Exercising Your Core Muscles

Exercising Your Core Muscles

Any exercise you do is beneficial, but when you exercise your core muscles it can have a greater effect than some others. Our core muscles influence other parts of our body. The larger muscles in our body help with balance and stability, not to mention avoiding aches and pains that can make everyday life a little bit less enjoyable. These are some of the larger muscle groups in our abdomen and back area and are important to pretty much all of our everyday activities.

Importance of Core Strength

Many people may not realize how much our larger core muscles influence our everyday life. We have all done sit-ups and push-ups (maybe not since high school); but there is more to exercising your core. According to, the muscles in our abdomen, trunk, and even pelvis need to be in harmony which leads to better balance and stability either on the field, court, or just everyday activities. Many of the exercises that target our core do not require any type of specialized equipment. Doing something as simple as a bridge can strengthen muscles in the pelvis area. You can enhance this by adding any type of resistance or weight. If you strengthen the muscles in your core everything from swimming, playing golf, or even bending over to tie your shoe will be easier. Strengthening your core can improve posture and minimize lower back pain. There are also many low-impact activities that target our core and are simple to do even for beginners.

benefits of yoga in daily life

Yoga originated in India as a method of physical, mental, and spiritual activity. While there are many different styles of yoga the one thing that is common is the concept of balance and breathing. Through the use of different poses and controlled breathing your core muscles are strengthened and your balance improves. For the beginner yoga enthusiasts, the Body Sport Yoga Mat Bag with Yoga Block Pouch and Water Pouch is an economical way to start on your path. It allows you to easily conveniently carry all your belongings to and from yoga class. All you need now is the right yoga mat. The Aeromat Elite Yoga Mat is made of PVC closed cell foam and has a nonslip surface to get you going in the right direction. Another great yoga mat that has dual textured surfaces for stability is the EcoWise Yoga Mat. Available in four attractive colors it features a built-in mesh anti-stretching parallelogram texture to enhance comfort and support. Sometimes exercising around other people can be intimidating, but don’t worry familiarity breeds confidence. For women who may be in fear of incontinence, the Fannypants Yoga Bootleg Incontinence Pant allows you to exercise not just in comfort but with confidence. To take your yoga workout up a notch, try the EcoWise Exercise Weight Ball. It can improve your core strength as well as your muscle tone and flexibility. Perfect!!


Strengthen Your Body with Pilates Exercises

Another method of exercise that targets our core muscles is Pilates. It emphasizes body development through the use of balanced core strength exercises, along with flexibility. Pilates benefits a wide range of participants such as dancers, athletes, and even seniors. The main concept of Pilate’s exercises is the strengthening of the core muscles and stabilizing your spine for good posture. When your torso is well supported back pain can be a thing of the past. Starting with your upper back muscles you can strengthen your core with the Aeromat Pilates Body Toning Rings. With a soft comfortable grip and no sharp edges you can exercise your upper back as part of a core muscle regimen. The Sissel Pilates Core Trainer is an all-around comprehensive tool to target your core. With quality handles, it is easy to grip safely and handle during your exercises. For those that may opt to try Pilates at home, the OPTP Pilates Magic Circle Rubber Exercise Band with DVD can help you to use resistance in a geometric and functional format in the privacy of your own home. For cervical spine concerns, the Sissel Align Dynamic Pilates Roller Head prevents overextension of the cervical spine. You can include resistance training into your Pilates workout by using the Aeromat Power Yoga or Pilates Weight Ball. It’s available in different weights for every level of user. These methods of exercising can increase your stability and balance with grace!!


Reshape Your Body With an Exercise Ball

Some exercises can incorporate the use of an exercise ball. They add another level of fitness in order to strengthen muscles in our core. The Norco Exercise Ball improves your core stabilization by training the muscles that stabilize your spinal column. These muscles help you stay in balance and minimize any risk of falling. Different size balls can be used for different levels of fitness and the Rolyan Energizing Exercise Balls are available in different diameters, but all help strengthen our core. We have all seen the old TV shows with the medicine ball exercises and there is a benefit to that. The Ball Dynamics FitBall Medball is available in a variety of weights so every level of user can benefit and even progress to a larger weight. Toss it to a partner or just use it for added strength training and toning during sit-ups or other exercises. No matter what works for you, the strengthening of your large core muscles will have multiple benefits down the road.


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