Maternity Belt Is Good During Pregnancy- Know Why

Maternity Belt Is Good During Pregnancy- Know Why

Maternity belts are considered as one the best accessories to ease the discomfort caused by pregnancy. They give direct support to lower abdomen and back relieving you from ache and stresses. Maternity belts are flexible support garments that provide lots of benefits to pregnant women.

Maternity Belt Is Good During Pregnancy- Know Why

Maternity Belt Helps Reduce Pain

Pain in back and joint during pregnancy can sometimes be frustrating. It makes day to day activities difficult. Maternity belts can help support lower back and lower abdomen that is effective in decreasing overall pain.

Sacroiliac joint pain & Round ligament pain is the most common pain that women go through during pregnancy. Sacroiliac joint pain occurs as a result of increase in hormone, namely, relaxin. Relaxin makes the hip joint become less stable and loose. The pain in lower back is sometimes excruciating. A maternity belt during this time supports this region and prevents pain.

Round ligament pain occurs in the later stage which can range from dull ache to sharp pain below the belly. It is usually caused by pressure exerted by the growing uterus on ligaments. Though it is temporary but it can be unbearable sometimes. Maternity belt during this time can distribute the weight evenly which helps in reducing pain.

Maternity Belt Offers Gentle Compression

It is pretty much similar to going for a run without wearing a sports bra. Gentle compression applied by maternity belt supports uterus and reduces discomfort to a far extent. The pressure has to be right as higher pressure can obstruct circulation that could lead to negative effects.

Maternity Belt Lets You Engage In Daily Activities

During the pregnancy phase many women are unable to exercise or continue doing work. Pain and discomfort are the factors that won’t allow them. After wearing maternity belt it becomes easier to participate in daily activities. Exercise during pregnancy offers many health benefits. It decreases the possibility of depression, hypertension and diabetes. Also exercising makes body flexible which is better for the labor stage.

Maternity Belt Is Good During Pregnancy- Know Why


Points to remember

  1. Do not wear Maternity Belt for more than 3 hours. It increases the dependency.
  2. Prefer consulting a gynocologist before using a maternity belt.Women with blood pressure problems will be suggested an alternative.
  3. While exercising wear Maternity belts for additional support. This will help in strengthening transverse abdominis.
  4. Maternity belts are also effective in relieving sciatica nerve pain.
  5. Maternity belts can also offer support to women in pregnancy who suffer from hernias.


To strengthen underlying tissues for better support and pain relief focus on the following factors:

  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Maintain good posture.
  3. Be regular at pregnancy yoga classes.
  4. Do both kegels and squats. They are amazing in strengthening pelvic floor.
  5. Increase the intake of magnesium to relieve muscle pain and help with morning sickness.

Be consistent to in meeting your healthcare professional. According to the phase you are in, the doctor might guide you with certain precautionary measures and diet intake.


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