Top 10 Value for Your Money: Adult Briefs 2022

Top 10 Value for Your Money: Adult Briefs 2022

One of the most common aids in the fight against incontinence is the adult brief and depending upon your specific need may become an expensive endeavor. It may seem infuriating that something that is so necessary can be extremely expensive, especially for those that may be on a fixed budget. Is there a way to make this necessity more consumer-friendly? Buying a product that does its job effectively and efficiently can lead to real cost savings. Your best bet is to find adult briefs that maximize the value for your money and we here at HPFY can point to 10 adult briefs for 2022 that may give you the best bang for your buck.

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In the uncertainty of the Covid-19 world of today, ensuring that we get the most value for our dollar cannot be understated. For the foreseeable future it is crucial that whatever we need to spend our money on, we get the greatest return and our incontinence supplies are no exception. Getting the greatest value or return for each dollar can be important and in 2022 these 10 adult briefs may just be right for you:

  1. Prevail Per-Fit Adult Briefs-Maximum Absorbency

    With a wide range of available waist sizes (32”-64”), these adult briefs are ideal for any incontinence patient suffering from heavy bladder leakage who requires maximum incontinence protection. The cloth -like outer fabric and odor guard technology make these briefs discrete and effective at minimizing odor.
  2. Covidien Simplicity 3D Adult Poly Briefs

    Combining a super absorbent polymer and a breathable top sheet, these briefs are a great combination of comfort, protection, and odor control. The uni-tab fastening system is easy to use for both the user and/or caregiver for easy on and off handling. The comfortable fit of these briefs contributes to a more normalized lifestyle!!
  1. Attends Belted Undergarments

    The 28” pad of these soft, cloth like undergarments can accommodate waists up to 54” and features a super absorbent polymer channel that locks fluids in the core for skin protection and odor control. The low profile and anatomical design is gentle against the skin while the leg gathers provide a comfortable fit and provide additional leakage protection.
  2. Presto Ultimate Full Fit Briefs

    These affordable and economical briefs have an advanced “Hi-Loft” acquisition layer that absorbs fluid quicker and is softer for greater comfort. The Velcro -like reusable tabs allow for easy adjustment and comfort, while the gentle outer leg gathers provide additional leakage protection while the core design provides skin protection and odor control.
Attends Belted Undergarments
Attends Belted Undergarments
  1. Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Briefs-Extra Absorbency

    Designed to be extra absorbent and unisex, these adult briefs provide maximum protection against incontinence while giving the user increased comfort. Designed with a cloth like outer fabric and breathable side panels, have easy lock fastener strips and promote skin wellness by allowing the skin to breathe and reducing irritation.
  2. TENA Super Briefs-High Absorbency

    For overnight protection from bladder and bowel incontinence, look no further than these highly absorbent adult briefs. Designed for nighttime or extended wear, the InstaDri Skin-Caring System promotes comfort and healthy skin, while the Odor Control technology reduces the effect of urine odor. The wetness indicator alerts caregivers to the need for changing and the curved elastic legs provide a better fit. Peace of mind can give you a peaceful night’s sleep!!
  1. Covidien Simplicity Extra Quilted Adult Briefs

    The super absorbent core of these adult briefs can provide superior absorbency while the soft, cloth like backing gives a quilted look and feel that is noticeably quieter, discrete, and dignified. The dual action core locks fluid away from the skin and reduces odor while allowing air to pass through to keep skin dry and healthy.
  2. Attends Classic Briefs

    Providing protection from heavy to severe incontinence, these briefs feature a Single Core Plus layer with more absorbent polymers than others to provide enhanced skin dryness and health. A moisture lining prevents leakage and the brief contains pH-reducing fibers that further contribute to the comfort and odor reducing properties of this adult brief.
  1. Prevail Air Stretchable Briefs-Maximum Plus Absorbency

    Available in three different sizes, these adult briefs have a 100% breathable AirMax Layer to maximize breathability and a dual core system that locks moisture away from your skin. Both work together to reduce odor and lessen the risk of skin irritation and breakdown while increasing comfort with a cloth like material. The Odor Guard Technology reduces the amount of odor causing ammonia while the stretchy side panels are easy to grab and adjust for a custom fit.
  2. Attends Care Adult Briefs

    The triple tier moisture locking system of these adult briefs deliver superior performance and leakage protection which can help keep skin healthy and manage odor for incontinence patients. The cloth like outer material provides a discrete look and feel, while the ergonomic Flex-Tabs help give a secure, tailored fit to the user. These unisex adult briefs can be used by men and women ranging from 85 pounds (medium) to 250 pounds (extra-large) and resemble normal underwear.
Prevail Air Stretchable Briefs - Maximum Plus Absorbency
Prevail Air Stretchable Briefs - Maximum Plus Absorbency

Nobody likes to waste money. In this case, finding the best value for your money when purchasing your adult briefs in 2022 has never been more important. Using the appropriate adult brief that meets your absorbency needs can mean fewer changes and making your incontinence dollars go further. It’s this financial peace of mind that can give you back your independence and quality-of-life!!


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