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Pair These Mobility Aids with Your Wheelchair/Scooter

Pair These Mobility Aids with Your Wheelchair/Scooter
Kevin Cleary

For anyone in a wheelchair, the knowledge that the world is not a flat place is nothing new. Traversing uneven terrain, stairs, and even curbs is commonplace for anyone who has spent even a little time in a wheelchair. Until we can find a way to make the world a flat place, there needs to be mobility aids to help those in wheelchairs get around safely and securely. Fortunately, there are numerous mobility aids that can make maneuvering around this crazy world easier and we here at HPFY can point to numerous mobility aids to make your life easier in a wheelchair or scooter.

Daily Struggles Faced By Wheelchair Users

In a utopian world, people with mobility issues that require a wheelchair or scooter would be able to go anywhere they want without hindrance or difficulty. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in and there are literally and figuratively ups and downs. Obstacles that face wheelchair users can include:

  • Stairs 
  • Thresholds 
  • Curbs 
  • Hills 
  • Gravel/Un-paved areas 
  • Other un-level terrains 
  • Travel

Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also be incredibly dangerous for those whose mobility depends upon a wheelchair. The key to successfully maneuvering any un-level bit of terrain is a matter of coming up with a plan of attack to overcome the obstacle in front of you before attempting it. This can mean traveling with a portable ramp, threshold ramp, or even a trailer hitch to transport your wheelchair to and from where you are going to need it.

Top 10 Mobility Aids to Help Wheelchair Users

No matter where I go with my wheelchair I always try to have an advanced knowledge of what obstacle I may need to overcome. Fortunately, there are a plethora of available mobility aids that can help you overcome just about any terrain or obstacle you may face. Health Products for You has numerous mobility aids and some that may benefit you are:

  1. EZ-Access Transitions Modular Entry Ramp

    Doorways and thresholds can be a major obstacle for those with limited mobility or in a wheelchair and this mobility aid is perfect for creating a smooth, sturdy, and gradual incline for those in a wheelchair, scooter, or even someone using a cane. The high-strength aluminum will not rust and the slip-resistant surface offers superior traction. It is available in a variety of sizes so any entranceway is now assessable!!
  2. PVI Elev8 Adjustable Threshold Ramp

    Designed to accommodate doors that swing in or out this easy-to-install ramp accommodates a wide range of wheelchairs and scooters in a variety of wheel configurations. The durable welded construction can handle up to 800 pounds and is fully adjustable to fit a number of threshold heights.
  1. Roll-A-Ramp 30 Inch Wide Portable Ramp

    This portable ramp is a great economical option to expensive chair lifts or permanent ramps. It is available in a range of lengths starting at 3 feet and going all the way up to 20 feet to overcome just about any incline safely. It can be used with manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs/scooters, and even three-wheeled scooters and can be rolled up for simple easy storage, this makes it ideal for small homes and apartments as well as vans and trucks, saving money by avoiding expensive reservations and conversion vans.
  2. Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

    When traveling for a vacation or even business, you may need to transport your power chair, scooter, or manual wheelchair. This platform lift can transport your ride easily up and into your SUV or minivan to keep it out of the elements as you drive. The drive on/off feature adds convenience to the loading/unloading process and the entire loading process only takes 45 seconds to travel the 35-inch vertical distance. It only requires 31 inches of headroom and 43 inches of depth and even has a manual crank backup.
Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

  1. EZ Access Pathway 36 Inch 3G Modular Access Ramps

    Accessibility around the home can be an expensive endeavor, but this modular ramp system offers the safest, fastest, and efficient solution to home accessibility. The welded, high-strength aluminum is durable and maintenance-free and a 24-foot section can be assembled in roughly just 30 minutes with minimal tools required. The sides of this unit are finished and flush so there are no potential hazards sticking out and maintains the aesthetics of your home.
  2. Drive Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps with Carry Bag

    As far as portable ramps go, I never leave the house without this particular gem. It folds up for convenience and allows you to overcome a number of obstacles you may encounter out in public. It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds in order to accommodate just about any wheelchair or scooter with the user in it and is available in length from 2-6 feet to tackle any rise. This portable ramp has a great nonslip surface and simply folds into the provided carry bag for easy transport or storage.
EZ Access Pathway 36 Inch 3G Modular Access Ramps

EZ Access Pathway 36 Inch 3G Modular Access Ramps

  1. PVI Bariatric Multi-Fold Ramp

    With a weight capacity of 800 pounds, this foldable and portable ramp is great for wheelchairs and scooters used by bariatric patients. It can be split into two separate pieces for easy transport or carried like a suitcase with a strap that locks the panels together. The durable welded construction has an anti-slip, high traction surface and the patented center joint hinge eliminates pinch points while adding strength.
  2. Guldmann Lifting platform LP12

    This lifting platform is for lifting wheelchairs and people with difficulties moving in and out of trains, platforms, and stages. Additionally, the lifting platform serves as an excellent solution in places with height differences where a transportable platform is required. It can be transported in a collapsed position and is suitable for most train carriages. The lifting platform is constructed of weather-resistant material that can withstand use and storage in various weather conditions.
Guldmann Lifting platform LP12

Guldmann Lifting platform LP12

  1. Roll-A-Ramp Manual Mini-Van Folding Ramp

    In order to avoid expensive conversions to your van which can include lowering the floors, this lightweight but extremely strong and safe folding ramp maybe your best economical choice. It is designed to be installed easily and the foldable ramp fits many styles and designs of minivans and is constructed of lightweight Aero-space aluminum. There is no costly/expensive hydraulics to fail and the mounting brackets quickly separate in half for removal with quick release pins.
  2. Rose Healthcare Portable Curb Ramp

    Curbs can be a very common obstacle out in the world for those in wheelchairs or scooters (not to mention walkers). This plastic, portable curb ramp makes for easy traversing of roll-up curbs or steps up to 5.5 inches high. Not only are these great for wheelchairs or scooters, but any wheeled equipment can also benefit from this mobility aid. It has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and can even benefit delivery personnel to overcome curbs and small steps.
Rose Healthcare Portable Curb Ramp

Rose Healthcare Portable Curb Ramp


For those whose mobility depends upon a wheelchair or scooter, finding ways to get around this uneven world can be the end all be all. Finding ways to safely and simply overcome some of the uneven terrains that we must navigate can help improve your quality of life and help you maintain your independence. The solutions may require multiple ramps or mobility aids but understanding where you are going and what you may face means being ready for whatever this crazy world throws at you. Don’t be afraid and get out there and enjoy!!

Where to buy Portable Ramps for Wheelchairs?

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