What Medical Supplies Should Ostimates Have on Hand?

What Medical Supplies Should Ostimates Have on Hand?

Many people rely on a supply of ostomy related products to maintain their daily and long-term health. So, what would happen if their supply were to be interrupted? This disruption in the delivery of desperately needed supplies could wreak havoc on their daily routine or schedule, not to mention the potential health hazards that not having their supplies could present. The question is: what supplies and in what quantity should ostimates have on hand in case of a crisis, such as COVID-19?

Ostomy Bag

What & Why Should I Plan?

Many times, we do not plan for things that may seem unlikely to happen. It is the “oh that will never happen” scenario. Well, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus we now see that the improbable can happen at any time. If we learn anything from this pandemic it is we should be prepared for as many possible events as we can. Maybe we can take a tip from the Boy Scouts whose motto is “be prepared.” As we all have experienced recently, it is prudent to have crucial medical supplies in reserve (especially ostomy supplies). Reasons to keep ostomy supplies in reserve include:

  • Maintain apparatus change schedule: This allows ostomy patients to have the appropriate supplies on hand in order to change their apparatus on the schedule that they have become accustomed to. Often this schedule is based upon necessity or health needs.
  • Avoid shortage: Many estimates opt for disposable colostomy or ileostomy bags. Having a supply on hand during a crisis can allow ostomy patients to maintain their current program without running out of supplies.
  • Supply chain delays: As many people have experienced with cleaning supplies during the coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain that delivers our supplies can be negatively affected during a crisis. By having supplies in reserve, this issue can be minimized or even avoided.
  • Avoid brand change: Once you get into a routine with any ostomy apparatus the last thing you would want to do is to not have your style or brand of ostomy apparatus available. This could require you to try a different style or brand of colostomy/ileostomy device.

5 Ostomy Supplies You Should Have

Colostomy or ileostomy patients require several different medical supplies in order to maintain a healthy stoma and ostomy. Luckily, most of the supplies can be stored for long periods of time without fear of spoilage. Five critical ostomy supplies that should be on hand are:

1. Colostomy/Ileostomy Bags

This is the meat and potatoes of any ostomy appliance. These bags need to be changed or cleaned regularly in order to maintain a sanitary ostomy appliance and clean stoma.

Coloplast SenSura Mio One-Piece Standard Flat Cut-to-Fit Mini Opaque Closed Pouch With Filter Coloplast Assura Two-Piece Maxi Opaque Drainable Pouch With Filter

2. Adhesives

Ostomy appliances require an adhesive to seal tightly around the stoma. These medical adhesives can be in a liquid form and brushed on the skin to secure your pouch properly.

Urocare Uro-Bond III 5000 Silicone Skin Adhesive Hollister Adapt Medical Adhesive Spray

3. Adhesive Discs/Rings

These round “wafers” are used to secure your appliance safely and securely around your stoma to avoid leakage. These can be precut or custom cut by the user depending upon their stoma size.

Coloplast Brava Mouldable Ring Hollister Adapt CeraRing Convex Barrier Ring

4. Adhesive Remover

Obviously, if you apply an adhesive to your skin you would want to safely remove it in order to avoid skin irritation over time. These adhesive removers are specifically designed for ostomy appliances and are skin-friendly to protect the stoma area.

Coloplast Brava Adhesive Remover Spray Atos Medical Provox Adhesive Remover Wipes

5. Barrier Cream/Lotion & Ostomy Paste/Powder

When applying, changing, or cleaning your ostomy pouch a major component of ostomy care is skincare. These barrier creams/wipes help protect skin in the stoma area and ostomy powder can help absorb moisture to keep skin safe such as Stomahesive Powder. Ostomy paste is used to help level out uneven skin areas to ensure the secure fastening of your ostomy appliance.

ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Paste Hollister Adapt Stoma Lubricant

For ostomy patients, the availability of their ostomy supplies can be critically important to their overall health. Without the proper products, they can suffer skin breakdowns, infections, and overall diminished quality of life. Other supplies, such as deodorants or support garments may also be of importance to ostomy patients. By thinking proactively, they can potentially avoid these problems and others by simply planning ahead and having their necessary supplies available in reserve. A little forethought can go along way!!


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