The best lift chairs to relax in a reclining position

However, the reclining back can be stopped anywhere between the upright position to 45 degrees angle by releasing the push button. As the back reclines, the footrest goes up simultaneously.

Let us look at some of the best lift chairs along with their unique characteristic features:

1. Med-Lift 11 Series Lift Chair

A power lift chair, it offers both two-position and three-position recline. One can vouch for its strength and durability due to a high-end construction mechanism and superior quality of parts used. These include Acella-Flex foam for seat padding, fiber filled back, no sag springs, etc. While retaining its original shape and size, these features render more comfort to the user while seated.

The best lift chairs to relax in a reclining position
The best lift chairs to relax in a reclining position

2. Med-Lift 15 Series Two Way Petite Lift Chair

Designed for use by people of shorter statures, this lift chair has a standard seat width with a shorter backrest and seat closer to the floor. A firm button tufted back has no sag springs for strength and durability. The Acella-Flex foam seat has an additional super soft layer glued to enhance comfort and feel. The contemporary look with added simplicity makes it a nice addition to the home decor.

3. Med-Lift 35 Series Lift Chair

Intended for bariatric use, this lift chair has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Available inlarger dimensions, it has eight interlocking webbing strips for greater support. The Acella-Flex foam seat has an additional 1.5 inches thickness for better cushioning and comfort.

The best lift chairs to relax in a reclining position
The best lift chairs to relax in a reclining position

4. Golden Tech Capri Medium Two-Position Lift Chair

Possessing a classic colonial button-back style enhanced by a slightly firmer lumbar support area, the arms of this lift chair are wider and more rounded for extra comfort. The stand-apart feature is the self-diagnostic technology which notifies the user of any abnormality in its functioning.

A fab addition to the home furniture, 2-position lift chairs are a wonderful blend of style and comfort. They are simple to operate, economical and compact enough to fit in narrow spaces. These lift chairs are versatile enough to be used as a comfortable lounger, to enable assisted standing and sitting or to help in sedentary tasks such as eating, reading, watching TV, playing games, etc. So, pick the one that suits you the most!


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