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Post Lockdown Life

Post Lockdown Life
HPFY Staff Writer

The world today seems like a scarier place than it did 6 months ago. We were so carefree pre- Covid-19! Only weeks before the lockdown I went to my neighborhood bunko game where we sat around small card tables 4 at a time, chatting in close proximity, passing the dice from person to person, and digging into small snack bowls where everyone’s touching the same candies or chips before popping them into our mouths. I look back now and think “so many ways to pass germs!”.

Just this past Sunday the World Health Organization announced that they saw the largest daily increase in coronavirus cases. This is far from over, but we have to keep living. There are ways to stay safe and healthy, yet live the full lives we are looking forward to returning to. Lockdowns are easing, but the corona virus is still out there...let’s run through ways to mitigate your risk of infection:

  • Wash your hands - It’s so obvious, yet so important – washing your hands can greatly reduce your risk of infection. Start by rinsing hands under warm or cool water, lather up your hands and wrists with soapy bubbles, scrub for at least 20 seconds (get under those nails and between your fingers), rinse the bubbles off completely. Do this often, especially before and after meals, bathroom breaks & leaving and entering the house.
  • Keep your distance - It's tough with some people, especially those who do not feel the risk, but stand your line – don’t be afraid to say “do you mind backing up, I’m practicing social distancing”. Gather outside, when you want to chat with a friend or family. Tell people that you can’t offer the use of your bathroom, and ask that the bring their own everything (food, drink, napkin – whatever!). You can still enjoy chatting from a safe distance. Measure out areas of your yard, or even go to state/national park that’s open and chat.
  • Leave packages on the front porch if it’s safe to - some studies have said that the virus doesn’t live long in the sun. Use the sun as your natural antiseptic! If you can’t leave them outside bring them in and wash your hands after. I have a section in my refrigerator designated for all the newest items. Before and after preparing food –wash your hands! Also be sure to wash product before using it.
  • Try different ways of connecting - if you really want to hug your parents or a niece or nephew – do so in a smart way. Hug while your faces are facing the opposite direction. If you want to kiss someone you are distanced from do so on the back of the head...anything to avoid direct contact with the face. This is an airborne illness...which is why we should try to stay out of people’s faces. They say necessity is the motherhood of invention – someone came up with a plastic sheeting that can allow a hug. We wouldn’t recommend doing this at home as it’s well known that plastic can be a choking/suffocation hazard.
  • Wear a mask and wear it the right way - When we talk our exhalation comes out in the form of a “gas cloud” - CNN did a great job of displaying this, wearing a cloth covering is a way of protecting people around you. Your mask should cover your nose and mouth in order to be most effective. Of course, the N95 mask that is worn properly is the most effective, but as displayed in CNN’s video even a cloth mask greatly reduces exhaled spit.
  • Less contact is better - Just because things are starting to open up doesn’t mean you have to be the first one in a shop. Take it slow. Continue to shop online, everyone has gotten really good at finding online resources – continue to use them!  If you have to go to a store and can leave your kids at home with your spouse/partner - do so. They’re calling kids super spreaders...they touch so much, and some have difficulty social distancing. Less contact your family unit has the better off you are for the time being.
  • Listen to your gut! - If you see someone without a mask at the gas pump don’t get close. If you go to a friend’s house to have a socially distanced happy hour and someone is getting too close – leave. I hike often and the number of people in the woods now has increased significantly, some people step off the trail to let you pass, but others will walk right past you. Take control – step into the woods yourself and tell them they can pass you this way you’re in control of the distance between the two of you.
  • Disinfect - Washing hands and wearing a mask does protect you from the virus, but what's more important is to make sure your surroundings - frequently touched areas in your house, workplace, and school are free from the virus. One must keep places like switches, doorknobs, countertops, toilet seats, etc., clean and disinfect them frequently. We recommend using the following LYSOL products to keep your surroundings clean at all times -

The world will likely look different as we start to come out of lockdown, but is it a terrible thing that we’re all a little more cautious about contracting germs? I’d say no. If we’re all vigilant about hygiene, wearing PPE, and keeping our social distance I do believe we’ll progress in healthy way. Keep healthy & well my friends!


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HPFY HPFY Staff Writer

HPFY Staff Writer



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