Breast Forms for Spring

Breast Forms for Spring

By Kevin Cleary

As we leave the cold weather of winter behind us, the warmer temperatures of spring and summer lead to a wardrobe change that many women who have had a mastectomy may find troubling. After surgery, the use of prosthetics or breast forms may lead to a lack of self-confidence since clothing may be a little more revealing than that of sweaters or turtlenecks in winter. Choosing a breast form that looks natural and is comfortable may seem difficult, but with different styles and materials available to women you can do it!!

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Choose Your Look and Style

After surgery your choice of a breast form is a personal one. You can choose different forms based upon your wardrobe choice or in the case of a lumpectomy one that is closely identical to any remaining breast tissue. These prostheses offer the wearer a multitude of choices, even ones that may be better suited for warm weather. Options include:

  • Cooler Forms: By absorbing excess heat from the body, these forms can give the wearer enhanced comfort by providing optimal air circulation. Trulife BodiCool Triangle Breast Forms use a uniquely formulated gel that has a cooling effect by continuously drawing body heat away from the user. By minimizing perspiration levels, the ABC Diamond Inspiration Breast Form maximizes comfort and accommodates the physique of a woman with its wider footprint. The Amoena Natura Light 1S Symmetrical Breast Form features a temperature equalizing layer and a shallow fit that has a soft drape resembling the fall of a woman’s breast. Enhance your confidence and comfort without sacrificing security!!
  • Leisure Forms: For relaxing in times of leisure, mastectomy patients may need a breast form that is durable as well as lightweight. We all wear lighter clothing in the spring and summer and our lounging around clothes are no different. Whether you are resting or active out and about, the Trulife Featherweight Foam Breast Form is teardrop shaped and is light enough for immediate post operative use. It can be utilized for both left and right use and can be removed for laundering. One form that is perfect for lounging or exercising is the Classique Post Mastectomy Teardrop Leisure Breast Form . Its lightweight molded polyurethane fabric is seamless and hand washable while it’s concave back accommodates excess tissue. During sleep, the Amoena Weighted Leisure Breast Form can fill the pocket of your nightgown for a comfortable night’s sleep and is made of slightly weighted foam, perfect for when a full silicone form is not needed. Feel safe and secure, even when relaxing or lounging around!!

Spring and summer attire can bring about lighter and more revealing clothing. Each woman, after a mastectomy, has a choice to make as far as their prosthesis and it is a personal one. No matter your choice choosing a breast form that is comfortable to wear and stays securely in place is important. You should feel confident choosing a breast form that suits your lifestyle and enjoy the warm weather!!


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