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Lift chairs offer a wonderful option for the aged or people with disabilities to move out of a chair unassisted and, at the same time, enjoy its luxurious reclining comfort. Each of our chairs is designed to meet specific needs of our customers – whether medical, aesthetic or cost-effectiveness. We have two-position lift chairs, three-position lift chairs and infinite position lift chairs. Our chairs are sturdy, highly functional and an integrated battery back-up make them very reliable. Each type is designed to handle different user needs – from full recline, to feet prop-up option and easy stand-up posture. Improve the quality of your life with our collection of lift chairs which are comfortable, stylish, inexpensive and guaranteed to improve the décor of your living room!

How Do Power Lift Chairs Work?

Power lift chairs are powered by a lifting mechanism that moves the chair up from its base into a position which allows the user to end up in a standing posture. It makes for easy transfer of patients or bariatric people on and off the chair and is especially useful for those who have weak limbs and find it painful to sit down or stand up. Lift chairs are equipped with a powerful electric motor that powers the lift chair through simple button control. The user has to merely press a button on the remote control to push the chair back into any reclining position and another effortless button push brings the user into a standing position.

Types of lift chairs

  • Two-position chairs have a recline limitation of 45 degrees and are suitable for the casual user who needs more luxury and comfort while watching TV or just relaxing. You can recline the chair anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees. Two-position power recliners are luxurious but also economical and do not take up too much space in a room. You can place it with a wall clearance of only 3-4 inches. As the back reclines, the footrest will flip up. 

  • Three-position power chairs can go down to an almost flat or slight V angle between the back and the seat. They have heavy-duty lift mechanism combined with style and comfort. In this type too, the footrest will flip up as the back reclines.  

  • Infinite position chairs are most versatile compared to the other two and can recline up to 180 degrees and further. You can sit back relaxed, lie flat or have the legs and hips positioned higher than the heart. You can move the chair around in any direction and flip the footrest up independent of the chair back. These power lift chairs are ideal for those who are confined to the house and spend a lot of time sitting down.

What To Consider When Buying A Lift Chair?

We have a huge line of power lift recliners with different position options, price range, weight capacities and special features. Which lift chair you should buy will depend upon your needs and budget.

  • If you need a chair that does not occupy much space but offers you luxury and comfort while watching TV only for a few hours then a two-position chair is for you. 

  • If you want to bring home a chair which is like your traditional recliner but does much more, then the three-position power chairs will be ideal. You can relax or nap and move back from the deep recline into a standing position without much effort. It is a good buy for those needing a chair for complete back comfort including napping positions.  

  • If you expect to spend a lot of time in the chair, have restricted mobility, have hypotension which needs lying down with leg elevated to improve circulation and bring down swelling in the legs or feet and are looking for therapeutic seating option, then go for the infinite position chair.  

  • Budget: Budget is also a key decider but we offer lift chairs for varying budget needs. You can buy a basic two-position model priced moderately or opt for an infinite-position dual motor zero gravity chair with heat/massage options, head pillow and overlay. 

  • Size/Height: Size and height play important roles when selecting a lift chair. Generally, weight capacity of lift chairs go beyond 300 lbs and we have chairs designed to support right up to 700 lbs. Size of the chair starts from petite and goes up to wide so you can select the type as per your height keeping in mind the wall clearance required when the chair is moved into a full recline position or when you are brought into a standing position.

Lift Chairs – Best Sellers

  • Golden Tech Capri Medium Two Position Lift Chair is an economical two-position chair which combines dependability with comfort and style.  

  • The Maxi Comfort Zero Gravity Relaxer Lift Chair, also from Golden Technologies, is a more luxurious option in which the seat moves up and down to pivot your hips into a physically beneficial zero-gravity position. It has independent foot and back control. 

  • 36 Series Three Position Bariatric Lift Chair from Med-Lift & Mobility is heavy duty with weight capacity of around 600 lbs. It has extra heavy-duty 3-way recline mechanism with two motors. 

We have products from makers of best power lift recliners. So, we carry Golden Technologies lift chairs, Pride Mobility lift chairs and Med-Lift and Mobility lift chairs. We offer highest-quality products from these manufacturers with additional choices in fabric and color.