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The Hygeia Breast Pump: Mom’s Best Friend

The Hygeia Breast Pump: Mom’s Best Friend
Kevin Cleary

Breast-feeding your child is a great way to start your child down a healthy path. Not only does this provide your baby great nutrients, but it builds a bond that will last a lifetime. Many times after the birth of a child, moms may need to go back to work or may have some appointment that may require leaving your child with a family member or friend. It’s at these times that children can benefit from pumped breast milk. This makes it easier for whoever is caring for the child at that moment to simply grab a bottle full of breast milk when the child requires it. The Hygeia Double Breast Pump makes pumping milk easy and convenient for the mother and everyone involved.

Benefits of Breast-Feeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding

There’s always a fine line between convenience and health benefits. When it comes to breast-feeding it’s pretty obvious the burden falls on mom. Not only is the responsibility of feeding hers, but it often can interfere with mom’s sleep. Breast-feeding is a personal choice, but many organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are strongly in favor of breast-feeding. Many moms may have questions or doubts about breast-feeding and breast pumps that can be answered here. Breast-feeding lowers the risk of allergies or asthma associated with allergens. Breast milk is also a great source of protein, vitamins, and fat that children need for healthy development. Some studies have even shown that breast fed children may have higher IQs. With that being said, how do we make it easier for moms to reap the benefits of breast-feeding? It would be great if dad could assume some of the responsibilities, but nature seems to preclude him from doing that. The best option is for mom to pump breast milk for refrigerated storage. This allows someone to help with a child’s feeding schedule, not to mention giving mom some well deserved free time. She deserves it!! The Hygeia Double Breast Pump allows women a quick and easy method for pumping breast milk for bottle storage.

Perfect for Every Mom

Every mom has the toughest job in the world, so finding any way to alleviate any potential burden is a windfall. The Hygeia Double Breast Pump can be just what the doctor ordered, or in this case what baby ordered. It’s perfect for moms who work, who might have a baby who doesn’t nurse well, or who may need to increase their milk supply. You can choose to pump both breasts or one at a time by simply pulling off the tubing on the side not being used and closing it off with the included cap. This unit allows you to control both the speed and strength of the suction so that you can maximize the pumping action. This feature allows you to avoid any discomfort during pumping. Remember, this is not an instance where “no pain, no gain” is appropriate!! Nursing moms should be sure to use the proper flange when pumping. Any nipple discomfort or pain while pumping may be an indication that you need to use a larger flange. It is not uncommon to require a different size flange for each nipple.

You should download this guide to learn how to select the proper flange for you in order to maximize comfort: Choosing the Right flange for Your breast pump This unit can run for up to a full four hours on a full charge of the battery, so there are no worries about needing to have to find an outlet in order to pump. This hospital grade breast pump mimics the unique suckling patterns of a baby and is designed for long-term, frequent use. Moms can use this pump with no worries since any part that comes in contact with mom’s milk is BPA/DEHP free. There are a variety of bottles that are compatible with the Hygeia Double Breast Pump flanges. For a list of compatible bottles users can see this Bottle Compatibility Chart.

The benefits of breast-feeding are well documented and widely accepted. The only potential negative is the burden that falls on every breast-feeding mom. In order to alleviate that, the use of a breast pump such as the Hygeia Double Breast Pump can make pumping and storing mom’s breast milk simple and easy. This way dad or any caregiver can help with feeding and let mom get the rest she deserves.


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