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5 Reasons Why Buying Dexcom G7 Is A Good Idea

5 Reasons Why Buying Dexcom G7 Is A Good Idea
Shweta Chaubey

Dexcom G7 has arrived with a bang and is here to stay. It is one of the most accurate CGM systems available on the market. Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or CGM, is a method of tracking glucose levels around the clock using a wearable device.  

Dexcom G7 sends the glucose numbers to your smart device or a handheld receiver in real time. There is no need to hassle with scanning or fingerstick.  

The FDA approved Dexcom G7, available on HPFY, displays glucose readings and alerts the wearer when there is an unusual spike or dip in glucose levels. The latest innovation by Dexcom makes diabetes management easier and better than ever.  


Benefits of Dexcom CGM G7 

Some benefits of using the Dexcom G7 CGM System are: 

  • It spares your fingertips 
  • You can keep up with your glucose trends 
  • It makes diabetes management easier and better 
  • You can share your glucose information via the Dexcom G7 app 

Still in two minds about whether to buy the new Dexcom G7? Health Products For You lists five reasons why buying the Dexcom CGM device is a good idea. 

5 Reasons to Buy Dexcom G7 

1. The new Dexcom g7 offers accuracy. 

The accuracy of continuous glucose monitoring devices is measured using MARD number. MARD stands for Mean Absolute Relative Difference. According to a research paper by the National Institutes of Health, the smaller the MARD number is, the more accurate CGM readings are. Dexcom G7, with a MARD of 8.2%, is one of the most accurate CGM systems available.  

Dexcom G7 helps you understand your situation better and manage diabetes more effectively.  

2. It makes decision-making easier. 

Knowing your glucose levels enables you to make proactive decisions, such as eating the correct diabetic diet, including exercise in your lifestyle, and avoiding any potential risks. The new Dexcom glucose monitor is ideal for people aged two or above and works for all types of diabetes, including type 1, 2, and gestational diabetes.  

3. It sends customized alerts to your smart device. 

The new Dexcom G7 sends customizable alerts to your smart device. Some of the alert settings include- 

  • Urgent Low Soon Notification: This proactive alert indicates potentially critical glucose levels, allowing you to take prompt measures to remain within the safe range.  
  • Initial Alert Delay: Postpone the initial high alert until your sensor reading reaches or surpasses the specified alert threshold for the designated duration. This feature proves particularly beneficial if you anticipate elevated levels while waiting for your insulin to become effective. 
  • Total Silence Mode: Enable this function for up to 6 hours to achieve complete auditory quietness when needed. While active, all Dexcom G7 alerts will be muted, and you will not perceive any audible alerts or tactile vibrations associated with notifications. 

4. The Dexcom G7 CGM system is affordable.  

Dexcom G7 is value for money. Dexcom is one of the most affordable CGM brands that makes diabetes management simpler and more effective. The Dexcom G7 offers new technology along with ultimate accuracy and durability. 

The Dexcom G7 sensor worn on the back of the upper arm lets you monitor blood sugar all day. It can stay on for ten days before being replaced, making it a smart choice for managing blood sugar. 

5. It warms up in only 30 minutes. 

Dexcom G7 takes only half an hour to warm up, two times faster than other CGM devices available. Moreover, the Dexcom G7 sensor is waterproof and keeps up with your active lifestyle. It lets you keep an eye on your glucose levels via a handheld receiver, your smartphone, or an Apple watch.  

Difference between Dexcom G6 and G7 

Dexcom G7 is just like G6 but only better. It has all the features of G6 but with some new advancements.  

Dexcom G7 Dexcom G6
Has the most compact Dexcom sensor yet Small Sensor
Has an all-in-one sensor and transmitter Does not have an all-in-one sensor and transmitter
Takes only 30-minutes to warm up Takes 2- hours to warm up
Has a 12-hour grace period Does not have a grace period
Safe to use during pregnancy Not for gestational diabetes
It is waterproof It is only water resistant
It has a new delay 1st alert setting It does not have such a setting
It can be worn on the back of the arm or upper buttocks in children aged 2-6 years It can be worn on the abdomen and upper buttocks in children aged 2-17 years
Dexcom G7 receiver is compatible with certain digital health apps Dexcom G6 receiver connects easily as an aiding system with compatible insulin pumps

How it works?

To use the Dexcom G7 sensor

  • Attach the Dexcom G7 sensor to the abdomen, upper buttocks, or upper arm. Make sure the site is clean. 
  • Click the transmitter over the sensor to initiate the process. 
  • Activate the sensor session automatically or by following the instruction manual. 
  • Pair the transmitter with a compatible receiver or mobile device using Bluetooth.
  • Check real-time glucose data on the connected device and customize alerts for high and low glucose levels to manage diabetes effectively.

How does the G7 Receiver work?

The receiver screen displays the following - 

  • Number: the most recent sensor reading.
  • Trend arrow: where glucose is heading based on the last few readings.
  • Trend graph: the bigger dot on the right is the most recent sensor reading. The smaller dots show past readings.
  • 3 hours: This button changes the number of hours shown on the trend graph using the arrow buttons. 
  • Target range (shaded rectangle inside graph): 70–180 mg/dL is the international consensus for the recommended target range.
  • High alert yellow line: When your glucose is at or above this yellow line, you get this alert. Change level in Menu > Settings > Alerts > High.
  • Low alert red line: You get your Low alert when your glucose is at or below this red line. Change level in Menu > Settings > Alerts > Low.

Where can I buy the Dexcom G7 CGM System? 

Health Products For You has been your health and wellness partner since 2002. We carry an array of medical supplies including diabetes management supplies like Dexcom G7 glucose monitoring system and more. Explore our catalog today to find the best pick for you! 


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