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7 Best Colostomy Bags

7 Best Colostomy Bags
HPFY Staff Writer

For those facing life with an ostomy, finding the right apparatus can mean maintaining their independence and quality of life. Many may think that all ostomy devices are the same, but that thinking is inaccurate. Choosing the right device not only depends upon your lifestyle but the location of your ostomy. Visit HPFY for all your ostomy needs, as well as 7 of the best colostomy bags available today. 

Types of Ostomy Surgeries

We often hear the term colostomy as a sort of “generic” term for any ostomy surgery. The truth is there are three types of ostomy surgeries. They are: 

  1. IleostomyThis procedure utilizes the ileum (end of the small intestine) to bypass the colon and expel waste. 
  2. ColostomyA procedure that involves the large intestines to create a drainage point for feces through the abdomen. 
  3. UrostomyThis surgical procedure involves creating a stoma to bypass the urinary system. 

So, how does a colostomy bag work? An ostomy is a surgery where our body’s waste is expelled through an incision in the abdomen called a stoma and the colon is bypassed and waste is collected in a pouching system. This can be caused by colon/rectal cancer, intestinal or bowel blockage, or serious inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Types of Colostomy Pouches

There are two basic types of system: 

  1. One-Piece SystemPouch and skin barrier are all included in one piece that must be changed altogether. 
  2. Two-Piece SystemSkin barrier and pouching system are separate entities and the barrier can be left in place during pouch changes. 

At the stoma, your device of choice is connected to your skin to collect waste normally expelled through the colon. 

The 7 Best Colostomy Bags 

The medical supply market has an endless amount of colostomy bags available to patients. When it comes to finding the right colostomy system, how do you make the appropriate choice? The many options and different types of systems available on the market can make your head spin!! Fortunately, we here at HPFY have chosen 7 of the best systems available to ostomates. These 7 include: 

1. ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Pre-Cut 10 Inches Drainable Pouch with Stomahesive Skin Barrier

This FSA approved pouching system is designed to be odor-proof and quiet for discretion and the precut skin barrier is available in a variety of sizes to meet all patient’s needs. This one-piece system combines a skin barrier and pouch into one easy-to-manage system that features: 

  • One-sided comfort panel 
  • 10” pouch 
  • Tail clip for secure closure 
  • Skin barrier with tape collar 

ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Pre-Cut Opaque 10 Inches Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Skin Barrier


2. Hollister New Image Two-Piece Standard Wear Transparent Drainable Pouch with Clamp Closure

FSA approved and utilizing a high-quality odor-barrier pouch, this two-piece system has a soft, cloth-like fabric type covering between the pouch and skin making it comfortable. It is designed to be opened at the bottom when drainage is necessary and has a curved clip to close securely. The anatomically shaped pouch has an odor barrier and rustle-free film that offers ostimates quiet, discrete usage. 

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Standard Wear Transparent Drainable Pouch With Clamp Closure


3. Hollister New Image Two-Piece Beige Mini Closed-End Pouch with Integrated Filter

The soft, cloth-like fabric covering between the pouch and skin makes this a discrete pouching system and is highly effective for deodorizing/venting gases through the filter. Other features include: 

  • Plastic belt tabs for increased security 
  • Odor-barrier pouch film 
  • Designed to be removed after use 
  • FSA approved and latex free 

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Beige Mini Closed-End Pouch With Integrated Filter


4. Hollister New Image Two-Piece Drainable Pouch with Lock n Roll Microseal Closure and Filter

A pouch system designed for both colostomy and ileostomies, this FSA approved two-piece pouching system is designed to be opened at the bottom and uses a plastic interlocking fastener to secure the pouch’s bottom closure. The integrated filter allows for slow release/deodorization of gas while ComfortWear panels provide comfort making it one of the highest-rated products available. 


Hollister New Image Two-Piece Drainable Pouch With Lock n Roll Microseal Closure And Filter


5. ConvaTec Natura Plus Two-Piece Extended Wear Drainable Pouch with InvisClose Tail Closure

This FSA approved pouching system is available with filters or without and offers the user a high level of security with the InvisClose tail closure that has an audible click to signal a secure, discrete closing of the pouch. The pouch is made of soft/quiet materials and offers benefits such as: 

  • Anti-clogging film layer 
  • Quick changes 
  • Lock-it pocket 
  • Extended wear, 12” pouch 

ConvaTec Natura Plus Two-Piece Extended Wear Drainable Pouch With InvisiClose Tail Closure


6. Hollister New Image Two-Piece Ultra-Clear Drainable Ostomy Pouch with Lock n Roll Microseal Closure

Security and confidence are what this FSA approved pouching system gives users. The state-of-the-art plastic fasteners lock it into place when squeezed together and the ComfortWear panels are comfortable against the skin making it a customer favorite.


Hollister New Image Two-Piece Ultra-Clear Drainable Ostomy Pouch With Lock n Roll Microseal Closure


7. ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Cut To-Fit Transparent Drainable Pouch with Stomahesive Skin Barrier

If a simple to use, one-piece system that allows for draining is what you’re looking for, then look no further than this FSA approved, 12” pouch system. It allows for draining and the skin barrier helps protect skin against semi-formed or formed stool. It is suitable for both colostomy and ileostomy procedures and the Stomahesive cut-to-fit skin barriers increase patient comfort. 

Where can I buy the best colostomy bags for proper stoma care?

For those looking for the best colostomy bag options, the overwhelming amount of available options have made choosing the right one confusing at best. These 7 options may be perfect for you or you can visit HPFY for everything you need to find the right ostomy system for your lifestyle and preference. 

ConvaTec ActiveLife One-Piece Cut-to-Fit Transparent Drainable Pouch With Stomahesive Skin Barrier



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