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Keeping Sane with Distant Socializing

Keeping Sane with Distant Socializing
Taikhum Sadiq

Humans are social animals and removing the ‘social’ from the equation can have far reaching effects on the psychological state of a person. Though social distancing has been touted as one of the most potential ways to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, completely cutting off all ties from the world can take a toll on the human mind and so we need to find a middle ground. A middle ground, where our health is not compromised on either side of spectrum. At HPFY, we understand that psychological health is as important as physical health.

What is Distant Socializing?

To cope with the negative effects social distancing brings along, we can reverse the term to practice a more manageable way to stay healthy during this pandemic. ‘Distant socializing’ is an art of socializing with the world around you while maintaining a safe distance from them physically. The world of social media coupled with a wide range of practices from history can give us many ways to practice distant socializing and fight this battle against COVID-19.

So while the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to seal ourselves in our homes, we have listed a few innovative ways to distant socialize with your loved ones, so that no matter where you are, you can always be around your loved ones while ensuring that everyone stays completely safe and healthy.

1. Video Calling

Of late the world has become much smaller because of the ease of using video calling to communicate with our loved ones around the world. Though video calling has been around and is no novel idea, it was never a method of choice to communicate with neighbors or family living in your vicinity. You would walk over or drive over and hang out together in the same physical space. Given the present situation, it can be a great way to talk to your family and friends living near you while practicing distant socializing. Using applications like Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Hangout, House Party or Facetimeto see and hear your loved ones once a day can not only keep you occupied but also helps you check on their wellbeing.

Video Calling

2. Distant Chatting

No, we aren’t suggesting you use texting applications; we know that’s something most of us already do. This is something more physical. Like the people in a small neighborhood in Portland did during their lock down. Plan a neighborhood meet-up. Everyone can come out of the house at a pre-determined time, stand at a safe distance of 8-10 feet apart and spend some time chatting and checking in on each other. Nothing like a safe neighborhood rendezvous to lift up your spirits.

Distant Chatting

3. Sing Alongs

The WHO has advised people to avoid gatherings and groups, but they never said anything about not singing together, did they? There are many ways you can organize a fun sing-along around you. Just like the folks in Italy, people can come out on to their porch and sing along, maybe in a chorus or like a never-ending chain. You can get on to Facebook or Twitter to call out people to come out into their windows, balconies or their porches at a pre-determined time. Make a list of popular songs and get singing. You can also use applications like Smule that allows people to sing along at the same time but virtually.

Sing Along

4. Online Multiplayer Games

Who knew you could take game night online and have friends and family from another city join for game night! Playing regular games online, these games give you the added touch of socializing with your loved ones while having a fun time. Online checkers, poker, Uno, billiards, and many more games allow you to be on video calls while playing the game, so that you can always chat with your friends while you beat them at their favorite game.

Multiplayer Games

 We know that practicing social distancing or distant socializing is easier said than done. But the current times have laid a duty on us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the menace of COVID-19.

Here is a list of links that can help you get going on all the innovative ideas listed above:


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