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Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

Kidney Stone Prevention Diet
Kevin Cleary

Kidney stones are painful! While the majority of kidney stones pass and cause no damage, they will certainly let you know they are there.

The crystallized edges of these mineral deposits can scratch and irritate our urinary tract as they pass through the body. Once they have formed it’s just a matter of time before they make their presence known.

Is there a way to increase our odds of not developing these tiny little daggers? At we have some ways to help minimize your risk of developing kidney stones through diet.

Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

Anatomy of a Kidney Stone

Changing your diet in order to avoid a kidney stone starts with understanding the makeup of your particular kidney stone. Kidney stones are formed when there is an imbalance between minerals and the amount of urine required to dissolve them. Whether there is an abundance of these stone-causing minerals or a reduction in urine needed to dissolve them, the result is usually a painful kidney stone. If you should pass one, it is recommended to save it so that it can be tested to see what it’s made of.

Diet Tips to Avoid Stones

I’m sure anyone who has passed a kidney stone will agree that avoiding their development is a great start. Approximately 3 million people seek treatment for the symptoms of kidney stones and their painful impact. Changing our diet can help you to avoid their formation. Five foods you may want to introduce to avoid kidney stones include:

  • Water – Drinking water is the leading way to avoid the development of kidney stones. 64 ounces a day can help keep the doctor away!!
  • Lemon – Citric Acid in lemons can keep stones from forming and even break up stones that have already formed. Kill two birds with one stone by adding lemon to your water - genius!!
  • Cruciferous Vegetables – The potassium in vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts can stop stones from forming by decreasing calcium loss. Plus, they have antioxidants that may help prevent bladder, prostate, and kidney cancers.
  • Calcium – Calcium in moderation can help fight the development of kidney stones. Foods such as milk and yogurt which are rich in calcium can help protect you from kidney stone formation.
  • Whole Grains – Maintaining a healthy weight can aid in the prevention of kidney stones and foods high in whole grains can contribute to minimizing weight gain.
  • Avoid Sodium – High sodium intake increases the calcium in urine which can increase the risk of stones developing.

Help With Your Diet

While it is more efficient to get our vitamins and nutrients from food, sometimes it can be a good idea to explore supplements to help our bodies maintain overall health. Keeping our kidneys and urinary tract working at an optimal level is very important. for supplements such as:

  • Nature’s Way Kidney-Bladder Herbal Diuretic Dietary Supplement – These veggie tablets are designed to support kidney and urinary tract health. They are made from fine-quality ingredients and are free from gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, and preservatives.
  • Complete Medical Calculi Strainer Kidney Stone Collector – In order to test any stone you may pass, this strainer will trap the smallest stone while still allowing an unobstructed flow through. The reuseable plastic allows one patient to use it for several days.
  • Bio Nutrition Kidney Bladder Wellness – This all-natural supplement contains a blend of traditional herbs that include ginger root, juniper berry, uva ursi, and marshmallow root while being gluten, sugar, and preservative-free. The plant-based capsule is vegetarian-friendly.
Natures Way Kidney-Bladder Herbal Diuretic Dietary Supplement
Natures Way Kidney-Bladder Herbal Diuretic Dietary Supplement
Bio Nutrition Kidney Bladder Wellness
Bio Nutrition Kidney Bladder Wellness

Kidney stones can be extremely painful, tiny terrors that can impact your quality of life.

Changing your diet to avoid pain down the road is an important first step in minimizing or preventing the forming of kidney stones. Work with your doctor or a dietitian to develop a healthy diet plan to maintain your quality of life.


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