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Use the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

Use the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Correctly
Kevin Cleary

Many people require supplemental oxygen due to a variety of ailments – ranging from COPD to emphysema. Supplemental oxygen therapy usually is dependent upon large, heavy oxygen tanks that can leave those dependent upon this life-saving oxygen homebound. How do we allow these folks to regain their independence and quality of life? 
A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) can be a life-changing option. And the O2 Concepts Portable Oxygen Concentrator, if used correctly, can be the answer.

Oxygen Tank vs. Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Use the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

So how does a POC differ from the heavy, hard-to-move oxygen tanks? Whereas an oxygen tank is filled with a finite amount of oxygen and can run out, a POC (sometimes known as oxygen generators) takes in air from its surroundings and compresses it while filtering out nitrogen. 
The O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator works a lot like an air-conditioning unit. It takes in outside air, purifies and condenses it and delivers it to those who have low oxygen levels in their blood. This allows a continuous flow of oxygen to be delivered without the fear of running out of oxygen as long as there is power.
POCs can be powered by rechargeable batteries or even AC/DC plugs. Not only does this improve mobility and independence for the user, it gives the recipient flexibility for powering the unit. The POC can be used just about anywhere like the park, in a car, or anywhere the need for supplemental oxygen may take you including an airplane so you can travel the globe since it is FAA approved.
The O2 Concepts POC is designed for adult use only and not qualified for pediatric patients. Also, this device should only be used when prescribed by a doctor since unauthorized oxygen therapy can be dangerous.

How to use the O2 Concepts POC

Technology is great but if it is difficult to use then the negatives will outweigh the positives. That is not the case with the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence POC. Not only does the O2 POC offer the user an unlimited amount of oxygen, but the ease of use and portability make it a game changer. The O2 Concepts Oxlife POC offers the user both continuous and pulsed therapy, providing twice the oxygen pulse volume as the leading POC.
The settings for your POC will be determined by your physician and should not be adjusted or changed by anyone else. For those with diminished hearing/eyesight, additional monitoring may be required in the event of an alarm. Simply make sure the power source you choose is connected, your cannula air hoses connected on the side and you are ready to go! The easy-to-read LCD screen gives a simple, user-friendly synopsis of the unit’s status and settings that can benefit those with visual/hearing impairments. You should contact your physician immediately if the visible settings are incorrect.

Use the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

Smart DNA Technology

In today’s technologically-advanced culture, we have ways to find out whether our product is performing efficiently. The O2 Concepts POC is no different. It utilizes DNA (Dynamic Network Analysis) technology to alert a caregiver or family member to any potential issue with the ambulatory oxygen via the Verizon network making this POC the first of its kind. It is like a guardian angel looking over you!
With DNA technology, you can create a network of loved ones and caregivers to help manage your condition by monitoring usage, ambulation and breath rates. While we are talking technology, the Energy Smart technology allows for the longest battery life in its class while still delivering over 3x the flow of some leading POCs. Users will also receive custom software updates aimed at extending battery life and longevity. Whether you use it in Florida or the mountains of Colorado, your POC will be monitored by engineers to ensure it works efficiently and properly.

Specifications of O2 Concepts POC



 Device Weight

 16.7 pounds

 Device Dimensions

 20.29”H x 10.85”W x 9.45”D

 Continuous Flow Rate

 0.5-3.0 LPM @ 0.5 LPM increments

 Pulse Dose

 0.5-6.0 (8ml-96ml)

 Altitude Range

 0-13, 123 ft.

 Oxygen Purity


 Battery Specification

 14.4 V Lithium Ion

O2 Concepts Maintenance and Cleaning

Use the O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

In order to maintain proper operation of the POC, regular maintenance and cleaning should be carried out to ensure the product can do its job efficiently and effectively.

The O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator should never be disassembled or serviced by anybody other than a qualified Oxlife Independence service dealer. This will ensure that this life-saving device is in the hands of only trained and qualified technicians. Do not disassemble this unit by yourself, since this will void any warranty. The unit requires maintenance at the end of the five-year service life or as required. When cleaning the unit disconnect any power source. Be sure not to use alcohol, ethylene chloride or petroleum-based cleaners on the unit. Simple, regular cleaning of the exterior case should be done using a damp cloth with a mild detergent and water. Be sure not to spray or soak the case/front panel of the unit.

Lithium-ion batteries are recyclable and should be disposed of at an authorized dealer or through your town/city’s recycling centers since there is no maintenance or service available for the batteries. Although this device has multiple power options, there should always be a back-up source of oxygen in the event of prolonged power outages.

Oxygen therapy can be life-saving, but should not negatively impact your life. The O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence POC provides patients needing oxygen therapy the ability to regain their independence and quality of life. It delivers a quality dose of supplemental oxygen that is crucial for breathing. With its snap-in place handle and wheels, the portability of this unit allows it to go wherever the user may need it.


So get out and experience the world again!


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