Manage Incontinence with These 5 Options

Manage Incontinence with These 5 Options

Navigating the world around us can be hard at times, but introduce the issue of incontinence and it may seem even impossible. Managing incontinence is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, so developing a multifaceted plan can be beneficial to everyone. We here at HPFY can give you all the information you need to develop your own incontinence management plan.

What is Incontinence and What are the Causes?

Who hasn’t felt the pressing need to find a bathroom in a hurry? We all have, but does this mean we suffer from incontinence? Actually, the answer is no. Incontinence (urinary or fecal) is a medical condition where we have diminished control over our body’s ability to expel waste, most commonly urine. There are numerous causes for incontinence, and they can include:

Incontinence can be temporary in the case of a UTI or constipation but can be more persistent as we age or develop other health issues. There are also risk factors that can lead to the need to manage incontinence such as gender (women are more susceptible), age, obesity, and tobacco use can all increase the likelihood of developing incontinence. Besides the obvious inconvenience and embarrassment of incontinence, there are medical issues that can arise. Urinary tract infections, skin breakdowns, and an impact on your overall quality of life can all be connected to chronic incontinence. 

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Five Tools to Fight Incontinence

To avoid potential embarrassment and health issues, you should understand that managing incontinence is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each individual is unique and so is their technique for managing their incontinence. However, there are five basic options you can utilize to manage everyday incontinence. These 5 options may work independently of each other or in a combination of more than one. These include:

  1. Diet: By maintaining a healthier weight, you can help yourself manage your incontinence. Also, staying away from caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or soda, can minimize the risk of the embarrassment of urinary incontinence. Avoiding alcohol is another recommendation!! It’s not a bad idea to seek the advice of a dietitian to help with this endeavor.
  2. Medicine: Your doctor may prescribe medications that are designed to help you manage daily incontinence. Anticholinergics, such as oxybutynin or trospium, can be used to calm an overactive bladder and can help with urge incontinence. The prescription drug Mirabegron (Myrbetriq) is another option your doctor may suggest since this medication relaxes your bladder muscle and can increase the amount of urine you can hold. Alpha blockers and topical estrogen for women can also be tools in your toolbox to fight incontinence.
  3. Education: Learning and understanding about the biological functions of incontinence can help you get ahead of this embarrassing and potentially dangerous issue. By learning about which type of incontinence you suffer from can allow you to devise a plan to effectively head off or manage your incontinence.
  4. Exercise: Believe it or not, there are daily exercises both men and women can do to help strengthen their pelvic floor to minimize the risk of incontinence. These are often referred to as Kegel exercises and are done slightly different in men and women. This can be effective for stress incontinence and potentially urge incontinence. You should imagine trying to stop a flow of urine by tightening or contracting the muscles you would use to stop urination. Contract these muscles for five seconds and then relax for five seconds. You should try for three sets of 10 repetitions each day while trying to increase your contraction time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  5. Incontinence Products: Often the thought of adult briefs or diapers brings about a sense of dread. You should rest assured that there have been tremendous strides in the design and effectiveness of these adult incontinence products. Many of the adult briefs are similar to everyday underwear and there are even pads and inserts that can be worn with your every day underpants. Also, there are some that are specifically designed for the anatomy of a woman or man. For overnight incontinence management, the use of bed pads can help protect your bed and linens against incontinence. These can be either disposable or re-washable depending upon your own personal preference.

Many times the solution that is right for you may require some trial and error. Seek the advice of your doctor or nurse to find which methods may be ideal for your type of incontinence and lifestyle. There is enough available for everyone to maintain their quality of life and there is no need to be ashamed.


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