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10 Benefits of Crying You Didn't Know About

10 Benefits of Crying You Didn't Know About
Linda Guerrera

Many things can make us cry: dealing with loss or disappointment, pain, anger...even fear. While no one likes to cry, sometimes the act of crying can be a benefit to your body and your mind.   

Is Crying Healthy?  

Crying is the body's natural way of dealing with emotional situations. Whether it is a response to sadness, loss, or even happiness, crying is normal and healthy.   

As we know, crying is the body's response to an overwhelming situation. It allows us to confront whatever is troubling us and put our focus right on the issue at hand. But there are health benefits of crying that you may have never even thought about.  

Does Crying Reduce Blood Pressure?  

Crying triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows the body to enter a state of relaxation. While this can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, this is a temporary response and does not have long-term effects.   

High blood pressure is a serious health issue. While crying can help lower blood pressure temporarily, it is important to seek professional help to manage blood pressure effectively.   

10 Benefits of Crying   

You may not realize that there are some very real benefits to crying. As a natural emotional response, crying serves several important purposes for our mental and physical well-being. Here are ten benefits of crying:  

1. Emotional Release

Crying releases emotional stress and is a natural way to express our feelings. When we are dealing with overwhelming sadness, frustration, or even anger, crying can help us let go of the emotions and make us feel more at ease with the situation.    

2. Stress Relief

Studies have shown crying reduces stress levels because it helps the body bounce back from a stressful situation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This can produce a calming effect and lower the heart rate and blood pressure.  

3. Mood Regulation

Another one of the benefits of crying is that it releases emotional toxins from the body and can help you feel less agitated and calmer. It can help regulate your feeling of emotional turmoil to a more relaxed, more composed state of mind.   

4. Pain Relief

Did you ever hear someone say they felt better after a good cry? Do you know why that happens? Tears contain endorphins, so when we cry, it triggers these "feel-good" chemicals, which help reduce physical and emotional pain.   

5. Cleansing the Eyes

You've probably seen a bottle of "tears" in your local drug or grocery store. Why would anyone buy tears? Artificial tears are formulated to do what our natural tears do: flush irritants, particles, and bacteria from our eyes, protecting them and keeping them healthy.   

6. Communication

There's no better way to tell if someone is in distress than to notice their tears. Crying expresses sadness or a need for support. Crying shows that we need some comfort or understanding.   

7. Grief Processing

Part of grieving is crying. It allows us to mourn and come to terms with sad situations. Crying helps us find a way to move forward by offering emotional release and helps us find a way to move ahead.   

8. Stress Reduction

As we know, too much stress can lead to a decline in our physical and mental health. By releasing our emotions with tears, we can lower the risk of anxiety-triggering issues such as depression, anxiety, and heart disease, to name a few.   

9. Emotional Processing

When we let go of our emotions by crying, it allows us to process our feelings and makes it easier for us to accept them. When we cry, we confront these emotions, which can lead to self-awareness and personal growth.   

10. Self-Soothing

When emotions are overwhelming, we can release the tension with tears. Crying is a great way to find relief and comfort.   

Everyone is different, and the frequency and intensity of crying can vary. Occasional crying is a healthy and natural response to what life throws at us. But if you find yourself struggling with managing your emotions, it is a good idea to seek support from a mental health professional. Together, you can develop ways to deal with and address any emotional concerns


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