Don’t Let a Mastectomy Ruin Swimsuit Season

Don’t Let a Mastectomy Ruin Swimsuit Season

For women who may have had a mastectomy, the warm weather of summer and the onset of bathing suit season can create feelings of anxiety. It is common for women to have body image issues after such a daunting procedure as removing breast tissue. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help each individual woman regain her confidence and enjoy the warm weather of spring and summer.

Feel Confident

Many who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy may not be aware of all their options for the beach or pool. Whether you feel the need for a one piece bathing suit or maybe you would enjoy a two-piece bikini, you do have options so you can enjoy the outdoors.

  • One Piece Suit: The major benefit of a one piece suit is coverage. As its name implies, the suit is one piece covering more of your body. The Amoena Black Sea FB Swimwear features Riviera styling and quality material for a firm fit. For those looking for a slimming effect, the Anita Comfort All Year Series L4 7327 Swimsuit is available in a black and white color while utilizing a bra shaped bust lining for a natural appearance.
  • Two-Piece Suit: Many enjoy the styling of the two-piece or bikini bathing suit and after surgery there is no reason to change. If only a top is needed, the Anita Comfort All Year Series L4 8411-1 Bikini Top has under wiring that is integrated into the bust lining for shape and support. Very popular now is the tankini which combines a bikini look with a little more coverage. The Amoena Black Sea TA Swimwear Set has super soft cups and opaque lining in the front and is made of a 68%/32% micro nylon and Lycra material. Don’t forgo style for function!!
  • Disposable Suit: For someone who might not want to make a large investment in a swimsuit, the use of a disposable bathing suit for hydrotherapy or just the poolside may be ideal. The Dipsters One-Piece Patient Wear for Women and Girls can be laundered up to 10 times and then discarded. Opaque, even when wet, these are fast drying and comfortable and are held in place by an elastic trim and a neck tie string. Be confident and secure while enjoying the water.

 Don’t Let a Mastectomy Ruin Swimsuit Season

Be confident and regain your active summer lifestyle by enjoying the beach or the nearby pool. Our quality products allow you to be assured of a great time in the sun and be that sun goddess you deserve to be!!


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