Importance of Wound Cleansers in Wound Healing

Importance of Wound Cleansers in Wound Healing

Small wounds and injuries are more common than the common cold and hence there is huge sector of the medical world specifically dedicated to the caring and healing of all kinds of wounds and injuries. Wound cleansers or many other such antimicrobial solutions are commonly used around the world to clean.



This usually occurs when your skin is scraped off on a hard surface, resulting in bruising. Typically, this type of wound will not bleed much, but there may be debris that should be cleaned immediately.



This is a deep cut on the skin or flesh, usually caused by a sharp object. The bleeding in this case can be fast and at a great volume. Lacerations if deep may require stitches by a medical professional.



As the name suggests these are holes created in the body by pointy objects such as needles. Typically, these will not bleed as much as lacerations, but can be a problem due to depth. They can cause damage to arteries or internal organs.



This is the complete tearing of the skin and/or flesh beneath it. The breaking of bones and tearing of skin is an avulsion. These can bleed profusely, often the result of major accidents.

Importance of Cleaning the Wound

First Aid in Wound Care refers to the first step of treatment that should be given to the wound which involves cleaning the wound so that no further harm is caused. This includes cleaning the debris such as dust or contaminates, cleaning the exudate such as blood or pus, and then applying an anti-microbial solution to it that prevents infection. Then, comes the dressing that shields the wound from infections and further physical harm.

Depending on the type of wound, it is very important that special care is taken. The first priority is always to stop the bleeding. But using a contaminated cloth or object might further increase the infection and cause problems. Hence it is always recommended to use a clean cloth doused in a wound cleanser so that you not only clean the blood but also immediately start the process of stopping the infection.

Bacteria, microbes, dust, soil, faecal matter, other contaminating liquids, etc. are all factors that increase the infection multi-fold and so it is very important to clean the wound first.

Cleaning the Wound

What are Wound Cleansers?

Wound cleansers are liquids that are specially prepared to help in the cleaning of the wound. Water might clean the blood and the debris but it cannot kill the microbes or the bacteria that the wound has come in contact with. Also if the water is contaminated, it might increase the chances of infection. Hence wound cleansers with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and moisturising properties are used. A wound cleanser cleans debris and exudates from the small wounds to the deep cavity wounds. They can be initially used to clean the wound and later the gauze or the bandage can be dipped in the wound cleanser and applied to the wound.

Types of Wound Cleansers

There are four major types of wound cleansers:

  • Normal Saline Solutions – A normal isotonic solution, they are the most preferred cleansers as they do not interfere with the normal healing process of the wound. They are also very cheap.
  • Commercial Cleansers – Commercial cleansers come in different forms depending on the work they do. For example surfactants that repel water and absorb other non-water substances such as oil and grease. Anti-microbial solutions kill the bacteria or any other organic matter within the wound.
  • Skin Cleansers – These solutions are very powerful and hence are not used directly on an open wound. They are mixed with water and help removing particle matter from the wound
  • Lactated Ringer’s Solution – It is a solution made up of sodium, potassium, and calcium chloride. It is helpful in cleaning the wound without damaging the active cells. But it cannot be left in the wound as it can enter the active bloodstream and cause problems.

How Do I Choose the Right Wound Cleanser?

Medline Skintegrity Wound Cleanser Nurse Assist USP Normal Sterile Saline For Irrigation Microcyn Wound Solution with Preservatives
Medline Skintegrity Wound Cleanser
Nurse Assist USP Normal Sterile Saline For Irrigation Microcyn Wound Solution with Preservatives

Wound cleansers are an integral part of wound care as they help in cleaning the wound and getting rid of any kind of debris, necrotic tissue, etc. thus reducing the chances of infection.


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