Early Injury Treatment-Patient Care Questions Answered

Early Injury Treatment-Patient Care Questions Answered

Minor injuries can escalate into major problems if the initial, early injury treatment is botched or done incorrectly. There is nothing simple about first aid and the ability to heal properly can be hampered if the proper techniques are not followed or ignored. At the first sign of an injury, basic first aid needs to be applied properly and the healing process may be expedited, therefore avoiding any painful consequences down the road such as infection.

Patient Care

For someone that may be the first person to assess an injury, more often than not basic first aid is a matter of common sense. If an injury is serious, any responder should immediately call 911 first and then attend to the injured. Injury management in the early stages may require basic hygiene and cleansing in order to fend off any type of infection down the road.

Injury Response

The Boy Scouts have a motto that goes “always be prepared” and that can be applied to many things in life, especially early injury treatment. Being prepared to administer basic first aid is easier than you may think. The most important thing is to have the proper supplies which may include:

1. Polar M Series Soft Ice Reusable Cold & Hot Therapy Pack

Effective injury management includes cold and hot therapy. Polar Soft Ice Therapy Pack provides both hot and cold therapy in one economical choice. Simply store in the freezer for cold therapy use or place in hot water for five minutes to apply heat. The patented formula stays flexible even if frozen to provide all-natural pain relief as well as reducing swollen joints. Ice should be applied first to reduce swelling and pain, followed by heat to expedite healing and blood flow.

Polar M Series Soft Ice Reusable Cold & Hot Therapy Pack

2. Medline Unna-Z Unna Boot Bandages

Medline Unna-Z Unna Boot Bandages

Many times injuries can lead to ulcers, which are basically open sores that are stubborn to heal. Medline Boot Bandages are impregnated with zinc oxide and calamine and provide light compression for venous ulcers. Not only is the compression beneficial to wound healing, but the combination of zinc oxide and calamine provide a moist healing environment to expedite patient care and healing.

3. Cardinal Health Self-Adherent Bandages

Proper injury management includes the ability to make sure that any first-aid product (hot/cold pack, gauze, etc.) are held securely in place in order to be effective. This Cardinal Self-Adherent Bandage is ideal for the proper compression and is easily torn with one hand. It can even be used to secure catheters and IVs in place for more advanced first-aid applications. These nonsterile, latex-free bandages provide just the proper compression and eliminate the need for clips or fasteners.

Cardinal Health Self-Adherent Bandages

4. Medline Bloodborne Pathogen First Aid Kit

Medline Bloodborne Pathogen First Aid Kit

Medline Bloodborne Pathogen First Aid Kit guards caregivers of ill or injured patients and protects during biohazard clean-up. This kit meets federal OSHA recommendations and it is meant for personal protection use. It comes in sturdy plastic case that is easily portable or wall-mountable.

5. Adventure Dental Medic First-Aid Kit

Not all early injury treatment requires ice/heat packs or bandages. Dental injuries can happen any time and often not during regular dentist hours. Dental Medic First-Aid Kit provides relief for those that require dental attention when a dentist is not available. This can range from a lost filling to a chipped tooth. Also included is an oral anesthetic (20% benzocaine) and a temporary cavity filling mixture/dental wax. These are all included in proprietary DryFlex bags for ultralight waterproof storage.

Adventure Dental Medic First Aid Kit

6. Band-Aid First-Aid Nonstick Gauze Pad

 Band-Aid First Aid Nonstick Gauze Pad

Nonstick Gauze Pads had an innovative design that allows for application without the use of tape. It has a four sided seal that is super absorbent and wicks wound fluids away for up to eight hours without sticking to wounds. Its foam backing is both flexible and breathable while providing a barrier to dirt and germs to minimize the risk of infection. Available in two sizes, this gauze pad makes early injury treatment simple and easy.

7. Complete Medical 100-150 Person First Aid Emergency Kit

For large-scale first-aid care this kit includes everything one might need to administer a variety of first-aid to a large amount of people in one instance or over a long period of time. Complete Medical Emergency Kit is ideal for office buildings, schools, sports coaches, or even doctor/therapy settings. It includes everything from different size gauze pads to aspirin to analgesics in order to be prepared for any possible injury treatment. Anything from a bee sting to minor burns can be accommodated by this first-aid kit.

Complete Medical 100-150 Person First Aid Emergency Kit

You don’t need to be a Boy Scout in order to be prepared. First-aid and early injury treatment is an easy endeavor as long as you know what questions any patient care situation may need answered. Early treatment of simple, common issues such as a cut or scrape can avoid complications such as infections which come with their own set of problems. Once you have your early injury treatment supplies, be sure to inspect them on a regular basis and replenish any item immediately so to be prepared for the next potential injury. Hopefully they won’t be needed, but being prepared puts you ahead of the game!!


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