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12 Best Home Workout Equipment

12 Best Home Workout Equipment
HPFY Staff Writer

Being fit doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership. There are many ways to get into shape right in the comfort of your own home.  

A home gym can be expensive, so if you're looking for the best home workout equipment that won’t break the bank or if you’re wondering how to workout at home without equipment, we can help. Here’s our list of the 12 workout machines for home.

12 Best Home Workout Equipment

1. Bailey Work Hardening Box Set

Designed for strength training exercises, these lifting boxes are one of the best home workout equipment additions to your home gym. They have hand-hand placement holes for comfort. They are available in five different weight capacities to help you gradually progress. These lifting boxes are also great for rehab and therapy patients. 

Bailey Work Hardening Box Set


2. Ideal Nestable Foot Stool

Make sure to add stretching to your routine when searching for home gym equipment. This foot stool allows you to stretch your leg muscles and increase anaerobic exercises and is great for stepping and climbing exercises. Built for safety with non-slip abrasive strips and mitered corners to protect ankles, it’s made of birch wood, comes fully assembled, and is finished with a natural polywood finish to keep it looking great for a long time. The design makes it easy to stack and store when not in use. Perfect for a home workout, rehab and therapy.  

Ideal Nestable Foot Stool


3. TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

Forget free weights and weight machines! You can enhance performance with in home exercise and achieve your goals with these easy-to-use resistance bands. Easily integrated in a variety of exercises, they are great for improving strength, range of motion and flexibility. They’re convenient, portable, and made with the highest quality natural rubber latex. The color-coded bands will help you measure your progress and motivate you towards higher fitness levels.  

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands


4. Body Sport Colored Neoprene Dumbbells

Add intensity to strength training routines. These dumbbells are made of long-lasting and rust-resistant solid metal and feature hexagonal ends to prevent them from rolling around on the floor during use. Perfect for toning and strengthening, these latex-free dumbbells can help sculpt your muscles and support cardiovasular health. Use them with squats, bent-over rows, deadlifts, bench presses, step-ups, planks, push-ups, or other strength training exercises. 

Body Sport Colored Neoprene Dumbbellss


5. Norco Shoulder Pulley

Great for gentle, passive shoulder stretching, this pulley is simple to use and an effective home treatment for increasing shoulder range of motion and coordination. In both planes, it's great for gentle, passive shoulder stretching. Installs in a doorway easily and can be mounted to most closed doors without damage. While seated, standing, or lying down, the Norco Shoulder Pulley is simple to set up and operate. between the door and the frame, the webbing anchor fits well. The Exercise Pulley can be mounted to most closed doors without scratching them. Designed with large ergonomical handles for comfort and effectiveness. 

Norco Shoulder Pulley


6. Aeromat Extreme Elite Medicine Ball

This well-balanced medicine ball is ideal for strengthening the core and upper body. It has a synthetic, weather-resistant rubber surface and is strengthened with nylon to prevent splitting or cracking. Its exceptional durability maintains a round shape and is longer-lasting and tougher than any ordinary medicine ball 

Aeromat Extreme Elite Medicine Ball


7. TheraBand Exercise Bands

Here’s another great way to improve your strength, endurance and range of motion. These exercise bands come in a 6-yard or 50-yard box with 8 different colors corresponding to each resistance level. By gradually adjusting the resistance level, these home gym equipment tools can help you achieve your goals. They are extremely versatile and can be cut to any desired length to be used with pre-existing equipment.   

TheraBand Exercise Bands


8. Essential Medical Overdoor Exercise Pulley Set 

Use resistance training to help improve shoulder, arm, and upper torso mobility. Made with steel and plastic materials, this pulley system comes pre-assembled and is super simple to install over any door and without the use of any tools. 

Essential Medical Overdoor Exercise Pulley Set


9. Fitterfirst Duraball Pro Exercise Ball

The strongest, safest, and most burst-resistant exercise ball available, this is the best choice for advanced users as it offers maximum firmness and support and is perfect for training. This latex-free exercise ball also works great as a chair when underinflated.  

Fitterfirst Duraball Pro Exercise Ball


10. CanDo Iron Disc Weight Plates

Get those strong, toned arms and shoulders that you crave. These plates are available in multiple sizes so you can customize your workout. Each plate is 1” in diameter, fits a standard 2" Olympic bar and has smooth edges for a snug and simple grip. Available in a variety of sizes and can be used on barbells as well.  

CanDo Iron Disc Weight Plates


11. OPTP Gymnic Exercise Ball

Improve your balance, core strength and stability with this exercise ball. Made of highly durable, latex-free, heavy-duty vinyl, this exercise ball makes an ideal addition to your home workout equipment. Add it to your Pilates or general exercise routine. It enhances body awareness, flexibilty, muscle coordination and range of motion.  

OPTP Gymnic Exercise Ball


12. Vive Rehab Pedal Exerciser 

The quick-step setup and small design of this unit will have you toning muscles instantly. A great add to your home workout equipment that will strengthen arms and legs, increase circulation, improve stamina and relieve tension for greater focus and concentration. The quiet and smooth pedal operation can be used in the office as well as at home. Great to use while on your phone, watching tv, playing video games or working. 

Vive Rehab Pedal Exerciser


Where can you buy the best home exercise equipment online? 

HPFY carries all of these great additions to your home workout equipment and other fitness equipment. Explore our entire collection and save money with exclusive discounts.  


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