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Nursing Made Easier: Breast-Feeding Aids

Nursing Made Easier: Breast-Feeding Aids
Kevin Cleary

As new mothers juggle their hectic day or career, nursing their new babies takes up more of their already diminished time. How can we make this easier for them? The added burden of nursing a newborn child can seem daunting especially if there are other children to take care of or a career that they love. New moms, take solace: there are some available items to make your job easier. New mothers that have questions can find answers in a lactation specialist or their doctor. Another great resource is support groups; consult your nurse or OB/GYN for one in your area.

Breast-Feeding Ups and Downs

 Nursing Made Easier: Breast-Feeding Aids

Many experts believe that breast-feeding is the healthiest option for nursing a newborn child. While this may be the case, it does pose some unique dilemmas. One common issue with breast-feeding is nipple soreness. While it sounds terrible, this is a temporary condition according to lactation consultant Stacy Rubin, author of “The ABCs of Breast-Feeding.” Nursing moms can try the Ameda Nipple Shield to cushion sore or sensitive nipples during breast-feeding. Make sure your baby is latching on properly to reduce any irritation. Another challenge that mothers face, is knowing whether or not your baby is getting enough nutrition. In order to combat this you should weigh your child at home. Using a scale such as the Detecto Digital Baby and Toddler Scale offers moms an economical and accurate way to track your baby’s weight gain. For an easy way to track weight, the Seca Wireless Baby Scale with Extra-Large Weighing Tray conveniently transmits weight information quickly and securely. If your child is gaining weight, you’re on the right path!! Nursing moms develop a unique bond with their child, but that doesn’t mean leave dad out of the loop. By pumping breast milk, dad can enjoy the same bonding experience with his child. Help dad make this bond by using the Playtex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottle . Its unique design promotes semi upright feeding positions that pediatricians recommend to prevent ear infections. As any new parent can attest, avoiding ear infections can be a godsend!! To help dad even further, the Medela Breast Milk Freezing and Storage Container allows mom to store their breast milk without losing any of its nutritional benefits. It is BPA free and safe for your little treasure.

Be Flexible on Your Schedule

Many new moms feel that they need to stick to a stringent feeding schedule. Sometimes this is just not practical and new mothers should understand that. If baby is hungry 30 minutes after you fed her, so be it. Maybe you will be too busy to be available to your child, so a bottle is not the end of the world. To overcome the inconvenience of pumping, try using the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump with Metro Bag . It gives nursing moms tons of flexibility and portability for discrete pumping. Speaking of flexibility, the Ameda One Hand Breast Pump with Dual Hygienikit Milk Collection System allows nursing moms the option of single or dual pumping. It ensures milk purity by preventing contaminants and keeps milk from backing up so maintenance is minimal. One of the most difficult things to achieve for nursing mothers is sleep. When you are the center of the nutrition universe you are always on call. Sleep, oh wonderful sleep!! Once it has been established that your breast-feeding regimen is working and your child is gaining weight, feel free to allow your partner to handle a nighttime feeding with a bottle of pumped breast milk. Try the Snappies Breast Milk Storage Container to allow your milk to be used without transferring to another container to minimize contamination. This gift of sleep will go a long way in heading off any irritability and possibly a reduction in your milk production.

The Store Is Open

The first thing any nursing baby is looking for (when hungry) is mommy. With mom being the center of the feeding universe, making it easier for baby to feed is important. Maternity bras make this possible. The Anita Maternity 5040 Nursing Bra is a great way to accommodate babies' hunger. It is made of breathable quick drying microfiber and has nursing clasps for separate opening/closing of cups. The molded cups help sensitive breasts when not feeding. For those that need underwire support, the Anita Maternity 5035 Underwired Nursing Bra provides inner transparent breast support while allowing baby to feed unfettered.

Store Is Closed… It’s Dad’s Turn

 Nursing Made Easier: Breast-Feeding Aids

As it turns out, mom needs her sleep also. While mom is asleep, one option, again, is to put dad to work. It’s at this moment that Poppa can feed the baby with a bottle. Whether it’s stored breast milk or formula, both help your baby get the nutrients he/she needs to grow. For a baby that is born prematurely with low birth weight, Abbott Similac Special Care 24 Premature Infant Formula with Iron can allow mom to get some rest while dad can bond with his baby. It has a unique blend of nucleotides to help with immune system development. Another way that dad can help mom and baby is to use Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier. This fortifies human milk with increased levels of protein, calories, iron, calcium, and phosphorus as well as added vitamins and nutrients to help premature or low weight babies continue development. In some cases, babies may have a tough time absorbing fat. This fat malabsorption can be remedied by dad using Enfamil Pregestimil Lipil for Babies with Fat Malabsorption Problems. It utilizes MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, which babies with GI issues can more readily digest and absorb. This can be used as a sole source of nutrition for up to six months and a major source through 12 months. As your child ages, mom can rest easy knowing that dad has her back. In the case of toddlers and young children managing phenylketonuria, moms and dads can rely upon Nutritia Periflex Junior Powdered Medical Food to help. It offers phenylalanine-free food in a balanced mixture of essential and nonessential amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Don’t worry mom, dad on the job!! Hopefully, this makes nursing easier on mom.

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