduce the load on the knee after a meniscus tear. These are often not recommended for meniscus tears with ligament damage. They are great for:

  • Meniscus tear surgery recovery
  • Knee osteoarthritis pain
  • Initial rehabilitation

4. Soft Knee Brace

If you’re looking for a brace that provides mild-to-moderate support, this could be the ideal brace for you. It’s good for those who are returning to basic daily activities and provides:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Ideal for gentle exercises like level-ground walking
  • Greater range of motion
  • Support for strengthening during rehabilitation

5. Compression Sleeve

Knee Compression Sleeves don’t offer high levels of support or protection. They redistribute weight and provide compression therapy. It allows the user to:

When to Seek Medical Attention

You should work with your physical therapist as you rehabilitate from a meniscus tear injury. You should avoid getting over-anxious and try to do too much too soon. Your therapist will monitor your progress and allow you to do more at a safe rate. If you should experience clean while rehabbing or exercising after a meniscus tear consult your doctor, orthopedist, or physical therapist. A meniscus tear can be part of a conservative treatment program, but if your tear is dead, enough, surgery should be required.



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