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10 Best Travel Pill Organizers

10 Best Travel Pill Organizers
HPFY Staff Writer

How often have you forgotten to take prescribed medication or wondered if you already took your pills? It happens more often than you think.   

This is not only an obstacle for older adults. Regardless of age, it's easy to forget to take medication or vitamins. We all know how important it is to keep up with meds and supplements. Even just missing one dose here and there can cause issues.   

You have probably seen travel pill organizers in grocery stores or pharmacies. Are they all the same? The answer is no. There are many different types of pill boxes, and all have various features and benefits depending on your needs.  

10 Best Travel Pill Organizers  

With so many travel pill organizers to choose from, how do you know which is right for you? We have compiled a list of the ten best travel pill organizers designed to simplify your life and ensure you never miss a dose or take too much medication again.   

1. Medi Planner 14 Compartment Pill Box

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Organize your medication within the 14 separate compartments of this travel pill organizer. Divided into two for each day of the week, each compartment of this travel pill organizer is marked with a large font indicating AM and PM.   

Features of Medi Planner Pill Box:  

  • Convenient  
  • Inexpensive  
  • Easy to store or take along in a bag or purse   
  • See-through lids for easy pill identification  
  • 14 separate compartments, 2 for each day of the week  

Medi Planner 14 Compartment Pill Box


2. Vive Travel Pill Organizer

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Small enough to fit in a bag or small purse, eliminate confusion, and easily store a week's worth of medication. This travel pill organizer has seven trays and is easy to store or take along in a bag or purse. Each holds a box with four compartments: morning, noon, evening, and bed. This organizer also includes a pill cutter.   

Features of Vive Medication Organizer:  

  • Organizes seven days of medication, vitamin tablets, and supplements  
  • Pill Cutter: Makes customizing your dosage easy   
  • Compact to take along for travel or everyday on-the-go use.  
  • Divided Day Trays: Separate individual trays with designated colors to easily identify each day   

Vive Travel Pill Organizer


3. Apex-Carex Medi Tray Pill Organizer

Need medication on the go? This is one of the best travel pill organizers, which allows you to take just one day of medicine with you instead of the whole pill box—designed with individual removable trays to help store medication by day of the week. Each section has four separate tabs with large font and braille markings that easily open and close. The large-sized compartments allow you to store vitamins and supplements and are easy to open, great for arthritis or weak hands. Each day tray features four compartments for Morning, Noon, Night, and Bedtime dosing.   

Apex-Carex Medi Tray Pill Organizer Features:  

  • Seven removable sections  
  • Easy to open and close  
  • Moisture-resistant keeps pills safe  
  • Made of durable high-grade plastic  
  • Easy to clean  
  • See-through covers  

Apex-Carex Medi Tray Pill Organizer


4. Medi Planner 28 Compartment Pill Box Organizer

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Simplify your daily medication routine! This 7-day pill organizer has medium-sized compartments that hold medication and vitamins to help you keep track of your daily regime. Just fill it once a week, and your tablets will be organized and secure. This organizer also makes a great storage box for craft supplies, fishing lures, and sewing notions.    

Medi Planner 28 Compartment Pill Box Features:  

  • Durable, see-through plastic  
  • Large compartments make opening and dispensing medication easy  
  • Detachable compartments for easy travel   

Medi Planner 28 Compartment Pill Box


5. 14 Compartment Detachable Pill Box

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Great for on-the-go and travel use, this 7-day pill organizer has trays that separate easily to store in a purse, backpack, or travel bag. This easy-to-use pill box has curved bottom compartments that make it simple to grab tablets - great for those with weak hands or arthritis. The removable lids make this organizer simple to clean.   

14 Compartment Detachable Pill Box Features:  

  • Easy to clean  
  • Removable lids   
  • Recommended for arthritis or dexterity issues  
  • Large font indicators on each cover for the day, am, and pm.  
  • Curved bottom of each compartment makes grabbing medication easy  

14 Compartment Detachable Pill Box


6. EZY Dose Pill Organizer

Say goodbye to forgotten medication and accidental overdoses. This compact pill box stores medication separately for am and pm each day of the week. Each compartment opens separately for easy organization and dispensing. Compact enough to fit in a purse or bag, it makes keeping track and taking medication on the go super easy.  

EZY Dose Pill Organizer Features:  

  • Transparent cover  
  • Easy to clean and sanitize  
  • Twice Daily, AM/PM Pill Organizer  
  • Contoured bottom for easy pill retrieval  
  • Secure snap covers prevent accidental spills or mix-ups  
  • Compact, medium-sized is easy to store in a purse or bag  

Apothecary EZY Dose Pill Organizer


7. Carex Pill Tote

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Compact enough to take with you wherever you go; you can store this in a pocket or bag and even attach it to your keys! This pill tote will keep your pills safe, dry, and organized while on the go! The container is strong, secure, and durable and makes a great travel companion.   

Carex Pill Tote Features:   

  • Moisture-resistant  
  • Crush-proof design  
  • Attaches to keys  
  • Rubber O-Ring guarantees contents will stay 100 percent dry and pharmacy fresh  

Apothecary EZY Dose Pill Organizer


8. Medline 7-Day Pill Minders

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Each holder is designed with four-time-a-day reminders bundled into one seven-day container. The clear plastic makes it easy to identify the contents of each pocket. This pill dispenser is lockable for independent, safe, and effective dispensing.   

Medline 7-Day Pill Minders Features:  

  • Locked pill dispenser  
  • Each day has four separate compartments for individual doses  
  • Full-week storage from Sunday to Saturday  

Medline 7-Day Pill Minders


9. Apothecary EZY Dose Pill Fob Keychain

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

This will be your new travel pal! This easy-to-use pill holder is designed with an O-ring and plastic liner to keep medication fresh and moisture-free. This keychain pill holder is great for nitroglycerine bottles or aspirin tablets. The metal design makes it durable and perfect to use over and over again.  

Apothecary EZY Dose Pill Fob Keychain Features:  

  • Seals out moisture  
  • Accommodates most nitroglycerine bottles  
  • Designed to carry ten aspirin tablets conveniently  
  • Durable metal structure  
  • Reusable   

Apothecary EZY Dose Pill Fob Keychain


10. Health Enterprises Acu-Life Large 7-Day Pill Box Display Tub

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Simplify your medication regime with this handy organizer. Fill this up once a week and never miss another medication dose again. The large font lettering and yellow color tint will help you organize, dispense, and find your medication easily.   

Health Enterprises Acu-Life Large 7-Day Pill Box Display Tub Features:  

  • Compartments hold multiple pills  
  • Sunday through Saturday, the organization stores one week of tablets  
  • Yellow tint for easy location  
  • Large font for easy identification 

Now that you know all travel pill organizers are not the same, you can choose which one is right for you.

Where can I buy the best pill case for travel?

HPFY carries the above-mentioned pill boxes and many more. Explore all that we have to offer at our website and enjoy exclusive discounts.  

Health Enterprises Acu-Life Large 7 Day Pill Box Display Tub



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