SoClean: CPAP Cleaning Made Easier

SoClean: CPAP Cleaning Made Easier

Since breathing is important to us, making sure our airwaves are clear, open, and free from obstructions is paramount. For anyone diagnosed with sleep apnea, your CPAP machine is a crucial piece of equipment to ensure a healthy night’s sleep. Yes, your CPAP machine will keep your airway open during the night, but if it is not clean it is introducing all types of germs and bacteria into your sinuses and respiratory system. As you can imagine, this is bad!! Cleaning your CPAP machine can be time-consuming and a nuisance, but with the SoClean cleaning/sanitizing system you can keep your machine clean and minimize any respiratory problems.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Why Clean Your CPAP?

CPAP is an acronym for Constant Positive Airway Pressure that uses air pressure to keep the airway open for those diagnosed with sleep apnea. By pumping air into the nasal, esophagus, and respiratory system (lungs) it keeps the tongue forward and your throat open. This can reduce snoring and other health related problems from sleep apnea. It is also this air that can bring contaminants, such as bacteria, into your sinuses and upper respiratory area. This can lead to bronchitis and other ailments such as sinus infections. By cleaning your CPAP mask and hose, you can minimize or even eliminate harmful bacteria. Normally, the steps to cleaning your CPAP include:

  • Dissembling your headgear
  • Hand wash your mask with soapy water
  • Air dry after washing
  • Weekly give the mask, tubing, and headgear a soaking
  • Wipe down mask with CPAP mask wipes

As you can see, the standard method for cleaning your CPAP can be extensive and time-consuming. What if there was a way to make daily/weekly maintenance of your CPAP equipment better and easier? That is exactly what the SoClean CPAP cleaning system is all about. It’s a more efficient and convenient method for maintaining your CPAP equipment and minimizing harmful bacteria.

SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash SoClean Replacement Cartridge Filter for SoClean 2 Go SoClean Sanitizing Bag for SoClean 2 Go

SoClean Neutralizing Pre-Wash

SoClean Replacement Cartridge Filter for SoClean 2 Go

SoClean Sanitizing Bag for SoClean 2 Go

What SoClean Does for You?

Our busy lives can greatly benefit from any method that saves us time and effort and the SoClean CPAP automated cleaner and sanitizer checks all the boxes. The system allows for a much more efficient method for cleaning CPAP equipment, while keeping you healthier. Adapters are available so that just about any type of CPAP machine can reap the benefits of this cleaning/sanitizing system. The benefits of the SoClean CPAP cleaning/sanitizer are:

  1. Kills 99.9% of the germs and bacteria in your mask, hose, or reservoir with no disassembling required.
  2. No water or chemicals needed in order to clean your equipment
  3. Simply place your mask directly into the cleaning unit when you wake up. It’s not necessary to even disconnect the hose.
  4. Activated oxygen cleaning sanitizes your mask, hose, and reservoir



Avoiding issues such as bronchitis or sinus infections is important for those with sleep apnea and who are CPAP users. By disinfecting and sanitizing all of your CPAP equipment, you can minimize all the germs and bacteria that would otherwise be inhaled into your nasal, sinus, and respiratory regions. Be safe, breathe better, and stay healthy!!


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